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Some background on these stories seems in order.

These stories come from a slender, hand-written book called A Field Guide to Domestic Monsters and Their Copulatory Strategies. The studies in the book appear to have been begun in the late 19th century, were carried tcoccoonhrough into the mid 20th and compiled by one Herr Doktor Wilhelm von Crimsonius. After some research, it appears that an early attempt was made to publish these studies. The effort was met with considerable resistance within the scientific community as it was thought, given women’s timorous and delicate constitutions, publication of the studies might induce an ungovernable and mass hysteria.

Other voices treated such such concerns with cynical contempt, stating that the general populace had more for worry should women decide a domestic monster preferable to the insufferable vanities generally attendant upon their male counterparts.

Some in the scientific community opined that Herr Doktor Wilhelm von Crimsonius’s sole purpose in publicizing the field guide was little more than titillation and prurience. The Doktor forcibly objected stating that should a representative of the fairer sex care to acquire his work, he felt assured they would treat his scientific inquiries with the utmost discretion they deserved; and that no woman would ever descend into that moral turpitude and iniquity that was the inarguable demesne of mankind. Despite Doktor Wilhelm von Crimsonius unwavering faith in the moral probity and rectitude of womankind, publication of the Field Guide eluded him.

I present the translations here, at the Erotic Writer, purely in the spirit of scientific inquiry.

Signed, William Crimson

The Lesser Towelnabber

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The towelnabber may be divided into the greater and lesser towelnabber. The lesser towelnabber is related to the Cuttlefish—a member of the cephalopod family. Like the Cuttlefish, the towelnabber possesses ten arms. Unlike the Cuttlefish, the towelnabber has evolved a highly specialized webbing between its arms that allows it to camouflage itself as a bed sheet in the case of the the major towelnabber or as a bath or beach towel in the case of the lesser towelnabber.

The lesser towelnabber’s favored climates are warm and moist. They gravitate toward showers and bathrooms both for climate and the easily inseminated nudity of their prey. So highly specialized is the towelnabber’s ability to camouflage, it can imitate the patterns, coloring and even thread-count of any towel.

The towelnabber’s prefers to strike in the evening. Just as with it’s specialized ability to blend in with towels, the monster’s eggs have evolved to look and feel like soap—and at first glance and touch are virtually indistinguishable from a new bar of soap. The towelnabber’s eggs however, when exposed to water, release a slick, sudsy and slippery aphrodesiac. Mixed, in water and in the confines of a bathtub, the full measure of the potion’s effect are assured: an ever increasing arousal, wetness, and swelling of clit and nipples combined with a soporific warmth.

The effect is to prepare the female for insemination. The towelnabber, having camouflaged itself as the female’s towel, waits to enclose and entrap the female. Invariably, when the female encloses herself in the towelnabber, the monster will proceed to the next stage, more fully enveloping her and entrapping her with the powerful muscles of its arms. Because the female will have already rubbed the viscous aphrodisiac of the egg over her skin, thighs and breasts, her nervous system will be sensitized. As the towelnabber constricts and entraps the victim in the cocoon of its body, the female’s experience will be a kind of suffocating pleasure steadily approaching orgasm.

Note: While nature has devised nerve toxins, such as the bee sting, evolved to magnify pain sensations, the variety of domestic monsters cataloged in this field guide have conversely evolved specialized venoms that target pleasure sensors in the nerves and brain. What might normally cause discomfort, if not pain, excites pleasure in equal measure. One might expect such creatures would be capable of inflicting tremendous harm, and yet pursuing such a strategy would be fatally counterproductive given that a victim’s well-being is essential to their procreation. So successful is this evolutionary strategy that one finds documented cases of women who deliberately pursue, are willing victims, of these creatures.

It’s at this stage that the female will find herself hanging upside down commonly from a shower-curtain’s bar, fully immobilized, and cocooned in the plush warmth of the monster. It’s at this point that the monster will deposit the egg, the seeming bar of soap, between the female’s thighs. Because the arms of the towelnabber are unable to move independently, the monster relies on gravity to deposit the egg into the female’s womb. While the exposure to the Towelnabber’s aphrodisiac is considerable, this exposure is ameliorated by the relatively short duration of its effect.

This too is an evolutionary adaptation.

As the effects of the venom begin to wane, the female will become aware of her impending impregnation. She will struggle in the cocoon and by this means, in combination with the pull of gravity, the egg will slip down her thighs and eventually the round and narrower end will begin to settle into the notch of her pussy and simply under its own weight, her own viscous secretions, and slippery effusions of egg, part and begin to enter her. The process is one of stunned awareness and exquisite pleasure for the female. She struggles, twisting and swinging in the cocoon, to evade the egg’s inevitable descent, and in so doing brings to her envenomed nervous system greater and greater pleasure. When the egg is at its greatest width and stretches her to to the utmost, when just a centimeter more and the stretched lips will abruptly accept the egg and seal it inside her, the female pants and stiffly arches on the precipitous of an impending orgasm. Only a sharp shudder and acquiescent groan will signal the egg’s smooth glide into her body. She will spin and her back arch with each spasm and these powerful spasms aid the egg through her cervix and into her womb. Though normally this would produce great discomfort, the pleasure of this passage is said to be breathtaking. The usual sign that the egg has been finally seated in the female’s womb will be a sudden expression of milk from her breasts, some few drops before she’s still.

The lesser towelnabber generally prefers to incubate the egg inside the motionless female before releasing her in the morning, at which point the victim’s memory is often much curtailed by the effects of the nerve toxins. She may commonly awaken in bed, next to her bath towel, believing she has had an erotic, if disturbing, dream.


Though the process may sound horrific, the reader should be reminded that these are monsters.

In general however, the towelnabber’s copulation is said to be, among its kind, the most exquisite of erotic experiences.

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  1. Mic says:

    These are all excellent textbook approaches, but I’m afraid I really have to stand by my previous criticism. Without having real world examples of how easily unsuspecting victims are tricked by these nefarious critters, its obvious that nobody would take the threat seriously. We really do need to get a look at their work in their natural habitat. For science, of course.

    • willcrimson says:

      Yes, yes, for science, of course. Let me just translate three more of the Doktor’s choicest examples and then you can help me decide on which monster is most suitable for a dramatiza— er, “real world example in their natural habitat”.

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