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川柳 · 306

· all ····her braids undone—morning after a secret ········tryst · · Redbud | December 31 2016

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川柳 · 305

· our child sleeps this morning after a fitful  night— just one month old. My lover, wife, my child’s mother more erotic this morning than— I am in love. her … Continue reading

December 30, 2016 · 2 Comments

川柳 · 304

· A long drive home in a winter’s snowstorm. Her talking is as varied as the snow on the windshield. Her words collect and scatter.There are glimpses in the windows … Continue reading

December 29, 2016 · 1 Comment

Monsterotica | the Bare-Back Impaler

The bare-back impaler is among the most common of cephalopodic adaptations. This monster may be found in almost every household and is among the earliest recorded. It is also a … Continue reading

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川柳 · 303

· after- ····ward—she sleeps in the twisted ········bedsheets · ·Redbud | December 28 2016 · The featured image is by the artist Joixxx ·

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川柳 · 302

· Tights stretched between her ankles. Panties between her knees. She remains bent over the chair back, waiting for me to finish what I’ve started. I pour a glass of … Continue reading

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川柳 · 301

· my ····cock and her spine—the same ········curve · · Redbud | December 27 2016

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· as she ····pretends to sleep—sneaking my present ········inside her · · Redbud | December 25 2016

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川柳 · 299

· Nuh-uh, she says. Don’t move. Hands behind your back! She pokes. She prods. It feels big, she says. You sure I can’t unwrap this tonight? Stop! But you said … Continue reading

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川柳 · 298

· deciding if she should she makes the bed and the maple floor in sunlight shines where the moonlight turns the curtains blue as the little house she lives in … Continue reading

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