Friday Nightmares: Introduction

I’m not going to call this a repost series, since most of these flash pieces have been offline for many years and never posted on this blog. It’s some of Monocle’s earliest flash fiction, and, to adapt the introduction to the collection:

I started writing “Nightmares and Visions” in 1999, and it took ten years to accumulate 100 of them. I’d read short snippets and scene-lets by other erotica authors, and thought it was a neat idea to exercise and write down scenes that had been flying around half-formed in my imagination. It took several years before I learned the term “Flash Fiction” to describe them. Many of them became seeds or inspirations for longer stories. Others might yet become so. Some of them I find time has made much less interesting, but some still work for me, either as basic wank fantasy or to get me thinking.

A warning to the reader—you will find non-consensual, reluctance, and submission themes here. Additionally, you will find many other male-dominant kinks: bondage, defloration, impregnation or risk sex; the whole enchilada. There’s also the downright weird: science fiction, fantasy, and the stuff of actual nightmares, where any sense of realism or, well, sense goes out the window. Needless to say, every scene is soaked in graphic sex.

I originally pretended that these were short e-mails I received from anonymous women, but I don’t believe it fooled anyone. They’re clearly not full stories, but rather vignettes, starting with little or no pre-amble, often not really ending. Some related pieces start at the same point and diverge into alternate directions.

I told myself that when I reached 100, I’d collect them and find a way to publish them. And, once upon aa time, I did in the early 20-teens with the wonderful now-defunct Republica Press (thank you Emma and Aaron). For a long time they also lived individually on ASSTR, until my pages there evaporated with time.

About a dozen of them have been printed on this blog as well, some in public, most behind the Obsidian Lens for obvious reasons. All of the Friday Nightmares will be behind the lens.

With my two pen names separating the more literary from the more prurient, these are all most definitely Monocle’s stories, and their vintage shows how much I had (and still have) yet to learn in the craft, I got some of my favorite and most fun fan mail from them, so they worked for more people than just me.

I owe thanks to many people who I don’t know, for inspiration and feedback. Such is the world of anonymous authors who publish erotica on the internet. Muses and inspirations came from many places, many people. As I came toward the end, it took people like Will Crimson to help spur the last creative and imaginative effort. And sincere thank-yous to Emma and Aaron at the late Republica Press, the first publisher of this book.

After many years out of print and offline, I’m going to post them here once more – behind the Obsidian Lens They’ll be password protected, as all OL stories are, but look to the linked index page for information about that. It’ll be four every Friday, in numerical order. At the end, I plan to post the entire collection for free, contingent on a charity donation.

In between, I also will have a sprinkling of new Nightmares and Visions to post – one or two at a time. Definitely not 100 yet, but you never know.

-Monocle | Raziel

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  1. Jadrien Steel

    While all of your works are phenomenal, Nightmares and Visions remains the pinnacle. I go back to it often and would love to see a sequel.

    • Monocle

      Thank you, Jadrien. I have some new Nightmares, and some new Visions on tap in the coming weeks.

  2. Gary Sapp

    It is great to come back to you after all this time. I got a lot of enjoyment from the original N & V and had one of your works that are no longer available, but after changing computers twice since buy it, can no longer find it.

    Regardless, I’m glad to find your works again.

    • Monocle

      Thank you, Gary. I’ve been toying with the idea of pdf-ing and posting the old collections here. Possibly when the N& reposts are done.

  3. Midnight

    Just now discovering this series after finding you from Literotica (your stories are hands-down my favorite on there). So pleased to have new Monocle material to read!!

    • Monocle

      Thanks very much! Boy, I haven’t been to Literotica in ages. I sometimes forget I put anything there – I’m surprised they’re not simply buried in a decade-plus of more recent smut!

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