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  • So, based on the preference of readers, I’ve changed the title from the ‘Sex Slave’ to ‘Owned’. Rather than chapters, I’ve lost count of how many, you can judge my progress by the number of pages. I rewrote the chapters (following the last post) several times (and I haven’t had as much free time), trying to build on a series of events that would seem “believable” and make sense (some suspension of belief required). In the process of writing this I’ve discovered something about myself which was/is probably obvious to anyone who reads my stories. I enjoy revealing character through sex. That’s ideal if one is writing very short stories (which is what I’m better at) but that makes longer stories tough. I find that I move from one sex scene to another. The tough part is to develop a narrative and story through sex. For any other writer of longer stories, the narrative is interspersed with sex rather than sex interspersed with narrative. But if you like your erotic full of sex and, well, erotica, then I guess I’m your writer. Other elements of the story we’ve discussed will be forthcoming. More about Choi, about Sienna, and eventually Adamar. Choi will also visit her family. And, as always, consider any story posted here to be a first draft. Comments, criticisms and suggestions continue to be welcome. Your ideas will help shape the story. There’s little to no formatting for the blog. As the story gets longer, that takes too much time. Enjoy.

16194806The Night Before

“It’s been a great evening,” he said.

“It still is,” I answered. The sun was setting. The beach lights were flickering on. The heat of the sun turned to a dark and warm humidity. I wasn’t wearing much, just a tight gray-green one-piece over a bikini.

“Can I buy you another drink?”

“No.” I still sipped the last margarita. I hadn’t had sex since arriving in Hawaii. I didn’t want to. I wanted three weeks just to myself. But tonight was the last night and the man asking wasn’t another boy on spring break. He was in his mid-thirties, crew cut, clean, friendly and dressed in a suit.

“Do you have plans for tomorrow?”

“I do and I don’t want to think about it,” I lied.

“How much of Hawaii have you seen?”


“I could show you around.” I felt his hand on my hip. A little push and then he was guiding me away from the beach bar and toward a discrete palm grove. His hand slipped from my hip to the small of my back, down my tail bone.

“The minute I saw you,” he said, lifting the bottom hem of my skirt, “I felt like we understood each other.” I was in bare feet. I stopped. I leaned forward against a palm, itself leaning toward the waves. I closed my eyes and I lifted my hips when his fingers entered me.

“You’re soaked.”

“I know.”

He stepped behind me.

“No.” I turned. I pushed him away. I spilled the Margarita. Maybe I was a little drunk. I turned my back against the palm. “I’m sorry. I—” He pinched my nipple, achingly engorged and obvious under the fabric. I dropped the glass and closed my eyes, both hands gripping his wrists.

“Say it again,” he said “You? So young? So beautiful? Tell me you don’t want to.”

“No!” I exhaled. He let go of my nipple, stinging and angrily jutting. Some part of me had expected him to call me a whore, a cock-tease, but I’d never flirted with a man his age. He smiled gently. “I apologize. I misread the situation and I apologize.”


“A quickie. No dating. No dinner. No seduction.”

“What?” I asked incredulously.

“There’s something special about you. You made me want to try something I’ve never done before.”

“I’m sorry,” was all I could say, “but not tonight.”

The Interview

I’d spent my money, deliberately, recklessly, enjoying a last three weeks of freedom. I read novels on the beach. I stayed at a 5 star hotel. I ate at the best restaurants and this morning, with my last ten dollars, I sit under a palm tree at a sidewalk café. The sun glistens from parked cars, wheels and windshields. There’s an older woman behind me, a couple to my left. There’s a local grocery store across the street with a paper hula dancer in the window. Her eyes are over-sized and her black hair falls over her hips like waves. Bananas, oranges, dried fruits and baskets.

I don’t even have a return ticket.

I gave myself no choice. And when it was time, I left the magazine and the last of the money as a tip. I was lightheaded with fear and nervousness. I crossed the street, stumbling over the small curb. I entered the three story beige building with its green tinted windows. The floor was black and the ceiling was white with recessed lights.

“May I help you?” Asked a woman wearing black glasses behind a mahogany counter .

I couldn’t speak. I swallowed. I tried again. And then, voice shaking, I exhaled my name: “Choi Finnigan.”

The woman’s features softened. She touched my hand. I was gripping the counter’s edge. “You’ll be fine dear. Mr. Ward is expecting you and has no other appointments. Just take the elevator to the fourth floor, turn left and go to the end of the hallway. The door will be open.”

I followed her instructions.

By the time the doors opened to the fifth floor the stainless steel elevator was like a cage. I hurried out into the hallway. The floor of the hall was a gleaming biege tile. The pale green walls were topped by a narrow band of bamboo. Daylight gleamed through the door at the hallway’s end—a floor to ceiling window. When I stepped through the door there was a long wooden desk to my left and a leather couch to my right. The room was long and otherwise empty. A well-dressed, fiftyish man stood. A beautiful, dark haired woman remained seated in a single chair that was in a corner behind the couch.

“Miss Finnigan?”


“Welcome. I’m Mr. Ward.” He stepped from behind the desk with a friendly smile. He took my hand and guided me to couch. I sat and knotted my hands in my lap. He returned to his desk and the woman behind me remained silent. He closed whatever flier, book or folder he had been reading. “Are you nervous?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.”

“I expect you are.”


“So, the woman behind you is Sierra. She’s already done what you’re about to do. She will always be with you. She may not always be in the same room. She will be your companion, your confidant, your friend (if you like) and the woman who will make sure you’re safe.”


“She will never be far from you.”

“Got it.”

“If you ever want to leave, for any reason, she’ll facilitate that.”

“Okay.” I wanted to throw up. “Okay,” I said again.

“You’ve read every last word of the material we sent you. Miss Finnigan?”


“Good. That’s essential. I want to stress, again, that every buyer has been exhaustively vetted and each has undertaken—“

“What about me?” I interrupted.

“You, my dear?” He smiled. “A certain naivety and innocence makes you more valuable. Any potential buyer will pay more for you. And it is the reason Sierra will always be with you.” He turned a paper on his desk. “Once you sign this you may well become a multi-millionaire, and whatever is paid for you will be yours. Your term will be one year. If you remain for the full year, you will receive the full amount. If for any reason the buyer violates the contract, you will still receive the full amount. If, however, you break your contract, your final payment will be prorated.”

“I understand.”

“And you understand what you’re signing?”

“I do,” I swallowed. I licked my lips and barely whispered another ‘Yes’.

“It is an odyssey, Miss Finnigan. Something only a handful women do. I expect the experience will challenge you and change you; not just for a day or a week but a year.”

“Yes,” I answered hoarsely.

“Even if you sign this and you can still walk out.”

“I know.”

“Then,” he slowly pushed the paper toward me, to the edge of the desk, “The agreement awaits your signature”

I looked at him as though through a tunnel whose edges grew darker before remembering to breathe. After five or ten minutes of silence, I stood. I slowly walked to the desk. I took the pen and signed with a shaking hand.

“You may return to the couch.” His voice was gentle. How simple. A deal with the devil. My Mephistopheles, an older man with a tight white beard. And then the inkling of a truth: Maybe selling ones soul is a kind of liberation. I looked at the floor and heard paper slide against paper.

“You’re a beautiful young woman.”

“Thank you.” But my answer was almost inaudible.

“Do you have some Polynesian ancestry?”


“Women as young as you rarely undertake such an odyssey,” he mused. “While your Master can call you whatever he chooses, until then, you will simply be called ‘girl’.”

I glared.

“You disagree?”

“No, Mr. Ward—” I quickly turned my gaze to the floor..

“And so, your journey begins.”

I bit my lip and gripped my knees. I could hear his amusement. A longer silence followed. I heard the air conditioning begin to circulate in the floor vents. “I have a client coming at four,” he said. Another silence followed. “The blindfold, Miss Banes.”

“Why?” I asked without thinking.

“Because,” he answered, “I have clients, girl, and who they are is none of your business.”

Sierra stepped behind me and put three blindfolds in my lap. She held them up, one by one. They were perfumed. One was black. One was a beautiful blue and gold paisley, Another was blocks of purple, red and gold. They were all perfumed.

“Which would you like?” she asked with a beautiful accent—the first time I had heard her voice.

“The red and purple one.”

She drew it over my eyes and tied it firmly behind my head. “Is that too tight?”


She squeezed my shoulder and kissed me beneath my ear, a kindness that made me grateful for the blindfold hiding my tears. I heard her return to her chair in the back corner of the room. Her footsteps were like whispers. Her name was my safe word.

There was another long silence. I could hear the elevator’s bells stopping at other floors. Nervousness fluttered in each breath like a caged bird. I sat with my knees together and to the side, my hands clasped in my lap. “You’re a beautiful slave girl,” he finally said. “And I wonder if your pussy is as beautiful as you are?”’

My stomach jumped. “I don’t know.”

“Lift your skirt and spread our legs, girl.”

My heart raced, but I lifted my dress and hesitantly opened my legs.

“Take off whatever your wearing underneath. You may toss them on the floor if you like. You won’t be needing them anymore.”

Reaching under my skirt, I slipped my underwear over my knees and to the floor. I opened my legs.


I did.

“Wider, girl. So I can see. Wider until it hurts. Like you’re being fucked by a grown man. Have you ever been fucked by a grown man?”

“No,” I managed.

“You’ll address me and any man as ‘Sir’.”

“No Sir.” I spread my legs as far as the couch would let me.

“Ask if that’s wide enough.”

“Is that wide enough, Sir?”

