Hanky Panky

lupodimontenero_cfc990“Hey, I wanna’ take you someplace,” he says.

“I don’t know.”

I’m not in the mood. We’ve just had a few drinks and a smoke after another fight. Now we we’re driving round the suburbs of Miami at three in the morning. I’m sick of my boyfriend’s jealousy. Possessiveness I don’t mind; but the fucking jealousy. Every time we fight I say to myself: One one more time with his face in mine, with him telling me who I can and can’tt talk to, with him making me suck his dick like it’s supposed to make it all better—one more fucking time and we’re done. This was the fight and this time we’re done. I’m just looking for the right place.

“We got an appointment,” he grins. “You know what I mean? I made arrangements.”

“With who?” At least I knew it wasn’t going to be a threesome.


“You mean Niko?”

“Yeah, you know? Runs the sex shop.”

“Of course I fucking know who Niko is.”

Tall. Haitian. Drives a tricked-out Chevy. Always asking when I’m gonna’ break up with Alex. Yeah, of course I know, just surprised Alex is taking me there. Of all places. There. And of all people—Alex.

“So what are we doin’?” I ask.

“It’s a surprise.”

“If I don’t like it then it’s not happening.”

“You’re gonna’ like it.”

“Damn right or nothing’s happening.”

So maybe two miles down the road we get to Niko’s sex shop. It’s closing time but Alex pulls up. We get out and he knocks on the glass doors. The sex shop is in a neat, one story building, like a box with a little parking lot in front shaded by palms. Niko’s put a lot of work into place, cleaned it up, made it look respectable. He’s got pictures of porn stars on the walls. They stop by now. Last time we talked to Niko all he could talk about was seeing Chloe Haize walk into the shop. Some dude was with her, he said, probably a porn store, and the whole time she walks around in a short skirt and the dude’s finger is up her ass. Hot as fuck, if you ask me.

When the door opens, there’s Niko with his megawatt smile. “I got it all set up,” he says.

“What set up?”

“Eh? No. I’m not supposed to be tellin’. You kinda’ gonna’ work for me tonight and Alex is gonna’ be your customer.”

I give Alex a look.

“Hey,” says Niko. “You can trust me.”

“Alright,” I say, because even if I don’t trust Alex, I trust Niko.

“Right this way,” he says.

That’s when he leads me to the back rooms Niko rents out for porn shoots and special guests. My heart’s already racing, having heard about these rooms. The hall’s pretty much dark but for a couple recessed lights about as bright as night lights. He opens one of the doors into a room that’s like a changing room. There’s a bench, a place to hang your clothes, a bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink, and four more doors in a row. It all looks clean. I hear sex.

“What are we doin’ here?” I ask Niko.

He smiles and opens one of the four doors. There’s a smaller room about the size of a bathroom stall with a flat screen showing porn—a girl with her ass up and head down getting fucked from behind. There’s a hole in both walls to the left and right. Glory holes. “You go right on in and wait for your surprise.”

That’s when I do it. I close the door. I push Niko until his back is against the wall and, standing on my toes, I kiss him.

“I’m fucking over Alex.”

Niko smiles. That big beautiful smile. Then gets serious. “But now? What am I supposed to do?”

“Are you the jealous kind?”

“Me? No. Love is a bird. You can’t keep it in a cage. You have to be kind to love, show her that you love her, and let her return to you. Love, freely given, is stronger than any cage. If she doesn’t return, then be sure to leave your windows open so another bird may find you.”

I kiss him again, almost savagely. “Surprise me,” I say with a wicked smile.

He beams knowingly and without another word leaves me alone. I take off everything and throw my stuff on the bench. The room is warm. Figure Niko kees the back rooms warm for the nakedness. I step into the stall and close the door behind me. There are no lights in my stall or coming through the glory holes, just the noise of the flat screen above me. I waite. I admit I’m excited. Fuck but I feel sexy. I’m wet when Alex’s cock slips through the glory hole, still hanging down, thick and stiffening. I lightly touch it, then stroke it with the ring of my thumb and forefinger. Then when Alex’s cock is upright, I kiss the tip, lick it, suck it into my mouth and hear him groan. But it’s when I turn and see the other cock, black as the glory hole’s shadow, that the wetness in my pussy trickles down my thigh.

And now that I’m doing it, doing it in front of Alex, my heart beats so loud I don’t even hear him.

“What?” I ask.

“Suck it, bitch” he groans.

“Suck it?”

“Tell me you don’t want to.”

I glance at the other cock, Niko’s cock, the big cock. “Yeah. You’re right,” I purr. “It’s the biggest, fattest, longest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Fucking right it is. Surprised?”

“Oh yeah,” I say, wrapping my fingers round Niko’s cock, feeling it thicken, harden, straighten. “I’m surprised.”

