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A very opportunistic feeder, the Venus Nipple Trap prefers to insinuate itself among women who favor indoor plants. Such environments are favorably warm, moist, and sunny. The Venus Nipple Trap is a beautiful, exceedingly rare, and highly specialized monster of the class Cepholapoda Erotica. Like a Cepholapod, the Venus Nipple Trap has eight arms that have evolved to appear like vines, tipped with suckers, themselves having the appearance of flowers. These monsters will patiently wait for a victim to expose her nipples. This often happens in the morning or evening: before getting dressed or shortly before bed.

If the victim’s nipples are visible and hang too close to the Venus Trap’s two reddish flowers, usually while unsuspectingly watering, the monster’s reddish flowers will abruptly enclose the female’s nipples and aureole. Millions of microscopic barbs, too small to feel individually, will attach the flowers to the nipples. The victim may reflexively attempt to the pull them off, only serving to firmly hook the barbs in the tender aureole and nipples, triggering the release of Venus Trap’s potent aphrodisiac. This venom is injected directly into the nipples by the barbs themselves.

Thereafter, the female victim, as her confusion increases, may continue to tug at the flowers. Her nipples will become swollen; along with the victim’s pleasure and confusion. As the volume of her breasts increases, her nipples will distend and be sucked into the throats of the flowers. She will be induced to bend over. She may support herself on the edge of a table or simply kneel on hands and knees over the monster’s pot. The victim will now be effectively envenomed and prepared for insemination. The specifically evolved venom flooding her breasts and body also targets the female’s clit, causing it to abnormally engorge, distend, and vulnerably protrude beyond its hood.

Once the clit has sufficiently distended, a third specifically evolved flower-like sucker will attach itself to clit in the same manner as the nipple traps. Now, the female is fully immobilized. Microscopic barbs will enclose the clit and suck the distended clit deeply into the flower’s throat, trapping it there and bathing it in a syrupy stimulant. The cephalopod will continue to draw both nipples and the clit into the throats of its suckers until the exquisite pleasure builds to a first orgasm. The female will instinctively spread her legs and arch, unwittingly exposing her pussy to penetration. Because insemination isn’t quick, the plant-like cephalopod has evolved a patient and involved strategy.

Petals will fall away from another specially evolved arm revealing a shape like that of a penis, though generally without the crown. The syrupy fluid that leaks from its tip and coats the phallic tip has the smell of a man’s semen. The female victim will instinctively lick the venom.

Finally, two stamen-like arms, thicker and longer than any of the others, will release their petals on the victim’s spine just before powerfully penetrating the female from behind. The penetration, of both orifices, is often quick and thoroughly deep. She will generally rise to her toes and her spine will acquire the shape of the sudden penetration. She may be expected to powerfully squirt or urinate as she orgasms. The victim may additionally begin to suck the stamen at her mouth, rather than lick. The penetration of her bowels serves to introduce and regulate a steady stream of aphrodisiac as her womb is prepared for inseminate.

Because of the plant-like cephalopod’s slow metabolism, the injection of inseminate usually takes up to twelve hours during which time the female’s own and frequent orgasms help squeeze the semen into her own womb. Once an egg has been implanted, the venom’s final effect is to addict the female for the duration of the impregnation. She will often suck at the cephalopod’s central stamen and ride it, squatting above it to inject the “high” of its venom directly into her womb—and so nourish the developing egg.

In general, the entire process is exquisitely pleasurable for the female.

Thereafter, the plant-like cephalopod will whither and begin its several year growing cycle once again.

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  1. Mic

    Great bit of world building here! The only shame is that there’s not an actual excerpt of the critter’s misadventures to give a more… practical demonstration.

  2. The account of the latter phase of plant reproduction is precise, though a bit floral for scientific publication. In defense, given the highly evolved bridge from plant to animal, the floral presentation strengthens the account.
    I wonder about the best situation for the plant in its early growing stage. I take it that the egg is delivered to a soil medium. How much exposure to the sun? Some information as to hardiness.
    Powerful reading.Sepals and stamens and pistons, oh my! I am green with ivy….no I meant envy.

    • Yes, you’re right. I happened to be at a favorite curio shop where I found this hand-written and hand-illustrated field guide to Domestic Monsters and Copulatory Strategies written by a Dr. Wilhelm Crimsonius. The carefully illustrated guide appears to from the early twentieth century. I was tempted to edit out some of the floral excess, but thought retaining it would communicate some of the flavor.

      As pertains to the The Venus Nipple Trap, there was some writing in the margins. I didn’t know how to include it. The margins indicate that at some point the female, by some undetermined mechanism, would be compelled to squat over a pot of soil and therein lay, or give birth to, an egg somewhat resembling a large avocado. But all that detail seems a little crass to me. The creature apparently prefers minimal sunlight and damp, sandy soil. A hardy creature which can remain dormant for years in adverse conditions.

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