“Lovely,” he said. “Just lovely. And you have a little piercing. Beautiful. Stay like that. It’s a pleasure, enjoyable, relaxing, really. If you belonged to me, girl, I’d have you sit like that all day.”

Another long silence followed, and then, “Oh!”


“I— Nothing, Sir.”

I waited, almost panting with uncertainty. “Stand up, pussy.” A window opened. I could smell the ocean, sand, sunlight on pavement, food, and hear motors and the busy street. “Her wrists please.”

Once again Sierra stood behind me. She crossed my wrists at the small of my back, then lifted my wrists to my elbows. She used one of the other scarves to bind my arms together.

“Come here.”

“ I can’t see,” I answered, but I awkwardly went to his voice.

“Stop,” he said. “I asked you a question.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And did you answer me?”

“No, Sir.”

“What did you say?”


“Bend over.”

I did.

“Now spread your legs.”

“Yes, Sir.”


The first stinging blow nearly toppled me. Sierra caught me. My exhalation was a sharp cry.

“The window is open,” he said quietly, “I leave it to you to decide if you wish others to hear you.”

“Yes Sir,” my voice shook.

He was using something broad and flat. By the third blow my pussy stung with the closeness of his blows, twisting, but not daring to move. Each blow was more painful than the last but also shunted the fear with something real and bearable. The shaking stopped. The pain was like a snake that moved with a tightening friction through my abdomen and breasts. When he stopped my thighs and blindfold were drenched with tears.

“What do you want?”

“To please your, Sir!”

“Then answer my question. When you uttered that little ‘Oh!’, what were you thinking?”

“That you— That you—“ I sniffled, “were interviewing me. You still are. You’re testing me. You said I could leave even if I signed the paper.”

I heard something. A sniff. A smile? I heard him unwrap something.

“Return to your seat and make sure that I can see your pussy, girl—your beautiful pussy.”

“Yes, Sir,” I made sure that he could see. As you read this, one paragraph quickly follows another, but there is no way to convey the passage of time other than to simply to tell you. The silences were long. The ligaments of my thighs were sore. The effect of the blindfold, of being told to display myself, prevented my mind from wandering. I wondered if he would speak again, if another command would follow, if every now and then he gazed at my pussy. Fear and arousal began to blur.


“What is it?”

“I have to— I have to go to the bathroom.”


“To— to pee, Sir.”

“To piss? To piddle? To go wee?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“No,” he answered. “If you have to piddle, if you’re little pussy can’t hold it, you will nevertheless stay just as you are.”


“Do I need to repeat myself, girl?”

“No, Sir.”

Nothing more was said and if an hour passed I couldn’t have said. At noon, perhaps, Ward instructed Sierra to fasten a leash to my neck. At intervals, he instructed Sierra to take me for a walk, to be sure I didn’t grow too stiff or uncomfortable. A walk meant crawling on hands and knees behind the couch, around Ward’s desk, down the hallway and back. By now the fullness of my bladder brought a sheen of sweat to my skin. Ward must have known. He stopped me in front of his desk late in the afternoon. I was still blindfolded. He had already instructed me to arch my back as I crawled. He wished to see my pussy at all times. I tried not to groan even as a trickle of moisture escaped and slipped down the inside of a thigh.

“But this isn’t piss, is it?”

“No, Sir,” I gasped.

I waited for Sierra to remove my blindfold or to raise me to my feet. I waited. “Sir?” I whispered hoarsely.

“I don’t see anything, pussy.”

My mouth hung open with discomfort. Here? Now? “Sir, I—”

“Did I say you could speak, girl? You can pee if you want to.”

But I couldn’t.

The elevator’s doors slid open. Footfall approached and tugged me by the leash back to the couch. I sat with my thighs spread.

“Did you bring the papers?” asked Ward.

“And then some,” answered another man. I heard movement, the sound of a suit’s fabric, then the weight of paper on the desk. All this happened as if I weren’t there. My odyssey had begun. I stood on a new island. If the men had talked about me, had said anything at all; but they said nothing to me or about me. The oceans were a dark sea of submission and humiliation and the roar of its waved beat in ears.

They discussed business and I trembled with the dark intoxication. The discussion ended, a protracted silence wound like a wire in my stomach, and I almost jumped when Ward spoke. “Miss Laurel, will come up to the office please?”

Another minute passed and I heard a woman’s high heels. Was she the woman in the lobby? The clack of her walk paused in front of me. Nothing was spoken but I heard her sudden surprise, a sudden intake of breath. I heard linen slide. I heard breathing, movement, a zipper. One of the men said, cooly: “Bend over.” Those two words again, always those two words, masculine, peremptory, unmistakable in meaning and intent. Then I heard her, but not words—the sudden inhalation; the unmistakable cry, the surprise and remembered pleasure. I echoed her, my own cry, and bit my lip.

Her cries were sharp and plaintive; each one fuller than the last.

“Miss Banes.”

“Yes, Mr. Ward.”

“Bring the slave to orgasm.”

I remained seated, thighs wide, ligaments aching. Until this moment I had never been in a room with others having sex. The sound of it, smell of it, and unable to see, was a red tide that flooded my lonely island. I felt Sienna’s present behind me, over me, then her finger’s tip on my clit. I trembled. My small cries joined those of the secretaries. I heard her long consummation and his. For an afternoon, thighs and stomach straining to withhold my need to urinate, the same muscles, in a mix of arousal and exhaustion, shuddered once and then sharply pulsed. I came. The noise of my own thudding heart, my choked cries, couldn’t stop the small spurts. Then a dribble. I trembled. “I’m sorry, Sir! I’m sorry!” I blurted. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean too!”

No one answered. I only heard bodies in motion, clothes being straightened, small steps taken.

“The back of your skirt please, Miss Laurel, push it down,” said Mr. Ward as if I weren’t in the room.


I felt Sierra’s laps. She kissed mine and kissed beneath my ear, my neck and collar bone. “Did you enjoy your orgasm?” she asked quietly.


“I am jealous,” she said, “just like that?”


“But nothing,” she hummed almost melodically. “I’ll clean up. That was very little. You were very good, but how unexpected! And maybe you will be punished? But I don’t know. There’s not time for that.”

“You know the effect your merchandise has on me,” said the other man to Mr. Ward.

“Did you enjoy Miss Laurel?”

“Of course.” There was a pause. “Is she being auctioned tonight?”

“You mean the slave girl?”


“She’s not a very well behaved.”

“The best kind, Ward; and pity that I should have to tell you so.”

“Yes, in answer to your question.”

“The starting bid?”


I heard a zipper and the snap of a suit jacket.

“Come, little one,” said Sierra. I stood and followed the tug of the leash.

“Miss Banes,” said Ward.

“Shave her.”

“Yes, Mr. Ward.”

“And don’t forget to pierce her.”

“Yes, Mr. Ward.”

The Auction

I was barefoot and blindfolded. I wore nothing under my dress. The marble of the floors were cool. The moisture still dampening thighs dribbled down to one knee. Sienna gently slowed, then guided me through a door. We were in a bathroom. My arms had been fastened behind me, wrists to elbows. Guiding me into a stall, she lifted my dress and told me to squat.

“You are very brave.”

“I don’t feel brave,” I answered.

“They especially enjoyed your orgasm with theirs.”

When I was done she tugged on my leash, led me down an elevator, took me briefly outside and guided me into a car. I stretched my legs. I guessed that we were in a limousine. The fear, the novelty, the excitement worked like tightening bonds in my stomach. Sienna leaned and whispered in my ear.

“The driver wants to see more of you.”

“Now?” I answered.

“I am not your Master,” she said. “You don’t have to but he adjusts his rear view mirror to look at you.”

“Where are we going?”

“To the slave auction, where you will be bought, no doubt.”

“How far?”

“Only another ten minutes, I’m guessing. The auction house is a private residence.”

Then I sat in silence, in the darkness of the blindfold, rocked by the comforting motions of the road. I felt the dark tug of submission and humiliation that was like an etherous drug. I gradually spread my legs, letting my dress ride up, letting him see me, appraise me, objectify me—my cunt. I felt Sienna’s fingertip on my nipple. She circled with a feathery lightness, only the thin fabric of the dress between her finger and my nipple. My lips parted. My head fell back and I exhaled, arching. The car slowed to a stop too soon. The chauffeur door opened and I closed my legs. Sienna pulled my dress to my knees. My own door opened and I was made to stand. Sienna guided me, as did the chauffeur.

I felt the sun’s heat on my skin. I stood on warm gravel.

A door opened, the door of a house, and I heard footsteps approach in the gravel. “Is this the merchandise?”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Sienna.

I jumped, startled, when I felt the palm of a hand press between my thighs, pressing the fabric of my dress against the wetness between them. The hand stayed there—the woman’s hand.

“Good girl,” she said, feeling he wetness. “You’ll fetch a good price. Ready for a cock’s mastering?”

“Answer the Mistress,” said Sienna gently.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Good.” Her hand moved upward, then palmed my abdomen. “Strong. Healthy. Perfect for come.” Then she pinched my left nipple. I inhaled. “And sensitive.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good.” She released my nipple and already seemed to move onto other thoughts, walking away as she spoke. “Take the merchandise inside. Shave the girl. Clean her. Oil her inside and out. I think she would look more attractive with braids. Tie them up. Find some flowers and put them in her hair. Is she Hawaiian? I like her hair. You know the rest. Make sure she looks aroused—nipple piercing should help with that.”

I felt a tug at the leash, I followed.