Then I’m stroking both men. Niko doesn’t say a word. He doesn’t have to. His cock says it all. Alex natters on like he could die and be happy. Me? You have no idea—stroking the cock of a jealous man and stroking the cock of another right under his nose? The only flaw is that I can’t stroke myself and Jesus do I need to be stroked and pumped. I stroke one, suck the other, then switch. Their smells are different, and I knew whose I like, who fills my mouth and hand with a heat and warmth I want inside.

“Turn around,” says Alex. “I want to fuck you.”

“Think you can?” I ask.

“Bend over,” he says. “Lift your pussy up to the glory hole.”

I do what he says and as Alex fills my pussy Niko fills my mouth. I groan, and not because of the cock in my cunt.

“You like that?” asks Alex.

But my mouth is full with another man’s cock. What can I say? I moan loud enough for both men to hear me. Alex’s pace picks up and I taste Niko’s salt. That’s when I stand up. Alex grunts with frustration. His cock glistens under the flickering flat screen.

“Not so fast,” I croon.

Alex doesn’t answer.

“I know where I want all that come,” I say.

Niko’s cock withdraws into the glory hole’s shadows. I turn. I bend over. I spread my legs. I lift my cunt up to Niko’s hole. I take Alex’s cock in my mouth. I stroke him. He groans and then so do I, rising to my toes, nostrils flaring, eyes wide. The wetness of my cunt opens to Niko’s cock before I’m ready, before I adjust, and is already sinking into me, endlessly sinking, before I’ve finished my first stifled scream.

“Fuck yes!” cries Alex.

Now I’m sucking Alex with a vengeance. Niko’s cock is pumping me from behind, pushing my orgasm out of me. The faster he thrusts, the faster my lips, tongue and fingers move over Alex’s cock.

“Tell me you want it, whore!” Alex snarls.

“I want it.”

“Say it again!”

“Oh fuck,” I moan for Niko, “I want all of it.’”

“Bitch!” he cries.

I scream, pressing my cunt hard against the glory hole. Niko’s length triggers that perfect orgasm somewhere between hurt, ache and the gut wrenching pleasure that turns your eyes to the back of your head. I can feel his length twitch inside me like his orgasm was my own, like his warmth flooding the dark room of my uterus was the flood of my own orgasm. Niko filled my womb and Alex’s jizm spattered the floor between my feet. Maybe Alex though he was coming on my face. Maybe he was just too lost in his own orgasm to notice. Nikko slowly pulled out of me and my thighs ran, but not all of it. Some was just too deep. I let Alex go with a satisfied flick and stepped out of the stall. God but my cunt felt good—like everything had been stretched and used. I wanted more of that. My spine was still hooked and churning with the need for more.

I was still getting dressed when Alex knocked impatiently at the changing room’s door. Must lock when it’s not open.

“I’ll be done in a minute,” I shouted.

“Open the door!”

“Just a minute!” I answered again, yanking my T-Shirt down to my midriff. “And what about me?”

“What about you?”

“You know what? Fuck it.” I half kicked open the door. He stepped back with a look like I was on my period. “Yeah. What about me? Did you have fun?”

“Hell yeah.”

“And that was it?” Arms crossed, then I stabbed a finger at his face. “What was that? If I stuck my dick through the hole would you suck it? What’s my turn? When is it ever my turn? When’s it not just about you?”

“That was your turn.”

I smiled. A wicked smile. Oh hell yes, that was my turn. And you’ll never fucking know. “We’re done.”

“What the fuck?” He came for me but Niko was there.

“Hey,” he stepped between us. “She asks you to go, right? So what are you going to do? Are you going to hit her? No. I think you should go. And if you don’t go, and if you don’t leave her alone, then we can see what happens after that. I’ve got some friends, you know?”

Alex backed off.

He ran his tongue under his lip like he was going to spit, then turned and busted out of the store without turning back. I was shaking. And then let myself be pulled backwards into Niko’s embace, one long arm over my shoulder and his hand over the V of my legs,  wet with the melt of his orgasm, my breast locked safely under his bicep. His kissed me beneath my ear—a gentle, warm kiss that left a cool moisture when he inhaled the scent of my hair.

“So, my little bird” he said. “Come to my place tonight. No hanky-panky. Just a place to stay and then we’ll see what we see tomorrow.”

I bit my lip and if I could have melted into him I would have.

Redbud | April 26th 2018

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  1. Very nice story!

    I really liked the interaction between the female character and the male characters. I liked how she was able to switch between Alex and Niko and how she was able to reach her own pleasure, while Alex reached his, with him thinking that he is the only one that is having sex with her. It would be interesting to see a sequel with her and Niko and see what has happened between them.

    Good luck and happy writing.

    • The whole time I was writing the story I was thinking this could be a modern fable by La Fontaine. This is just the sort of erotic gamesmanship he enjoyed.

      But you’re right. I was thinking the same thing. Almost hated to press the send button. I’m going to have to write the sequel with Niko. And glad you liked it. :)

  2. merlin827

    Nice work! I really liked how empowered the female character was written to be. She made the choices in the end, even though she was melting on the inside.

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