Monsterotica | the Bare-Back Impaler

A domesticated bare-back impaler. Observe it’s carefully chosen camouflage. Bare-back impalers, even among a species known for vanity, are exceedingly vain.

The bare-back impaler is among the most common of cephalopodic adaptations. This monster may be found in almost every household and is among the earliest recorded. It is also a rare example of domestication. The monster, like all members of the cephalopodic family, are masters of camouflage. The bare-back impaler is nearly indistinguishable from the common chair.

The hunting technique of the bare-back impaler relies on ambush—requiring little risk or expenditure of energy. It will identify and patiently wait for its victim sometimes for days or weeks. Being, among predators, the most psychologically astute, it’s preferred victims are young, introverts, or daydreamers. It’s preferred hunting grounds are school classrooms, beaches, libraries, Victorian sitting rooms, and anywhere a victim may be expected to sit for long periods of time without arousing suspicion.

Once the victim sits on the bare-back impaler, the predator will act quickly to force its victim’s submission. Among classrooms, the bare-back impaler’s favorite environment is the Catholic School. The plaid skirts of it’s victims provide quick and efficacious entry. Additionally, a favorite camouflage of the bare-back impaler is the classroom desk chair, the desk-like arm having the advantage of preventing a quick escape. The tentacle’s legs will instantly secure the victim’s ankle’s while the cephalopod’s “desk” arm will hold her hips and waist firmly against the seat-bottom. The bare-back impaler’s attack depends on the victim’s hesitance. She may not wish to disturb others. She may be too surprised. She may discretely but ineffectually try to free herself. The struggle will be short-lived, only lasting long enough for the skirt and thin white strip of panties to be skillfully tugged aside. Held firmly place, the impaling of the victim is usually swift and deep.

Signs include the sudden arching of the spin, the throwing back of the head, redness in the cheek, pronounced nipples, open mouths and the whites of the eyes. A young woman’s ankles may curl underneath her and she may grip the monster’s desk-like arm.

The bare-back impaler’s venomous aphrodesia is among the most fast acting in the monster kingdom. The fist injection, always deep in the woman’s womb, acts as a stimulant, relaxant and induces momentary amnesia. The victim may appear flushed, sexually excited, and on the verge of orgasm.

The peculiar effect of the nerve toxins in the bare-back impaler’s venom induce erotic distractions and daydreams. She may forget, induced by the momentary amnesia, that she

An exquisite domesticated diamond-back impaler. Observe the red plumage and how it typically and vainly displays its golden appendage.

has been impaled, and will assume that her daydreaming has aroused her. In this situation, an impaled student will masturbate. She will, of course, do so as discreetly as possible. She will both feel the presence of the impaler’s cock and, drugged by the venom, imagine it to be her imagination. She may slip fingers to her cunt and if she thinks she’s not being watched, pinch her tits to hasten the monster’s desired outcome—her orgasm. If masturbating isn’t discreet enough, the victim may simply squeeze her thighs together, unwittingly squeezing the monster’s appendage into the mouth of her womb.

The female’s orgasm trigger’s the cephalopod’s own autonomic response. In effect, the female’s orgasm will pump, or milk, the inseminate of the bare-back’s appendage directly into her womb. Signs may include the scraping of the “chair” against the floor, visible spasms, ached spines, lifted heels, gripping the “chair seat” and swollen and distended nipples typical of impregnation. She may pant and thereby risk detection, but the bare=back impaler’s attack will have succeeded. The creature will stealthily withdraw the appendage whereupon ample inseminate typically flows from the female and often drips to the floor between her feet.

If the bare-back impaler is inspected by this late stage, it will be indistinguishable from a normal desk-chair. The unsuspecting and impregnated victim may assume, with some embarrassment, that she momentarily ‘lost control’.

Nevertheless, and to the trained eye, these signs are unmistakable. The collector wishing to capture the bare-back impaler for purposes of domestication will easily procure the creature.

If you are lucky enough to procure the bare-back impaler, a few easy care and feeding guidelines will ensure a lifetime of companionship. The monster should be fed a fertile pussy at least three to four times a year. A delightful activity is to tie by rope or chain, depending on the personality of your bare-back impaler, a woman to the “chair”. Tie her wrists behind the creature’s chair back and her ankles to the creature’s chair legs. A properly domesticated bare-back impaler can be trained to slowly and exquisitely coerce a victim’s submission: the cries, the agonized contortions of the female body experiencing pleasure and the victim’s eventual pleas for orgasm. Unable to masturbate, the explosive and paralyzing force of the orgasm can build for hours, ensuring her impregnation..

Alternative, owners of these domesticated monsters have been known to consort with with carefully trained bare-back impalers. If you have procured a bare-back impaler, it may be possible via discrete inquiries to hire the services of a professional trainer.

A beautiful example of a domesticated Victorian Silver-Backed Impaler. This beautiful specimen is lovingly tended to by an owner who pampers it with period costumes.


  • The domesticated bare-back impaler may be “observed” in the  Hysterical Literature sessions. Due to privacy concerns, however, the producers of the videos continue to disclaim their collaboration with these monsters.

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  1. vanillamom

    Oh, you of creative and frightful mind, I’m …not squirming. No. Not at all. Why do you ask…???

    ooohhhh…oh…so naughty.



  2. Shy Commenter

    Gods, I had a moment not dissimilar to this in school when I was younger. It was mid-exam, and I have no clue what happened. Surprise orgasm! Was it stress? PMS? Who knows… But I’d like to think it was the Impaler.

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