My skin rose with goosebumps as I was led into the house, out of the sun. I liked the smell, an earthy and leafy smell suggesting I was in the shade of tropical leaves, that the windows of the house were opened, that if my blindfold were removed I might have a view of the ocean through the leaves of a coconut palm. “What does the house look like?” I asked Sienna as she carefully guided me down some stairs.

“The man who owns it is very wealthy. Very modern. If you removed your blindfold, you would see the ocean is now several miles away, but it is beautiful and blue. You will like the house when you see it. There is a balcony that goes almost all the way around. The man who owns the house hosts the auction. He bids on a new slave girl every year and perhaps he will buy you.”

A mixture of anticipation, fear, and just as quickly shame—I already wished this mean would be my owner.

At the bottom of the stairway the air was cooler. We turned into what I guessed was a room. I could hear the broad-leaved trees, and felt a breeze through what must have been an open window. I also heard running water, but that was from within the room. I smelled teakwood.

Sienna remained with me and two others joined her I knew by heir hands. They untied my wrists from my elbows, let me stretch, and removed my dress. I was naked. No one spoke, but little by little my skin was washed. Linen moved over my nipples, between legs and over my anus. They cleaned between my toes and fingers. And then, after doing what seemed to take so little time, they once more draw my wrists behind me, up and tied them each to the opposite elbow. I felt the motion of my leash.

“I have fastened your leash to a restraint in the ceiling,” said Sienna. “You are free to walk as far as the leash will allow you, my sweet slave. I am invited to a lunch. I will bring you back a treat, something small that no one will notice. If I could, I would bring you back a little of everything, but you are a slave now. Be brave. I am not far.”

Only after she left did I notice that I wasn’t alone. I heard breathing. I heard movement, slight, and like my own. I slowly wondered if I were in a room with other slaves, also readied to be sold who, like me, were naked, wrists and arms bound, tied by the neck to leashes that would only let us wander in the confines of the room.

At first I didn’t move. I didn’t dare to. What if they weren’t slaves?

But perhaps I stood for an hour. My calves began to ache. My back grew sore with the lack of motion. I could hear restlessness elsewhere in the room. Elsewhere in the house, far enough removed that I couldn’t discern words, I heard laughter and conversation, and the occasional peal of wine glasses. My isolation gnawed. Once more the dark heat of fear and eroticism was like a damp lantern in my abdomen. My breathing faltered. I cried out as if startled by nothing. No one else answered but I heard their breathing. I heard someone groan. Someone was having sex.

I took a step toward the sound of the wind. I took another and another.

Maybe she hadn’t fastened the leash? Maybe I could go to the window. I could climb out. I could run. I was certain I could quickly rub off the blindfold. I bumped into someone else, also naked. I would have cried out, but coughed instead. The length of the leash yanked at my collar. I was like an animal, a slave, a piece of property leashed in a back room.

“Hey,” the man’s voice was almost a whisper. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” I stuck out my tongue and swallowed.

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” I said again. I moved as close to the window as the leash would allow. “Are you— Are you—“

“A slave?”


“A slave,” I laughed nervously. “I can’t believe I just asked if you were another slave.” The noise of the sex, though still restrained, was louder now. “So, guys can be sex slaves too?”

“Yeah, sure.”

My mind raced. I needed to talk. Anything. “So, have you done this before?”

“No. How ‘bout you?”


“Yeah, you sound pretty nervous.”

“Aren’t you?”


“So, how long have you been here?”

“Maybe an hour or two?”

I bit my lip. I didn’t know what else to say. I jumped when I heard his lips almost next to my ear. “Hear those two fucking?”

“Yeah,” I whispered.

“We could fuck too.”

The floor felt as if it had fallen out from under me. My heart raced. I swallowed. Before I could answer his lips pressed to mine. We kissed. Lips. Tongue. I needed it all. I was frightened, but to be touched was less frightening than to be alone. He lips moved to my throat, then lower until he’d sucked my breast into his mouth. I exhaled. “Are you’re hands tied behind you?”

He release my tit from the suction of lips and tongue. “Yes.”

“What if they found out?”

“Suck my cock.”


“Suck my cock,” he said again. “Please, slave. Suck my cock.”

I didn’t know what to do. Once again the floor fell out from under me. He was as frightened as I was, and as desperate with the eroticism of fear. I kissed him. I kissed his throat. I licked his chest. I bit his nipple. He groaned.

I bent over, kissed the muscles of his abdomen. I could smell him, his sex, his cock, his musk. I knelt.

“Please,” he said again.

I searched for him with my lips and tongue, then found him. He was rigid. Thick. I wondered if it was painful for a man’s cock to be so enraged. The heat brushed my lips and cheek. I took him in my mouth—pity and my own need to touch. He groaned. He shuddered.

I sucked him, knees apart, hands bound behind me. I wanted to cup his balls, to know the pleasure of his muscles , but I was only my mouth—my own humiliation and arousal. My leash softly thwacked his abdomen as I sucked.

“Thank you,” he breathed.

I didn’t hurry. The sounds of celebration, conversation and civilization continued on another floor. Bereft of freedom, vulnerable and leashed, one slave sucked another. Elsewhere in the room other salves had paired. I heard them groan. Their cries, like mine, were a mix of pleasure, trepidation and escape. We surely were all blindfolded, all leashed, all unable to touch but with mouths, cunts and cocks. I licked, I took his balls in my mouth. He twitched and gave an almost panicked cry. I quickly leaned back. I glanced over my shoulder as though I could see. I couldn’t but I heard no one coming.

“Please,” he whispered.

My tongue found him, tasted semen. I licked the long drip of semen from the underside of his cock. His balls dripped with semen and I took them in my mouth, one after the other, until his was clean. The distant noise of the party had quieted. I heard someone speaking. He trembled. I only had to hold him in my mouth and he came. Powerful spurts. I waited on my knees, holding him in my mouth, swallowing until I was sure he was done.

He exhaled.

I stood. We kissed.

“I want to fuck you,” he said. I bit his lip until he squirmed.

I was aroused but I returned to the center of the room. This was what I wanted. I held onto my desire, my need to be penetrated, like a burning coal, There was nothing left of my fear but cinders and ashes.

The noise of the party had ceased. I could hear the scrape of chairs and the movement of feet from one room to another, to a stairway, to a hall. New sounds emanated from the outside. The sounds of evening. I would be auctioned soon. Footsteps entered into the room—several. One of them was Sienna. She took my leash and tugged. I followed.

“Oh,” she said, pausing, “I see.” She wiped my chin. “Did you receive semen anywhere else?”


“I won’t tell a soul. Your secret is safe with me. Always. Even from your Master. Sometimes a woman must take what she must take and the reasons for it need no explanation. Good for you.”

A few short steps further and we entered another room.

“Afix the merchandise to the chair,” said a man.

I felt too sets of hands. They released my arms from their bondage. I winced with stiffness. They turned me and made me sit on what felt like the edge of a stool. A gasped with surprise when they spread my knees, then cried out when my thighs were stretched further by ropes that bound my ankles to my thighs, that split me impossibly open. Another drew my wrists behind me, bound them together, then tied my wrists to my hair, forcing my head back, my wrists up, and my breasts forward. I could move. My breathing came in short bursts, half with the stretched discomfort of my position.

Though I couldn’t see, I felt that everyone moved with purpose and precision.

I gasped when I felt metal against my thigh. They were shaving me. I could do nothing. I couldn’t move and understood the reason. He was firm. He pinched the thin skin between my thigh and entry between his finger finger. He let the razor slide icily over my tendons. I shook and my breath turned to grunts as the unforgiving discomfort of my bondage only seemed to tighten. My body was rubbed with oil. My hair was braided and I felt the stems of flowers against my scalp.

“Pierce her nipples.” My barber spoke with a clinical efficiency. “Her clit is already pierced.”

Two sets of hands pulled at my nipples. Rolled them. Tugged them. My breaths turned to pitched cries, short, sharp, like the panicked appeals of a trapped bird.

“I know of a slave girl,” said Sienna, lips at my ear, “whose arrival was delayed such that she was purchased by her master before she was shaved and pierced.” She pressed her finger into my mouth. “Suck. Comfort yourself little one.” And she continued: “And when her master saw her, as you are now, he was inflamed by desire.”

My eyes rolled when the fleshy thumb of my barber pressed against my clit, kneading, pressing, and pressing the fragrance of oil around and into me. I groaned. The immobility of my pain began to transform—pain and pleasure flowed one into the other. The barber pressed oil into my anus. My hands clenched and released.

“He withdrew his cock. He knelt between her stretched thighs, just as you are now. Her cunt was there for the taking, open, inviting. He waited. And then, just as she was about to orgasm—“

I screamed.

My womb and anus were pierced. I stiffened but my orgasm was thwarted.

As my bondage was undone, I was lifted to my feet. “It is a glittering diamond,” said Sienna, behind me.

“What is?”

“The device in your anus.”

My pelvis swiveled. My nipples were two pin-pricks of pain. But not entirely pain. I wanted them to be assuaged, suckled, comforted. I ached for the orgasm that had escaped me.

Once more Sienna tugged on my leash.

Then at last, having left the room, she removed my blindfold. I stood in front of a mirror. My skin was a sheen of oil. I saw myself shaved. My cunt gleamed, was smooth and girlish. My tits were thick and yearned for the lip. They were pierced by two golden rings. I bead of desire already formed at my lip. My belly was smooth. I was ready to be fucked and owned. Sienna gestured to high heeled shoes. I bit my lip.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I’ve never really worn high heeled shoes.”

“Ha!” She smiled. “Then your awkwardness will be charming.”

“What if I can’t!”

“I will catch you.”

