Dominique Aury on The Story of ‘O’.

Story of O illustrated by Natalie Frank“I think that submissiveness can [be] and is a formidable weapon, which women will use as long as it isn’t taken from them. Is O used by René and Sir Stephen, or does she in fact use them, and … in some surreptitious way, isn’t she in charge of them? Doesn’t she bend them to her will?”

Author Dominique Aury on The Story of ‘O’.

Illustration by Natalie Frank. More about Frank’s illustrations here.

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  1. Hmmm. Arrggh. Ummmm. *waving hands thru the air*
    I read that one when I was technically too young to do so and I have revisited it over the past few years.

    It is so far out my personal wheelhouse of desire that I cannot answer your query easily.. If we want to approach it as she got what she wanted, then ok. But…it she had to be persuaded and then broken into the thought that her servitude was her fate and her fate was controlled by them…then no.

    I say it is quiet subjective to one’s tastes for the material. I personally was uncomfortable. I disliked it a bit more than the various DeSade stories because I knew he was gone on the head–so what he wrote, wasn’t too much of a shock. But O’s story was a subtle pervasive pressuring that escalated, which is where the danger lies (and loss of agency), for me.
    Yet again, none of it is to my tastes, so I have a bias.

    • Yeah, I just thought it was an interesting quote. A comment on the struggle between two contrasting ideas feminism. Can a woman really have power in a submissive role? If you pretend to be someone, then are you that person?

      But, you know, a lot of what I write is in somebody else’s wheelhouse. :)

    • Hmmm. Well well…well.

      As a not-feminist but a woman in a female form, I think that one should sort thru the natural feelings which arise.

      Whatever they are.

      I think that if a woman feel prized, special and is in an exclusive relationship (or something like that), she has more control over it all. Who likes to be a stop on the assembly line? (Some do. Anon and/or being a thing is a thrill.)

      For some-if not-many women, what makes D/s glorious is that it is a bond just between two.
      One can exercise her feminine wiles over a man who is turned into rapacious beast by her. Heady stuff.

      Yet if she is doing all these things because of what her lover wants and really DOES NOT want to participate, then she loses her control.

      I was told that doing something on;y because you lover wants it is is one the sweetest forms of submission.

      Of course we have some power when we pretend, as that is energy we have hidden, coming forth.

      (90% of what I have written on various kinks are way out my wheelhouse.)

    • Thank you for that follow up. Thank you for the insight. For men, perhaps, what makes D/s glorious is the woman who gives the man the freedom to express his sexuality, takes pleasure in his sexuality, and affirms him. Such a woman is precious to a man and, if not, should be.

      The D/s relationship is like any relationship, I think. sexual or otherwise. If the desires aren’t complimentary, then one or the other individual concedes something of themselves. Those relationships are hard.

    • Ah! Welcome!!

      think they affirm each other, in a stellar dazzling dance of primality. (Is primality a word?)

      Relationships are hard and D/s ones even more so because you need to collaborate. Compromise means cutting an acceptable deal. Collab mean to both pour in effort to make something 100% beautiful.

      As a not-sub, I often am nonplussed at what s called D/s. Sometimes, it even alarms me but t each his/fer own.

      My personal minefield is not conflating my gleeful joy of masculinity i action with the potential boundary crossing that can occur.
      But…I only had heartache, not true abuse, degradation, so on and so forth. Had I been put thru the fire, I might have a very strong distaste for any D/s.

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