after e.e. cummings

your con
       tinualcunt, that I mornings
(seduced by your not quite unready ready
       see archly rise 
above the sheets as if you on your belly str
your desire for me, I will descend 
       my shaken drops into your sweet utterance and
I will wear
the daylong odor of you, the in
       side of
       side of me 
       as jealously as the root
pulled from the resinous smell of its inquiry
       the en
gendered reek of earth in the thicket of your thighs
and you the daylong o 
       dor of me in
       side of
       in your hips;
in your walk, mouth's pucker, in the splendor of your flowery 
       in your sucked


William Crimson | March 3 2019

Latest Comments

  1. caryatid2141 says:

    Oh, I like this one a lot!

    • willcrimson says:

      thanks. do you like e.e.cummings? just curious whether it was that or the poem. :) cummings wrote a great collection of erotic poems and amazing erotic illustrations.

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