I pressed a toe into the tip, heel lifted, then pressed my foot into the shoe, then the other. I had never worn high heels as extreme as these . My posture changed, breasts thrust forward, pussy and ass lifted behind me. I turned, unsteadily, looking at myself. The diamond plug in my ass, that I might have hidden, glittered beneath the hook of my spine.

“You are trembling again,” Sienna smiled.

“I’ve never seen myself like this.”

“As an utterly sexual object?” she said. “The men will compete for you, will bid for you, will pay to be the man who fucks you.”

“How strange.”

“And yet?”

“Needing to know nothing more about a woman. Just this.” I ran my hands over my breasts, hips, then inward. “And this,” I said. “There’s nothing more to a man than this, is there?” I slipped a finger into the entry between my thighs, then sliding upwards crossed my fingers over the flat oval of my belly. “No price he won’t pay for this, for my body, to orgasm here.”

“And yet?”

“That this is what attracts a man—and not the woman. “And yet, how strange that knowing what he wants—” I slipped my finger into the crease of my cunt, shuddered, and drew my wetness over my belly, “makes me ready—makes me want to give him what he wants.”

“Are you ashamed of this?”

“Should I be?”

“No,” said Sienna. “Be whoever you want to be. Why should your story be like anyone else’s” She gently pulled my wrists behind me. This time the bondage wasn’t painful. I pair of golden cuffs affixed my writs at the small of my back, not crossed, but held by a glittering chain between the cuffs.

“Blind fold?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “Now you will see everything—and the men who will bid to own you, to fuck you, and command you.”

I trembled again.

“But one last piece of advice,” said Sienna. “Many slaves fall in love with their masters. And many slaves marry their masters. But for the next year you will live as if under a spell, a charm that you and your Master will create together. My advice to you, if you fall in love with your master, that you never utter love’s name. Strive in every other way, with every deed and act of submission, to express your love. And if you are to fall in love with your Master, and he with you, speaking love’s name won’t be necessary.”

I leaned and I kissed Sienna.

And then, with reluctance, she broke the kiss and led me to a green door, wood stained green, at the end of the hallway. I was surrounded by wealth. The walls of the hall were bamboo, and the floor was teak, and recessed lights lit the hallway. Still trembling, Sienna pushed the door open and led me in.

At first I could see no one, blinded by a light the shone only on me. I knew the room was full. I could hear their breaths, their sudden conversation at the sight of me, some laughter, but not unkind. And they clapped. I was on a stage and men and women sat at round tables below me. They were dressed in black—tuxedos for the men and exquisite black dresses for the women. I stood before them, naked, ready to be fucked. At the end of a stage stood Mr. Ward behind a podium.

Sienna brought me to the middle of the stage and left me there. There were immediately two women, also slaves, wearing nothing but a chain around their waist and pierced nipples. But one girl wasn’t fully naked. I saw what looked like a bikini buttom, but was metal, gold, and I knew that the cup penetrated her by the way she moved—held in place by the chain at her waist. They placed a bar, a spreader bar, at my feet.

“Spread your legs, girl.”

I wasn’t even sure who spoke. I obeyed. My ankles were fastened to the spreader bar.

Ward struck the podium with a gavel. The room quieted. My heart flooded my senses with a beating tide. I know that my stomach and thighs quivered. I knew that they appraised my cunt and my tits, none of which I could hide from them. I could see, in the audience, that some of the women, unhurriedly, stroked the cocks of the men sitting next to them. “Who will be bidding?” Ward asked. “Please raise your cards.”

Over half a dozen men raised a card.

I shook. I quickly glanced at the men, and my eyes widened. Him!—the man from the hotel! And he looked just as stunned to see me—the girl! The girl who turned him down. The girl who betrayed him. Absurd, stupid thoughts! I averted my gaze but where else was I going to look? Anyone but him! Not like this!

Ward gestured to me. His finger turning. The two slavegirls returned and turned me around. Then one of them lowered a black, silken, rope with which the hooked my hand cuffs. Then, pulling the rope, they lifted my wrists behind me and forced me to bend over,. legs spread by the spreader bar, to be appraised from behind—cunt and the diamond in my ass visible to all A girl, in high heels, to be mounted. There was appreciative murmuring and discussion.

I closed my eyes, imagining anyone but him.

“The bidding will start at 100,000 dollars.” Ward struck the gavel. “150,000! Do I have 200,000?” he asked, as if they bid on the value of my cunt, and they did. “200,000! Do I have 250? 250? 300! Do I have 350?Yes, Madame. 400. Do I have 5? 500,000? Do I have 6. 750,000. Do I have 8? 800,000! Do I have 1,000,000 dollars for the girl? One million! Do I have 1,100,000? Yes. 1,100,000!”

I descended into the dark waters of my desire, the blood of an ocean, beating, living, grinding civility into grains of sand. Moisture dripped down my thigh, the hollow of my knee, and to my ankle—for all to see. What were my tits, my ass, and my cunt worth?

“1,800,000! Do I have two million? 2,100,000. Do I have 2,250,000? 2,250,000! Do I have 2,300,000?”

I was sweating under the stage light. Sweat dripped from my nipples, thick and protruding, ready to be sucked, ready to be mounted, ready to swing with the weight of a man’s thrusts.

“4, 250,000! Going once! Going twice!”

The gavel struck.




I was owned now.

The final gavel was greeted by a burst of applause. I waited for the other slave girls to release me as the applause faded but I remained legs spread, bent over, my wrists chained to the ceiling. I soon heard the groaning of men, perhaps a woman. I was there for their arousal. I was their pornography. My shoulders began to ache. I heard a man’s orgasm. Had the women bent over his lip? Was she drinking his orgasm as he imagined fucking me? A drop of moisture slipped down my other thigh.

Then, finally, I was released.

The two slavegirls guided me off the stage, to a door that was opposite the one I had entered. Sienna was waiting. She fastened the leash to my collar and led me into the gratefully dim hallway. The door swung shut behind me.

“You’re owner is a man,” she said.

“You saw him?”

“Yes. Of course. He is a good looking man.”

“What’s his hair like?”

“Oh—” I could hear her smile. “You want to guess who it is?”


“He instructed me to tell you nothing more,” she said. “You must live under the rules of your owner now.”

“Is his hair short?”

I yelped when she spanked my ass. “His eyes are brown.”

I nearly stumbled. “God, when can I take off these shoes?”

“Not yet.”

She guided me into a windowless room with a single hook in the ceiling, another black rope, with a hook in the hand, hung from it. My stomach fluttered. The room wasn’t large and there were mirrors on each of the walls and ceiling. The wooden floor gave under my feet and there was a futon folded against one wall, and pillows, and folded sheets. There was a closet. The doors were mirrored like the wall. The recessed lights were so dim as to almost leave the room dark. The two slave girls and a man, who I guessed was also a slave, entered the room carrying the spreader bar and a black dildo—cock shaped.

The man told me to stand in the middle of the room. I did. He hooked my hand-cuffs with the the black rope’s hook. Without warning, he tightened the rope, lifting my wrists and bending me over. I gasped, uncomfortably. My heels were lifted from the shoes. He fastened my leash to the spreader bar, forcing my to bend over for fucking. “Spread your legs,” he said. The slave girls once again efficiently secured my ankles to the spreader bar. “Open your mouth.” I did and I cried out, a muted cry, when my mouth was filled by the cock and fastened behind my neck. Last, the man took a small golden tag from a black box—the name of my owner, date purchased, and price. When he walked behind me I panicked. I complained—cries muffled by the cock. Then my eyes widened. I felt his fingers on my clit. I shook my head. I complained again, then I arched and my eyes rolled as he massaged my clit. There was a little tug, then another, and the tag—what I cost, that I was property, and who I belonged to— hung glittering from my clit. I cried out again, stiffened, then moaned when he pulled the butt-plug out of me. They left quickly. I balanced on my toes, half hanging from the ceiling’s hook. I winced with discomfort. Perhaps ten minutes, perhaps twenty passed, and the door opened.

It was him!

He had brought a folding chair with him. With an efficient snap he unfolded the chair and dropped it on the floor in front of me. He sat. I squealed, the cock muffling me, but his expression didn’t change. He waited until I had regained my balance, uneasily on my toes. He exhaled.

“You know how much it cost just to for the invite?”

I averted my gaze.

“Alot.” He cocked his head, shook it, and looked at the ceiling—at me in the mirror’s reflection. “I didn’t—” My owner paused, formulating a different thought. He had an accent, the kind that first generation immigrants have. “Too much information.” He was silent again. “You know, when I saw you last night—” He stopped again and inhaled. “I wasn’t planning on—this. I just wanted to see. If you’d—” He paused, almost comically between confusion and exasperation. “If you’d fucked me last night— You’re a sexual woman. I saw that. You remember what you said to me? Why’s a guy like me chasing a girl your age? Remember? Well—why’s a girl like you got a cock in her mouth?”

He leaned back, pressed his fingers over his hair, then leaned forward.

He exhaled again. He took a notepad from his jacket and a pen. He wrote number on it, tore off the paper and put it on the floor. $11,643.83. He stood and walked next to me. I shivered at the touch of his finger on my shoulder. His finger’s tip moved to my spine, then followed my spine to the small of my back.

“You know—” he said. He shook his head. “Seeing you on the stage. If you’d fucked me last night, I could have walked out without you. You insulted me. Seeing you like that insulted me. I wanted to buy you. I wanted to own you. I wanted to fuck you until you screamed.” His finger moved to the tag hanging from my clit and he massaged it and my clit. I stiffened. “What’s it like to be owned?” He pressed again and my eyes rolled.

