A Bit of a Tangle

This story, first published in April 2012 has been offline for over 8 years as it was part of a published anthology. It’s now restored here.

This was the result of much of this week’s 15-minute at a time exercise. 5 of the 7 days’s time went into it. It’s not going to blow any doors off, but the idea started with something that gave me a chuckle. You’ll see. –M


Sickp @ DeviantArt

“I bet I can guess what Boy Scout badge you didn’t get,” Cori said with a smirk.

They’d moved the dressing mirror over by the bed so Cori could see Jack’s handiwork. ‘Pretty’ wouldn’t have been an appropriate adjective to describe his knot-craft.

“Oh, quiet, you. I have enough rope left to make a good gag, you know,” Jack replied. “Tell me, can you move? Can you get free?”

Cori visibly bit back a snide retort, then wiggled with effort. The muscles in her arms and legs flexed pleasingly between coils of red rope..

“…No. Mmmm. No. You’ve got me, Jack.” Her voice actually got breathier over those few short words.

“Well, that’s something.” He felt mollified, somewhat.  “Anything, um, too tight?” He wasn’t sure what he would have to do if she said yes, but she shook her head no. This whole ‘Shibari’ thing had been Cori’s idea to begin with. She’d even bought the rope – and a book – as a gift for the two of them. Jack had studied up, and appreciated, for what they were, the fancy knots and rope patterns in the examples, but in the execution he would be the first to admit he had four or five thumbs.

Still, ugly as his ropework was, she seemed prettily trussed up – and happy about it. Jack may not have appreciated his own artifice, but he found that his Corinna all bound and, yes, helpless was more of a turn on than he would have readily admitted.

“Now, if I pull this up, and tie it off so… I said tie. it. off…” The raised rope pulled Cori’s knee up and to the side, and Jack’s fiddling with the new knot wasn’t helped at all with the distraction of her spread legs. He couldn’t help noticing-

“Oh, my dear, you’re soaking the rope.”

Jack had to look closer. Two lengths of the jute rope passed between Cori’s legs, pressing between the lips of her cunt. As he moved his head nearer, between her pried apart knees, he caught the scent of her arousal. His testing, questing finger verified by touch what he’d seen. Wet rope, wet labia. Cori shivered and squirmed with the teasing slide of it. Her hands were bound tightly, messily behind her back, which made her chest jut out, but the coils of rope around her breasts prevented their jiggling. Most of it anyway. Jack had to divide his attention.

Cori hissed as his other hand encircled one constricted breast and lightly pinched a hard nipple.

“Sensitive?” He asked. She only nodded. Jack played more. Eventually he had to lean forward, palming her cunt with one hand, squeezing a breast with the other, and engulfing her nipple with his mouth. Cari cried out and bucked under him. He felt certain she was trying – and failing – to get away from him, but at the same time, her roped mound pressed hard against his palm. Jack hummed as he sucked hard and nibbled, then shifted his head over, to mistreat Cori’s other breast equally. Cori whimpered, and didn’t stop squirming, and Jack found his hands roaming her skin, tracing the lines where the rope pressed into her.

He pulled back to assess once more. Cori’s cheeks blushed, and her skin was reddened or pale depending how the rope and ties affected her circulation. Jack himself was hard. Whether or not the fancy schmancy patterns had artistic appeal, they trapped her and held her for him, and there wasn’t anything she could do about it. That turned him on. A lot. Painfully restricted inside his jeans, he got off the bed and got out of his clothes. Cori watched, panting.

“Mmm. What do you have in mind, now, love?” How Cori could sound seductive when she was at his mercy was a mystery Jack would ponder later. As it was, he reached for her shoulders and repositioned her by main force.

“Mmm. I’m going to fuck you, is what.”

“Umm.” Cori glanced down, as best she could, between her legs.

“Yeah, I have to untie… something. Here. Suck on this while I figure it out.”

Jack gently but firmly cut off Cori’s giggle by pushing the head of his cock against her lips. She opened for him and he slid into her mouth as he turned his attention to the two lengths of rope that were suddenly very much in his way.

Cori’s mouth around his cock distracted him. Her tongue was certainly not restrained in any way, and the sucking sounds raced the sensations into his brain. Maybe that was why he couldn’t figure out how to loosen those damned loops. His groping fingers dug at and tickled her skin, eliciting muffled squeaks. Jack’s frustration, however, increased with his arousal, and he found himself teetering on the edge of giving up and just letting Cori get him off with her mouth. Or, instead of ‘letting’ her, he could grab her head and fuck her face, which he had neither done nor really ever contemplated before – another thought he filed for later. Or, he could go after what he really wanted.

Jack grunted and pulled from Cori’s mouth.

“Giving up?” She asked. It wasn’t really a taunt, but it was close.

“Wait there,” Jack said, and walked over to the bureau.

“Ha-ha.” Like she was going anywhere.

Jack rifled the sock drawer, then the pajamas, underwear, sundries.

“What are you looking for, yesterday?”

“Just a minute.” Jack stepped from the bedroom, his cock leading the way.

“Where are you going?” Cori’s voice was less certain now, and Jack found himself smiling at the imbalance – he took a little longer than he might have going through the kitchen drawer.



