sudden weather


The flowers are yours and, being April,
you should know I also memorized a poem
of love and gratitude; but April being
what it is, I admit there might have been

some sudden weather of the kind
that pinches buds until they burst with cries
of leaves, of pools and odorous runoff. You know—
this time of year can be so changeable.

 William Crimson | May 2 2018

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    • Hi Cille,

      Thanks for asking. Doing well but feeling like I’m ready to make some life changes (maybe even leave the US).

      At the moment, I’m working on a non-erotic novel. It’s a different direction for me. None of my other writing, erotic and non-erotic, has earned me anything. I think the novel, if my writing is good enough, will be my last and best try at making a living as a writer. It’s a good story, I think.

      And it’s a touch biographical. Trying to minimalize. Don’t want all my possessions, cars, yards, a house to take care of, etc… Looking at ways to let my (non-writing) work schedule go. Just want to write, write, write… You get to be old enough and you don’t want to waste the last decades of your life where your heart isn’t.

      Finding a lot of inspiration in the minimalist guys and people who’ve jumped from the cliff — as it were.

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