Me & Passwords

Just a quick note. First, I love all of you who comment. You know who are are.

Second, having had millions of visits is great, but these days I find that I enjoy your comments, ideas and opinions more than the number of times a story is read. Starting today, all stories will be passworded; and I’ll be changing passwords once a month. Any of you who are already commenting readers, or would like to be, need only request the password. I will respond.

And to continue reading my stories, just let me know that you appreciate my effort by commenting. Needn’t be every story, but comment.

Consider too that these stories will not be made public, and so your comments will be afforded more privacy. They will remain visible to only those readers who are also commenting.

Lastly, I’ll be reviving my Patreon page. Everything that I post here will also be posted there. If you’d rather support me through Patreon than by commenting, that’s okay too. If you miss a given month’s password, then you’ll have to visit Patreon—just to keep things manageable for me. (January’s and February’s stories are now only available on Patreon).  Beyond that, my more general ambition is to clean up my posts and stories at the Erotic Writer. I’ve written over 830 erotic poems and stories.

Some of them I’ll be consigning to the dust heap.


William Crimson | Jan 17 2020


  1. Well that explains why my last comment didn’t go through ☺️ all I said was:
    Mr Crimson I quite adore your writing so please don’t stop. I shall make my way over to your Patreon. I don’t have a lot of money but I try to support a few people whose work I truly believe in. 💕

    1. I did get it, thank you ☺️ and I’ve really appreciated your writing. I always get a little giddy and excited when I see a post of yours show up. 💕

    2. That’s so nice of you say. :) I really appreciate that. Haven’t you been hankering for a robot tentacle? I was thinking of writing a little piece of candy along those lines.

    3. I can honestly say that I have never had a desire for robot tentacles (I’m more of a natural, skin-on-skin sort of a woman) lol but I would certainly read about it if you wrote something.

    1. Thank you. Anyone is free to ask for a password. All I ask is for a comments. It can be like or dislike. If you’d like one, and don’t mind sharing your thoughts every now and then, email me and I’ll add you to the group list.

  2. I’ve been reading your work for a few years now, I’d love to continue as I utterly adore it. I probably should have commented sooner, but there’s a first time for everyone, right.

  3. Ah, the robotic tentacle was from an article I shared with you. I’m flattered you remember. Did you see the story about it raining octopi and other critters? Thought of you.

    Off to request a password. Thank you for all your lovely writings.

    Cille 💜

  4. I come back to your website every few months as some of your stories are old favourites and I’m curious to see what’s new! I’d love to have the password please.

    1. I’m happy to send out passwords to anyone who asks and will send passwords to you. I just want to be sure you understand the new “rules”. If you only check in every few months, then Patreon might be a better option. Having access to my monthly stories at Erotic Writer means commenting each month.

  5. Hello, I’ve been following your stories for a few years now but never commented till now. I really like your writing and would love to have the password if you’re still sharing.

    1. Hi Neroli, I’ll send you a password to your email address. Don’t forget to comment each month on that month’s stories and I’ll send you a new password every month. :)

  6. I have been an avid follower for a good 10 years now. Really glad to see you are still creating. I would really love to keep reading your work. Thanks For everything.

    1. Hi K, I’ll send the password to your email address. Don’t forget to comment each month on that month’s stories and I’ll send you a new password every month. :)

  7. I’d love to have the password, if it’s still possible to ask for it! I really enjoy your stories, and I will definitely comment on them.

  8. Hmmm. I’m all for putting things n the dust heap, if that is whee they belong. (Glad you cannot see my storage room. I need to put my $ where my mouth is on that pile of stuff, seriously.) *grin*

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