“I paid four million dollars for you. That’s alot. I wasn’t expecting to spend money like that.” I waited for him to unzip. “All because—I’m repeating myself. All because of last night.” I could see him in the mirrors. “Fuck!” He adjusted the tie at his throat. “God damnit! Fuck!” How easily he could have fucked me. The high heel shoes lifted my cunt. “You know,” he said, “there’s a funny thing about this arrangement. It only occurred to me later. Who owns who? I mean—” He paused. “I couldn’t walk out without owning you.” Then his voice changed. His hand rolled over my ass, over my cunt, and palmed the flat of my belly. “You’re beautiful. God, but you’re beautiful. How old are you?”

He walked to the other side.

He tugged at my nipple. I squealed and complained. “Eighteen? Nineteen? Twenties? God but you’re ready for cock.”

He circled once more, his finger’s tip tracing my every curve, then sat in the chair. He wasn’t a tall man, but he was powerfully built, broad shouldered and walked with the discipline of a soldier. His hands were broad and powerful. His hair was black, crew cut, and he was clean-shaven. His skin was darker, like the men from Spain, Mexico or South America. His lips were thick and his eyebrows were heavy and flat. “I know it’s hard for you to talk with a cock in your mouth. If you hadn’t insulted me last night— Do you want me to fuck you? Yes or no? Spread your legs and bend over if you want me to fuck you.”

I groaned.

“You’re bent over.” He leaned and almost growled. “Must mean you want me to fuck you.”

My tits ached.

A familiar dark shore slipped down my thighs—shame, rebellion, pride.

“God, but I like you like that,” he said. “I hope you don’t mind if I attend to some business.” He leaned back and gazed at me for another several minutes before picking a smartphone from his jacket pocket. He dialed a number and began business calls—one after the other. He hadn’t planned on buying a slave girl.

Sometimes he would stand. He circled me. He let his free hand glide over me as though to simply enjoy the contours of my body. I was sweating. The strain on my shoulder’s and the ache of immobility was gradually becoming painful.

After almost an hour of calls he put away the phone.

He squatted in front of me. He reached behind and undid the cock-gag. I opened and closed my mouth, relieved.

“Hey,” he said. “You know why I wanted you like this?”

I shook my head.

“So you know what I expect from you at any minute, at any hour, any place I want.”

I nodded.

He yanked my head back by the hair and kissed me, roughly, powerfully, his tongue raking the roof of my mouth. “You’re mine now. Your mouth is mine. You tits are mine, Your cunt is mine. Anytime. Anywhere.”

He let go of my hair and left me.

Just outside the door of my room he addressed one of the slaves that had waited outside of the door. “Tell Mr. Ward to deliver the merchandise to the Hotel Astaria, Suite 772. I’ve left clothing for her. Mr. Ward knows where it is.”


The relief of being able to stand, able to move my legs and arms was itself a kind of pain, but a pain that receded. I was taken to an airy room, with windows facing the moonlit ocean on three sides and a balcony. Sienna sat on a bed with a black, sequined dress folded next to her. I groaned at the site of the high heels neatly placed on top of the dress. “You need to take a shower,” she said.

“God do I ever.”

“Come,” she smiled. She led me through a glass sliding doorway and into an open shower that was a lava-tiled room in and of itself. So much wealth. I had entered a new world. I burst into tears, but I laughed to. I was a multi-millionaire. And why that should make me burst into tears? Don’t judge me. Sienna kissed my forehead and rested my cheek on her shoulder until the sobbing faded. “Now?” she asked. “Are you ready for your shower? Your owner wants you to be showered and clean.”

I sighed and shuddered. I went to the shower. The water was automatic and warm. “Warmer,” said Sienna. The showers, responding to her voice, warmed; and then she unexpectedly disrobed and joined me.

She brought soap and begin to rinse my back, spine, and buttocks.

She kissed the back of my neck. “Now,” she said, “your owner has given me instructions. You need not do what I tell you. I am not your owner. But I will report to him, my little slave, what you do and do not agree to do.”

I turned.

She smiled and stroked my hair. “It will be pleasurable,” she added, “but not too pleasurable.”

“Teach me how to wear high heels?”

“Of course,” she said, “but there’s nothing to teach. You only need to wear them. And I’m sure he doesn’t expect you to wear them every day.”

“Thank God.”

“You’re owner is a funny man.”

“I met him the night before,” I covered my face with my hands.

“Did you?”


“What happened?”

“Well—” I still covered my face. “I might have told him, I don’t know, to fuck off.”


“I don’t know,” I whined. ” I wanted sex. So did he.”

“You flirted with him.”

I sighed.

“Ah,” said Sienna.

“You know. I was scared. He’s cute. I thought I wanted sex— just—contact.”

“And then?”

“And then? I mean, I remembered I was going to be a sex slave for a whole year.”

“Well,” said Sienna. “I don’t think you made a mistake. Why shouldn’t you be a little nervous?A little afraid? And why shouldn’t you be able to change your mind? I think you did the right thing.”

“Oh—” I groaned. “But why him? Why him of all people?”

“I think he is as confused as you are.” Sienna’s hands moved to my shoulders, and massaged. “I don’t think he expected to buy you.”

“It turns me on.”

“What does?”

“When you talk like that.”


“When you say that he bought me—he’s my owner.”

“I liked it too when I was a slave.”

“Why?” I blurted. “I mean, is there something wrong with us? If this were story, what woman would want to read it? Bought? Owned? Why are we like that? A sex slave? God! It turns me on. It turns me on especially because it’s him! Why?”

“Do you like it when I press here?” Sienna massaged my lower back.


I finally pushed my hands through my hair. Water poured over my forehead and lips. I’d almost forgotten the numb ache of my muscles. Sienna’s hands moved loser and she kneaded my buttocks. “Do you like it here?”

“Yes,” I answered.

She moved beside me. She began the work of soaping my breasts, shoulder blades and spine. My nipples stung under the soap. She soaped my belly. The fingers of her other hand moved down my spine, dividing my ass, then circled my anus. She pressed her finger inside. “Do you like it here?”

My lips parted. “Yes.”

I arched. I opened my legs. She pushed again and again, developing a rhythm. I closed my eyes. Her hand, at my stomach, moved down and found my clit. I let out a long guttural moan? I felt the little ID tag knock between my thighs. I was sold. Someone owned me. Owned my clit.

“And here?”

I swiveled my hip. “Fuck! I’m going to come!”

“No you’re not.” She removed both hands. letting them slide up my belly and spine. Her voice was level but kind. “Dry off. Get dressed. You’re owner has forbidden you to touch yourself. Once you’re dressed you’ll be meeting him for dinner.”

For an instant my fingerer lingered at my clit. I couldn’t help myself, cheated of release once again. Then I rinsed my hair and returned to the bed. There was no underwear. The black sequined dress, though beautiful and somehow tailored to my waist, only narrowly descended enough to cover me. If I were to bend over, or stumble, anyone might see the little gold tag dangling between my thighs. I stepped into the high heel shoes. They arched my back and lifted my pussy behind me. I nervously looked over my shoulder. The dress and ridden up the back of my thighs, now just narrowly covering the tag.


I turned, startled. The chauffeur stood at the door, hat in his hand.

A tickling panic rose from my stomach.


“Okay!” I barked.

There was a slender black purse beneath the dress. Bending my knees, keeping them together, I picked up the purse and awkwardly followed the chauffeur to the limousine. Standing, walking, sitting. At every turn the short dress threatened to humiliate me—that I had been shaved, that my ownership dangled from my lict, that my tits were thick and sensitive. The chauffeur opened the limousine door and I sidled into the car sideways. Sienna sat beside me.

The drive to the Hotel was long descent back to the towering hotels that fronted the beach. I opened the purse, curious. A clipped roll of hundred dollar bills. There was lipstick, passport, driver’s license, credit cards and new smart phone and a choke collar. The hundred dollar bills, the smart phone and the collar weren’t my own.

The limousine pulled into the Hotel’s roundabout.

I climbed out and Sienna followed. The chauffeur tipped his hat, returned to the limousine and left us. Sienna brushed something off my shoulder. “I’m going to my room to sleep. Do not call for me unless you no longer wish to be a slave.” She took my purse, took the choke collar from it and fastened it round my neck. “Only you or I may remove this collar. If you remove it, it will send a signal and I will come to you immediately.” She kissed my cheek. “But, until you do, you belong to your owner. He waits for you on the terrace.”

I watched her leave.

The air was cool between my thighs and my stomach was a panicky weightlessness. With quick, awkward steps I avoided the bright lights of the foyer, more easily unnoticed in the intermittent shadows of the outdoors. The terrace was at the back of the hotel. There were tables and chairs under umbrellas and torches whose flames crackled in the ocean breeze. The mood among the other hotel guests was light and easy going. I could hear men and women, my own age, talking, shouting or laughing in the pitch darkness of the beach and the never-ending wash of waves.

Then I saw him.

My owner was dressed in a coat and tie, but no longer a tuxedo and nothing as formal. I wondered if he ever dressed casually. When he saw me he smiled, stood, and pulled out the chair opposite him. I bit my lip, worried that others might see the hem of my dress ride up as I sat. He held the chair until I was comfortable, legs tightly together and aslant.

He returned to his own side. “What do you like to eat?”

“Not fish.”

“Not fish?” He was incredulous. “We’re in Hawaii!”

“I’m a hamburger girl.”

He gazed at me with an appraising smile. “Where are you from?”



“Seriously,” I answered curtly.

“I never would have guessed that.”

“What about you?”

