A Little Dose of Humor

Boli. One of my favorite erotic humorists. His drawings are simple, humorous, and all the more erotic because of it. Right up my alley.

You can find more of his comics, in English, here. But you will have to log into DeviantArt to read them. If you can read Polish, then you can go straight to his blog here. And he’s on Twitter here.

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  1. Just a brief note to say how much I admire your writing. There is such variety of style, and such inventiveness. You make it look so effortless, the way you switch styles from post to post. I know it is not as easy as you make it look.

    I’ve been working my way through your open posts over the past couple of weeks. Every one has at least one moment that makes me go “unnnghh”, you know, that feeling right in the pit, and it’s not the phrases you might expect, not the graphic parts, but the description around them. Here’s one (I think I have it right) – “she remembers what she’s about.” That simple sentence – in the context of the piece – was just perfect. And this –

    “The woods are so dark,” she said.
    “Especially for a girl without panties.”

    Oh my.

    I hope you are still writing, I am very much enjoying these pieces, and I’m just off to buy your Daydreams and Distractions to keep me going a bit longer.

    • Thank you Alecia. I took a long and unannounced break. After ten years of writing erotic, I was burned out and felt like I was repeating myself. I’m just writing this, if you’re still listening, to say that I’m back. I don’t want to burn out again, so I’ll be a little more measured in my prolixity (for lack of a better word). If there’s anything you’d like to read, let me know.

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