“Aha!” His Swiss Army knife. They’d last used it as a corkscrew.

He re-entered the bedroom, but stopped when he caught sight of Cori. It wasn’t like he’d forgotten how he left her, but walking back into their familiar space to see her like that took him aback. Trussed up and unable to do anything but wait for him, the quality of his tying really didn’t matter. His attention was caught on her skin, her immobilized limbs, the look on her face.

“What were you looking for?” she asked.

He showed her, opening the shorter of the knife’s blades, and her eyes widened.

“Uhm… Are you sure, Jack? I bet you can loosen…” She was a little scared. He could hear it in her voice

“No,” he cut her off. “I’ll never get those things loose. And I don’t have the patience. I’ll buy new rope if we need it. Now, don’t move, really.”

He went to her and dug two fingers between the ropes and her skin, just above her mound. Those two ropes barring his way into her. Carefully, he slid the knife between them, dull side against Cori, sharp side biting into the rope. She’d squirmed at the tickle of his fingers, but froze at the touch of the metal, watching balefully as Jack sawed gently back and forth. The point of the knife touched, barely scraped her.



The chords gave way, cut strand by strand. First one, then the other. Both of them gasped as each taught rope finally severed and sprang apart. Jack carefully laid the knife on the bed table and turned back to marvel at the impressions the rope had left on Cori’s body, a small double stripe from lower belly to slit. He traced the marks with is fingers, over her hard clit, down to her wet, wet cunt.

“Mmmm, that’s more like it,” He said, and moved to bring his cock up to her entrance. He placed his hands back on her bound breasts and squeezed as he sank into her. Cori moaned loudly, her inner muscles clamping down hard on his intruding cock. He pushed past that resistance with his own groan.

She tried to move as he pressed fully inside her, and failed. Jack sensed the effort as a tensing of her body, but couldn’t tell what direction she was trying to go.  She wasn’t saying anything. Her face, though, blushed fiercely. There wasn’t just arousal there. But he couldn’t tell if it was anger, or embarrassment, or something else, until she jerked under him.


Her eyes had an almost panicked look about them, but the hard squeeze on his embedded cock told the story. Cori was coming, hard. Jack squeezed his hands, catching her nipples between his fingers. Cori shrieked and arched into him – as much as she could. He held there as she gasped and spasmed, relishing the coaxing ripples around his cock, letting her ride it out. As she subsided to panting and blinking, Jack moved to stroke her cheek. His fingers left behind white impressions on her breast.

“Mmm. That was a surprise.” He leaned down to kiss her. She barely responded. “My turn, now.”

Her blank, post-orgasmic stare followed him as he pulled back and dug fingers between rope and skin; one hand at her hip, one under the opposite shoulder. He wormed his way until he had a good grip, like he was getting ready to heave a parcel over his shoulder. Instead, he started to fuck, deep and hard. Jack used his grip and leverage to bring Cori to him; to augment the thrust of his own hips. It was the strange sensation of *using* – a term only ever encountered as a wrong, or as a disrespect. Howerver, here, now, it was nothing but apt. His restrained Cori, body jolting with the impact of each fuck, wasn’t his wife or lover, or rather she was, but she was also… his gift-wrapped fuck-thing. Quite possibly the sexiest thing he’d ever seen or felt.

Cori was making noises too; low and bestial. Like she knew how he saw her now, and felt more than just being taken. Her cunt fluttered and flooded around him; in shared arousal or self-defense didn’t matter. It was doing what a cunt was supposed to do, and it felt good. Jack came, yanking hard on the rope, jamming Cori on his hilted cock and snarling right at her. Cori’s eyes held his with some ineffable expression as he filled her with his cum. Jack wondered, as he came down from his high, if this was the kind of thing she’d been thinking of when she handed him the rope and book. He kind of doubted it, but then, he’d ask. Later.

Panting, sweating, Jack let himself collapse over Cori, feeling the rope press against his own skin as he lay across her. They were both silent for a few minutes as breathing returned to normal and he softened inside her.

“Let me get you out of this.” said Jack, before kissing her cheek and pulling off of her. Cori nodded up at him.

“I know the unwrapping can have some kind of significance to it. But…” Jack was examining his tangled knots.

“It’s Ok. Cut them. It’ll be fine. And you’ll buy new rope.

So Jack did. It was actually pretty impressive how much he could cut and unwind and still have Cori pretty much immobile. However, each careful dig of the knife blade revealed more skin, impressed with the inverse texture of the twine. It was a texture Jack enjoyed running his fingers along, so the whole freeing process took longer than it might have. And though she winced or sighed when something particularly tight or biting was finally released, Cori didn’t try to hurry him.

Jack was half-hard again by the time he freed her of the last strands. In a way, he’d just stripped her with his knife. Cori gave him an arched eyebrow before stretching luxuriously – plainly pleased and relieved to be able to move.

“You made a mess of me,” She said, looking herself over.

“I hope that’s all right,” He said. He had on his lopsided smile.

“It is, Love. It is. I need three things, though, “A kiss, a towel, and dinner.”