“Miami. Mom and Dad were from Cuba.”

He gestured at the Waitress. She brought wine and bread. He ordered swordfish for himself and a hamburger for me. After she left he leaned back in his sat. “Tell me,” he said, “Is there anything covering your cunt?”

The question was like a jolt of electricity. “No,” my voice cracked.

We sat in an uncomfortably silence for a moment. “Why me?” I hissed. “What kind of a man-baby are you? Can’t take rejection? Jesus, fucking, Christ. Has no one ever said ‘No’ to you? Four million dollars? You’re insulted I cost that much? Nobody made you walk in there. Nobody— I mean, Jesus! What were you thinking?”

His jaw clenched.

“What?” I asked. “Has no woman ever told you to grow up?”

“It was you,” he leaned forward, as if restraining the temptation to shout. “It was you.”

I shook my head. “What does that even mean?”

He leaned back. He tugged at the hem of his jacket as if it needed straightening. “I don’t know.”

Another silence followed. “I’m sorry,” I said.

“Sorry for what you said or sorry that I’m—I don’t know—a man-baby.”

“Have you ever—“

“—been in a relationship?” He finished my question, then nodded as if to consider the question. “See. That’s the thing. I don’t have relationships. I meet a woman. I get to know her. She gets to know me. I say something. She says something. We’re done.”


“So—” He gazed into the back depth of the shore and unseeable waves. “So—” He thumped the table top with a thumb. “So yeah, see? That’s the funny thing.” He shook his head. “Here I am and here you are.”

“Then why did you do it?”

“Why did you?” he asked.

The questions remained unanswered. The waitress came bringing a hamburger and swordfish. I was starved. We ate. We were civil. We asked each other if we liked the food. He asked if I wanted more wine. We had hardly finished when he perfunctorily took a hundred dollar bill from his wallet and laid it on the table.

“It’s been a great evening,” he said.

I didn’t answer.

“Can I buy you another drink?”

“No.” That feeling of weightless uncertainty swirled in my gut. This was our conversation from the night before.

“Do you have plans for tomorrow?”

My voice shook. “I do and I don’t want to think about it,” and this time I was telling the truth.

“How much of Hawaii have you seen?”


He studied me. He stood up. He went to the back of my chair. I stood.

“I could show you around.”

He turned me. His palm fell to the small of my back. Then, like the night before he was guiding me away from the terrace and toward the dark of the palm groves. His hand slipped from my back to my tail bone. The hem of my dress rode upward.

Anyone could see the tag dangling between my thighs and he knew it. I closed my eyes. The dark pounding of water wasn’t the ocean’s. His fingers entered me from behind as we walked into the shadow of the palms.

“You like the high heels?”


“You look good in them,” he said as we stopped. “I like the way they make your ass arch.” He removed his fingers. He stepped behind me, unzipping.

“Tell me you don’t want to.”


“Bend over.”

“Why did you do it?”

He kicked my legs apart. He roughly took my hair with one hand and bent me over with the other. I arched to the curve of him entering me from behind. There was no resistance. My cunt, cheated of orgasms, obediently received his cock. I grunted and exhaled. My owner held me like that, letting me breathe, arch and grunt as I my abdomen adjusted to the weight of him inside. I reached behind but he quickly crossed my wrists at the small of my back and held them there. The first withdrawal and thrust was firm and powerful. I groaned and my eyes rolled. Then he fucked me. The tag, stamped with my owner’s name, slapped his balls. I screamed. I came. The dark was in me and outside. I heard him shout and thrust hard, holding himself inside. His warmth claimed ownership of my womb. Legs wide and straight, I submitted.

When he straightened me his come dripped down my tag.

I turned and slapped him. His mouth twitched. I slapped him again. He took me by the nape of my neck and the small of my back. He drew me into a kiss—the kind of kiss that’s like a dizzying apology and accusation.

When it was done we simply looked at each other.

“Get on your knees,” he finally said.

My lips parted. I slowly descended to my knees.

“Clean me off.”

He stepped toward me and I took hold of his thighs and took his cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked until I took my owners semen inside myself a second time. He offered me his hand. I took it and stood.

“You can take off the high heels,” he said quietly.

I walked, my owner’s come dripping from the tag between my thighs, and didn’t care if anybody saw. His Suite overlooked the ocean, fourteen floors above the terrace. The room was broad, with a large picture window, an LCD on one wall and a king size bed opposite.

The door closed behind us.

“Get into bed.”

I turned. I wanted to take a shower. He must have known.

“Get into bed. Your cunt deserves to be full of come. Leave your dress on. I like it. I might want to fuck you in the morning.”

I obeyed.

I fell asleep on my side, turned toward midnight’s window, my tag and my owner’s come slipping down my thigh.


He took me again in the middle of the night. I woke with the sudden weight of him on the mattress. I began to turn but he pressed me face down with a palm between my shoulder blades. His knees straddled my ass with my legs together. His pulled my hips up, not so that I was on my knees, but so his cock noisily descended inside me, wetly in its own semen. I clawed the pillows. Each thrust was harder than the last until each breath was a choked cry, and then his own, the beads of his orgasm striping my uterus, my own spine lifted, receiving him. Then he returned, in the darkness, to wherever he’d been sleeping. I remained as I was, one arm listlessly hanging over the side of the bed.


“Adamar,” I said.

“You read your tag,” he answered, straightening his tie in the mirror above the hotel room desk. I was on the bed still, on my back, head propped on a pillow, one knee up, my thighs wet and caked with my owner’s sperm.

“If you’re curious, my name’s Choi Finnegan.”

“Maybe I’m not.” He turned, awaiting my reaction, then stepped beside the bed, fussing with his cufflinks. “Maybe all I need to know is that you’re my property now.”

I didn’t answer.

“Hey,” his hand slipped under my chin, his thumb under my lip. “Tell me. Are you my property?”

I glared at him.

His thumb moved into my mouth. “Suck it,” he said.

I glared but obeyed. Then slowly, wetly,when his thumb slipped out of my mouth, my tongue followed.

“Are you my property?” he asked again.


“Say it.”

“I’m your property.”

“I’m your owner,” and he said it like a dare.

“You own me.”

“Whose come is in your cunt?”

“My owner’s.” I flinched with the soreness of my hardening tits.

“Did your owner fuck you?”


He studied me as if the whole exercise had no effect on him and I seethed. “I don’t believe you,” he finally said.

Then a knock at the door and I scrambled for the bedsheets, covering myself. My owner paid no attention. A young man strode into the room with several Macy’s bags and others. He was dressed ridiculously, like a bellboy. He glanced at me and immediately looked away. Ademar directed all but one or two of the bags to the bed, then slipped a bill from his wallet. The boy took it with a nervous thank you, sneaked a glance at me again, and hurried out.

“I bought you clothes.”

“I can do my own shopping.”

“You’re welcome.”

I shrugged. “Who knows. Maybe I’ll like them.”

“So, tell me—” He stopped fiddling, studied the floor as though thinking.


“Take off the sheets.”

I obeyed and waited.

“Spread your legs and put your hands behind your head.”

I started to but he acted as if he’d lost patience. “Not like that.” He leaned over the foot of the bed, grabbed my ankles and yanked me to the edge. He powerfully spread my legs, a twinge of pain in my tendons, and pushed my knees back and wide. “What if I’d told the kid he could fuck you for his tip.” He returned to the edge of the bed and pressed his thumb into my mouth again. His other hand went for his fly but he paused, considered, then changed his mind. I’d pissed him off.

There was another knock at the door.

“Ademar!” I hissed.

He turned, glanced at me, then opened the door. It was Sienna. “I’ve reserved a table tonight,” he said to me, “at eight thirty.” He brushed past Sienna as sher stepped into the room. The door closed. She slowly walked to the foot of the bed, smiling. “Oh my!” she said.

I started to straighten.

“Uh-uh!” she stopped me with a disappointed glare. She leaned over, between the spread of my thighs, and her lips descending to mine. We kissed. I couldn’t help it. My hands found the nape of her neck and her shoulder. “That’s better,” she said, with the sweetest smile. “Do you want to look at the clothes? I picked them.”

I relaxed, sitting up.

“First a shower,” she said. And then we spread out the clothes on the bed, the desk and the chair, and even the floor. I loved them. They were a little of everything. “He’s a handsome man, don’t you think?” asked Sienna.

“Yeah,” I sighed, holding up a Merino top.

“I think you’re very lucky to have him as your owner.”


“Well,” she said, taken aback by the edge in my voice. “Don’t you like him?”

I sat broodingly on the bed. “I don’t know.”

“Well, you don’t have to like him but to be with someone—”

“A whole year. I know.” I fell back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. “Why did you do it?”



Sienna gave a short, sharp laugh. “For the money.”


“A little for the experience too.”

“The sex?”

“The submission.”

“A little?”

“Well,” she answered, “perhaps more than a little.”

“Are we utterly immoral?” I rolled onto my stomach, lips and mouth crookedly in the crooked sheets. “He turns me on.”


“Not good.”

“Ah,” Sienna was silent a moment.

I stared out the window.

“Why then did you sell yourself at the auction?”

“Not to fall for anybody,” I answered under my breath. “I mean, Jesus, can I fall for the fucking and not the fucker?”


“I know.” I rolled over. “Maybe I lied about the night before—“

“But then—”

“No.” I sat up, closed my eyes, and exhaled. “It’s just money.”

When I opened my eyes Sienna held a purple one piece and gazed at me with something like amusement. “We’ll see.”

I tried the clothes, skirts, dresses, blouses. They were beautiful and sexy. There were no panties or bras but three pairs of high heels with straps made walking easier. I picked out a cream colored sheath dress to keep me cool. Last was the little black purse with the credit card, money and smart phone.

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” I answered.”Am I supposed to stay here until tonight?”

“Of course not!”

“Unless he tells me to.”

“Well of course,” said Sienna. “He owns you.”

I bit my lip. “Do you think I’ll be arrested going out like this?” I asked.

“Let’s find out.”


I had found an organic foods stand and I’d eaten a wrap at around four. By six I was sitting under a grass umbrella, listening to the waves, sand between my toes, buying the most expensive drink on the menu. I’d bought a wide-brimmed sun hat and a pair of Roland Mouret Audrey sunglasses. Fuck it. Maybe being a sex slave wasn’t so bad. Sienna licked the salt from the rim of a Margarita. Let me just give you sense of place. There were maybe a dozen grass umbrella’s with chairs and tables. There was a bar next to a leaning palm and shaded by a gnarled koa. Torches were needlessly burning at the corners of the bar. The tide was only about sixty feet from tables, just a walk down the white beach. I dug my toes into the cooler sand beneath.

This was the life.

I watched beautiful men and women come and go with surfboards. I should have been starving by eight-thirty. Once more I was at the terrace at the back of the hotel. I had put my high heels back on. They were only gradually becoming more comfortable. I stood at on the last tiled step descending to the sands, the terrace and its torches, tables and converstaion behind me. I watched the sun sink into another watery oblivion.

“So, you enjoyed yourself?”

I hadn’t noticed him step beside me. He didn’t look at me but looked at the sunset. “I might have.”

His palm glanced the small of my back then slid over my buttocks. “Nice dress.”

“You bought it,” I said.

“Are you ready to eat?”

“A little something would be nice,” I answered. I turned.

“A little something?”

I hesitated.

“We don’t have to eat,” he said.

“I didn’t mean that,” I stumbled. “I just meant—”

He tugged at the elbow of his suit, then guided me firmly by my own elbow. He guided me through evening mix of tourists, families and couples of the hotel lobby, to the elevator, and then we were alone, the floors counting quickly upwards. He let go of my elbow. His hand returned to my ass.

“Look,” I exhaled. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” The doors opened. He pushed me into the hallway. A minute later into the hotel room’s shower, still dressed. “Put your hands behind your back and get on your knees.” I gasped when he turned on the water, cold at first, then thankfully warm. He slid the shower door closed and left the bathroom. My hair ran in rivulets over my eyes and lips. Then a minute or two later the shower door opened. He was naked. He was erect. “Look up at me,” he said.

I did, eyes squinting in the fall of warm water.

“Open your mouth.” Then he touched the tip of his cock to my lips, tracing my lips. “Lick it and suck it.”

The water was warm. His cock was warm. He soaped himself as if I weren’t there; as if I meant nothing to him; as if the wetness at my thighs was only the shower. The soap stung my eyes while bursts of come suddenly filled my mouth. I coughed. I hadn’t expected his orgasm but swallowed. He paid no attention to me. He vigorously shampooed his hair, eyes closed, as the slowing spurts tickled the back of my throat. I sucked. I looked at him as if expecting praise or the next command.

He shook his head,

He widened his stance, leaned with one hand against the wall above me, held the back of my head with his other, and began to thrust. I wanted to hold his hips, to control his motion of his cock in my mouth, but twisted my fingers behind my back instead. Just when I began to complain, to give to muffled cries, he held himself hard against me, pressing his cock to the back of my throat, spurting, silencing me. I swallowed a second time and didn’t move until he shuddered, then slowly withdrew his cock from my mouth.

“I’m going to bed,” he said.


“You didn’t enjoy yourself?” Sienna asked.

I hesitated. “Yes,”

Sienna smiled and looked out over the blue ocean. We had driven to the opposite side of the island and now sat on the deck next to a bright blue restaurant—almost like a shack. We couldn’t see the waves or the shore, but could hear the intermittent and fall of waves. “Then?” she asked.

“It’s just not what I expected.”

“When is it ever?”

“God, I can’t help myself, I resent him.”


“I don’t know,” I blurted, then: “Because he thinks he’s too good for me.”

Sienna laughed out loud. “I think that’s true of both of you. Don’t you? You both think you’re too good for the other.”

“I resent him and resents me.”

“That, to me, is what makes sex exciting,” she answered dreamily. “That little bit of conflict. That resentment. When he humiliates you, when he forces your resentment of him into an orgasm. He enslaves you. You enslave him. He arrogantly says to you, when you are still on your knees, tits inflamed, cheeks pressed to the sheet: You see? That’s a woman’s place. What can you say? Now his come is inside you. Now you carry his arrogance inside like a confession wherever you go. I think a little of this is in almost every woman’s psyche. Don’t you? To admit with her orgasm that her beauty serves no other purpose than to be penetrated? Sex for a woman is so different. So delicious. I would never trade that experience to be a man. Even in the most loving relationship. Don’t you, when he penetrates, imagine the forbidden?—that you mustn’t?—that he forces you?—that the greatest pleasure is in both resisting and desiring the orgasm that is him inside you?”

“What made you like that?”

“Ha!” She smiled and nodded. ”Well then, since I am your protector and have vowed to hide nothing from you, I’ll tell you; and every sordid detail.

“My father used to have business dealings with a man who was younger than himself but several years older than me. I knew he looked at me, secretly when my father didn’t know, but he was always very arrogant and ridiculed my embarrassment. It aroused terrible feelings in me. Confused feelings. He was very handsome. I would imagine striking him. I would imagine humiliating him. The fantasies were frightening. I knew he was much larger and stronger than me, and that aroused me. Going to sleep at night I would imagining the consequences. I knew he would overpower me. But this is what brought me to orgasm. Desire in a woman is strange isn’t it? There were so many others about whom I could have fantasized, but this was the man for whom my body yearned.

“It wasn’t long after I had turned eighteen that he became completely unembarrassed.

“He caught me in a hallway one evening when I was in my pajamas. He smiled at me and I tried not to look at him. When I tried to walk past, he forced me, without touching me, to back against the hallway’s wall.

“I could have easily run. I could have raised my voice and called for my father.

“Why don’t you run? he asked.

“Why should I?

“Why should you? He smiled. His fingers pressed just above my pussy. I was frozen. Then his fingers moved upward, pressing my pajama top into my belly button, then he was pinching my nipple through my top. All I could do was roll my eyes and press my knees to together.

“My, haven’t you grown, he whispered. What a good girl you are.

“He squeezed my nipple until I almost groaned—such plain and such pleasure at the same time.

“Ripe as a Mango. I have a cock to make those little titties plump up—that tight little belly, girl. Would go plenty deep. What you want, isn’t it?

“I told him to fuck off, but of course he only smiled.

“He spun me round and held my face against the wall by the back of my neck. He was very strong and firm.

“Arch your ass.

“I told him no.

“Spread your legs.

“I told him no again.

“Then he struck me. You know—my ass. He was very rough and I almost screamed. He struck me again and I was terrified that my father would find us! Isn’t that strange? Of course, I didn’t want my father to find us. I didn’t want my father to interfere. I spread my legs and arched my back. At that moment he had made a slut out of me. He roughly yanked my pajamas down to my thighs.

“Good girl, he said. Obedient girl. Just comes natural doesn’t it? Born for cock.

“Then he touched me—the first time anyone had every touched my pussy or my clit.

“Little cunt, he hissed, do you know how hard you make me? I should slip it in you right now. Get you started. Make Daddy proud. Go ahead, he said, humiliating me, come girl, make your Daddy proud.

“Then he held his fingers to my lips and tongue. Here, he said. Lick. Show some gratitude. And of course I did. I licked orgasm from his fingers. And he said all kinds of things to me. He said he always knew I’d be a good submissive cunt. He knew from the first time he saw me.”

I wanted Sienna to tell me more, but she pretended to be exasperated. “Okay,” I said, “you want to know something terrible?”

“Of course.”

“I wish my first time had been like that.”

“You should wait until you hear the whole story. It isn’t full of happy endings. Desire can be a wonderful thing, and misunderstood.”

“I want more.”

“This is a new adventure for both of you.” Sienna laid her hand on mine. “How many days has it been? Be patient. I don’t think he was prepared to buy you, but I have a feeling he will make you very happy, perhaps in ways you least expect.”


But I wasn’t patient. The rest of the week was spent wandering Hawaii with Sienna or alone. Adamar returned in the evenings. Our mutual resentment increased until we hardly spoke to each other. Almost a week had gone by. He woke me late Saturday morning, returning late. He was unfastening his tie. “Get up,” he said. “Come here. Sit on the edge of the desk in front of the mirror.”


He turned. “Because I’m going to fuck you.”

“Is that all you want?”

“Just my money’s worth.”

“Your money’s worth?” I sat up. “So this is it? The rest of the year? Your money’s worth?”

“Isn’t that what you wanted?”


“Your worth in money?”

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t.

“Then what do you want?” he asked.

I stood up, wrapping a bed sheet around myself. “Something. Not this!”

“Then what!”

“Not this—” I glared at him. “Just—fucking.

“Get over here and get your pussy on the desk.” He turned, carefully placing his folded tie on the desk beside. “I’ve got an early morning.”

“I won’t be here.”


“Not here. Not with you. Not like this. This was a mistake.”

He almost leapt at me. He pushed me backwards so that I half tripped over the clutched blanket. “No.”


“No,” he said again; then, after a pause. “Because I own you.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do.” And for an instant I saw the glimmer of a smile. “And you know how I know.”