Jack’s grin grew larger.


After delivering on the first two items, he asked Cori what she wanted, or if she wanted to go out. She named the recently ritzy nouveau French place she’d read about in the paper the other day as she started – gingerly – getting dressed. No shower, so Jack didn’t either.

On the way out the door, he snaked his arm around her waist to pull her in for a kiss, and she hissed, her hand grabbing his to loosen his grip.


“No, it’s Ok.” She kissed his cheek. “But I’m buying you a book on basic knots. Maybe a video. And you’re going to practice.”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Good. Ok, I’m starving.”

Everything was good. They would talk over wine and cuisine, and- the blouse Cori wore had sleeves that weren’t long enough to cover her wrists, Jack noticed. He almost said something, but stopped himself.

Of course she knew. It was going to be one of those dinners.

Jack always loved the desserts.



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    • Monocle

      You’re very kind, Squeaky. Let me tell you, I’m just glad it’s coherent. It’s been sooooo long!

    • pffft! kind my arse! it’s an absolute cracker. such a light touch, balancing between humour and intensity. i love it. also, this line?:

      “Yeah, I have to untie… something. Here. Suck on this while I figure it out.”

      made me guffaw twice. no mean feat since the second time, i knew it was coming (if you’ll pardon the pun ;o)

      so glad to have you back, Raz. :o)

  1. Mystique

    *pleasantly tingling below*
    I was tied and just as bound by your words, breath held with the same tension that Cori had to have been feeling.

    Bondage us always a topic at first thought that makes people frown or think of extreme S&M, but to see a couple try for the first time, mess up as well as discover something new about themselves through it, brought a sense of love, fun and innocence to balance the entire story beautifully.

    Have more faith in yourself, tsk. Amazing story, definitely one of my favs and I can’t wait to read it aloud to my partner in crime to see how it’ll affect him too.
    Many thanks, well done :)

    • Monocle

      Thanks very much, Mystique! I think you’re right. Most people – subject to US pop culture, anyway – have a commercial-fetishized view of bondage. Leather, whips, spikes. The world of pink fuzzy wrist cuffs to MoMA-grade shibari is pretty much ignored.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and it’s really cool to hear you’ll be reading it to someone. I hedged in my intro, in part because I’ve fallena bit out of my comfort zone in judging my own work. Rusty.

  2. I, too, love the “amateur” focus…lends a feeling of reality to the whole thing – a tiny bit of innocence being lost, which is so damned sexy. Nothing like the first time for anything. And I especially love the final image of the wrist-revealing shirt. The last line leaves an impression. Thanks for this…IT was my dessert. Yum.

  3. dragon

    You had my full attention in a variety of ways from beginning to end. *chuckle* It was wonderful listening in on his thoughts and seeing things from another perspective. You’ve left me thinking about rope hugs, rope kisses and the lovely marks left behind by snug harness or tie. Starting the day “wanting” has already made my day a bit more interesting. Thank you!

  4. saucywriter

    Wow! If that didn’t blow the doors off you must have been writing it in NORAD Control Mountain, that’s all I can say! This was a very entertaining and knotty (sorry ;) ) tale – it had me tied up for a while anyway!

    Well done – loved it – thank you.


  5. vanillamom

    Add me to the chorus of “whoa…”

    That was freaking awesome…the clumsy, innocent-almost, way of his tying…the teasing, the sudden flush of arousal for them both…

    add to that the humor…like Squeaky, i grinned at the “suck on this” line…it really was so very well done.

    You’re ba-aaaaaa-ak! And i for one, couldn’t be happier!


  6. Lovely. Knives are one of my limits, but I’ll have to admit, the description of the ropes being cut was a turn on. Very sensual. I love your attention to detail. I’m glad you were able to work this one out of your writer brain, it was hot!


  7. LittleOne

    Lurked for awhile, well a week lol. First time posting.
    Some really nice stories on the site, and although shibari isn’t my thing, your writing hooked me into the story. Really good! =)

  8. The Waiting Patient

    I’m with Squeaky – that line was brilliant! I find it hard to do erotica with a bit of humour without it being downright corny, but that was perfect. And Ohhhh, that knife gave me shivers. I’ve got something of a medical fetish (does the name give it away? ;-)), so the idea of anything being cut off is a rush, but doing it so delicately and innocently is just beautiful.

  9. Mic

    Hey, I think I remember this one! A very realistic approach to this kind of thing.

    Really, any update to here is a welcome addition, but I would love to hear that you’re starting up again with some of your old fare. Any news on that front?

    • Monocle

      With some luck. Some of the things I’ve dabbled in over the last few years – mostly Monocle-type fare as opposed to Raziel – might find their way here soon, with maybe another surprise. I’ve talked this talk before, so take it with a grain of salt, but I’m hoping to do something.

    • Mic

      Monocle-style is honestly my preference!

      (Still waiting on word about what you’re gonna do with Nightmares and Visions, after all).

      I can’t wait to see anything new from you, but that style of writing is what made me decide to start stalking your every writing submission in the first place!

    • Monocle

      First a couple more revived old things, and then a little new. I’m still debating PDFing the old books for posting.

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