“Because you’re going to knock on my door, you’re going to beg me to let you in, you’re going to crawl to me on your knees, you’re going to apologize by sucking my cock, turn around, bend over, head down, ass up, and stay like that until your pussy is full of your owner’s come.”

“Fuck. You.”

He slipped the corner of the bedsheet out of my hand, letting it slip from my shoulder and over my hip. He took my breast in his mouth, pressing my back against the wall. I stiffened. He picked up his smart phone from the night stand next me. With his thumb pressing at my bottom lip and into my mouth, I heard Sienna’s voice answer. “Miss Banes, come to my room please.”

I waited, back against the wall.

Sienna knocked. Adamar let her in. She brought two black boxes which he took from her. He gestured to a seat. She wore a light dress, and sat almost demurely, tucking her dress under the crook of her knees. My safe-word said nothing but glanced at me with a sort of amusement. Adamar slid the lid of the smaller box upward and off. He set it on the glass desktop with the clack of cardboard. There were black handcuffs, a silken black rope, and something else I couldn’t see. I glanced at Sienna, but her own expression was inscrutable. Adamar opened the larger box.

“What are you going to do?” I said. “Are you going to spank me?”

“No,” he answered without turning.

I glanced at Sienna, then back at him. “Are you going to force me? Brute force? Can’t get your way?”


I pulled the loose sheet back to my neck. He put a harness on the table, a large cock and plug in the crotch. I had seen toys like these. My breathing grew as hollow as my heartbeat. “What are going to do with that?”

“I’m going to break you with these.”

I almost laughed. “Break me?”

“Yes.” He unscrewed the lid of a little jar, dipped too fingers into it, and smeared the jelly on the cock and butt plug.

I glanced at Sienna.

I glanced at him. I jumped for the bed as he approached me with the harness and the handcuffs. I stumbled in the sheets. He threw the harness on the bed. I scrambled to my hands and knees, tried to fall to the opposite side, and screamed when his grip closed around my ankle. He yanked me back. I kicked. Something like amusement creased the corners of his eyes before he flipped me over. I screamed again, into the mattress, when he climbed on top of me, pulled my arms and wrists back and bound them, wrists to elbows, behind me. Next was a gag.

Then both his knees were between mine, keeping my legs apart.

I screamed again, twisting and struggling to free myself, before I froze and arched, lifting myself off the bed, moaning, eyes rolling, as the dildo penetrated me. The jelled latex slid into me effortlessly. I screamed when the butt plug pressed next, panted, then groaned when these muscles were also penetrated. The dildo slid fully into me. I grunted. The cock’s crown was an indefinable nudge at the mouth of my womb. He fastened the harness around my waist, and lastly a leash and collar around my neck.

The mattress sprung upwards.

He stood behind me and tugged on the leash. When I didn’t respond the first time and pressed at the base of the dildo. I groaned frantically, spine curling, legs spreading to accommodate the dildo’s girth and length. When he tugged again I complained but gingerly and awkwardly lifted by ass in the air, knees under me. My eyes fluttered. The dildo’s new position nudged and reached new places inside me. I panted. Freezing. He tugged again. I complained feraly but backed off the bed and awkwardly stood. He pinched my nipple then slid the palm of his had down and over my penetrated abdomen.

That arrogant look. I hated it.

“You don’t own me,” I said.

I tugged at my leash, didn’t wait for me to move gracefully, but pulled me after him. I walked like a woman pierced by an impossibly long cock, back hooked, trying to accommodate my penetration with each step. He took me to the bedroom door and opened it. My eyes widened. I shook my head, complained, tugged against him when he pulled me into the hallway. I panicked. He stepped behind me, hands on my shoulders, and forced me to kneel in front of his door. I wanted to scream but I didn’t dare.

He fastened my ankles with the handcuffs. He fastened my leash to the doorknob. He knelt and whispered in my ear. “Just knock when you’re ready to apologize,” he said. “On the other hand, you could always cry for help.”

He toggled the dildo.

Vibrations trickled up my spine, trapped my clit, and buzzed in my thighs. He loosened my gag but didn’t remove it. Stood. Slipped the key card into the door and left me alone in the hallway. “Adamar!” I hissed.

I frantically looked both directions down the night-lit hallway, heart pounding.

“Adamar!” I whispered hoarsely, furiously.

My eyes rolled. The dildo twitched with a preliminary spasm. I hadn’t come in almost a week. I widened my knees trying to relieve the crown at my womb. The latex cock twitched again. I grunted. I lowered my chin almost to the floor, panting, collecting myself, but unable to escape the thing fucking me from behind.

I struggled to free my wrists. Only five or so rooms down the hallway, the elevator’s up arrow lighted. I panicked and the moment I panicked I groaned and arched. I didn’t dare to move.

I was going to come.

“Adamar!” I hissed again. “God damn it!”


The dark of my own blood beat in my ears. The elevator bell rang. I shuffled to the door. I knocked against it with my shoulder. Sienna opened the door to our Hotel Room. She smiled at my tears, knelt, and pushed my gag my throat. “Come in.” My owner sat by the hotel room window, cock erect, waiting for his acquisition to crawl to him, to apologize to him, to receive his come. The door remained open behind me and I remained leashed to the doorknob. “Have you come?” Sienna asked.


“You must always ask your owner’s permission to come,” she said. “Do you agree?


“Your owner, a successful investor, paid a considerable sum of money for you. Do you agree?”


“And inviting you to join him for dinners, allowing you generous freedoms while he worked, extending to you the courtesy of an allowance, fine clothes and other considerations has left you with the wrong impression as to your position and obligations—an unwarranted familiarity?”


“And you will never again address him by his first name but as Sir, Master or Mr. Trujillo. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” I sniffled, tears streaming.

“And you agree, young woman, that he purchased your cunt?”

My heart thudded. “Yes.”

“That he bought you for his own pleasure to enjoy at any time and or any given place?”

“Yes,” I cried. “Yes”

“And so you agree that he is your owner?”


“Very well.” Sienna untied my leash from the doorknob and mercifully let the door shut behind me. She returned gracefully to the baroque chair, knees together, skirt tucked underneath, hands folded in her lap. “Is there anything you would like to tell your owner, Mr Trujillo?”

Slowly, so as not to trigger my orgasm, I crawled to my owner. I bent over between, between his knees, and met his gaze. He casually stroked his cock. The stood. He went to the desk behind me. I didn’t turn, then inhaled with the sharp sting of leather struck my ass. He struck me ten times and I cried out sharply ten times before he returned the switch to the desk and sat again. “Miss Finnegan,” said Sienna, “is there something you’d like to tell your owner?”

I leaned forward, tongue licking the underside of my owner’s cock, then took his cock in his mouth. I sucked almost frantically, my gaze never leaving his. I licked. I sucked. Frantically. I took his balls into my mouth one after the other. I saw him glance at Sienna and nod.

“Does sucking his Mr. Trujillo’s cock bring you pleasure?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered, Mr. Trujillo’s cock still in my mouth.

“Then, if it brings you such pleasure, show Mr Trujillo. You have Mr Trujillo’s permission to orgasm.”

I did. I arched, lodging the head of my dildo against my cervix, locking my eyes with his. I came, Mr Trujillo’s cock in my mouth. My thighs dripped and the carpet under my knees grew wet.

“Is there anything else you’d like to tell Mr Trujillo?” asked Sienna.

I let go of his cock and turned around, spread my knees, lifted my cunt, and lowered my cheek to the dark blue carpet with its chervil patterning. He knelt behind me, undid the buckle holding my harness and place, and filled me with his own cock. I needn’t detail my cries, that I whined and panted, that I, girl bent over before Mr. Trujillo, came twice more and afterward licked him clean, my own cunt filled with his come.

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  1. Very, very nice!

    I really like the dynamic between the two of them and the power plays. It seems that for the moment Choi is broken and submissive to Adamar. I’m curious to see if she will remain that way or if something will change in the future. I’m also curious to see if the two of them will develop romantic feelings for one another during their year together and become a couple, once Choi’s year is up. Or if they will go their separate ways, at the end. Personally, i hope that they will remain together when the year is over.

    • Only for the moment. :) That would make for an awfully dull story if that little episode did her in. How boring if a woman always does what she’s told. That takes all the fun and joy out of a dominant /submissive relationship. She’s chastened, but maybe that’s what she secretly wanted from him? She didn’t do all this just to spend 365 days in the missionary position. They’re both figuring this out and I suspect Sienna was involved in this little episode. She’s not there just to be Choi’s safeword. A while back there was a minor kerfuffle over the whole idea of “breaking” a woman. A number of women, erotic writers among them, were outright offended by the whole notion. But, you know, it’s just an erotic conceit. Erotica is full of lies like these—lies we let ourselves belief because somewhere there’s a sexy truth behind them. There’s a reason why we tell so&so they need to get laid. In a sense, an orgasm tames us all. So, don’t worry. Adamar is upping his game, learning, and Choi will too. They’ll find their groove, which may be a little out of the groove.

      Oh, and romantic feelings? How can they not? They’re meant for each other, if only they recognize it.

    • Nice. It will be really interesting to see the two of them push each other’s buttons and relent to each other, for a time period, until the one that has relented, will start pushing back again and they will start a new power play.

      And it will be interesting to see the two of them get to know one another and to start developing feelings for one another. It will be interesting to see if they will recognize it and if they will act upon those feelings.

    • By the way, I should add that a woman doesn’t like a man who does everything he’s told. That’s boring too. Individuation is what keeps relationships alive. The little ways we endlessly surprise each other. :)

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