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  1. guinivere99 says:

    In a few words you have captured the panting abandon that accompanies not only make-up sex but any sex, really, when you can’t get enough of the person. Many of us women like to play the floosie and the image of the panties with ankles wantonly spread is about as floosie as it gets.
    You’re on a roll Will.

    • willcrimson says:

      Tanks Guin. :-) It ain’t easy. After 172, I’m almost feeling tapped out. Only a 194 to go. I just hope readers are enjoying these. I’ll keep trying to mix in stories as time permits. It gets easier as the days get short and kids go back to school.

    • guinivere99 says:

      When I said ‘many of us women like to play the floosie’ , what I should have said was ‘I like to’. Absolutely no research went into that outrageously sweeping statement. Not only that, but I was drawing on memory. Sadly, not much of the floosie in guinivere’s behaviour nowadays . So, an accurate statement would have read ‘many years ago I used to like to etc’. That’s not much good in an erotic writing site though, is it?
      Keep up the good work Will! I ‘ll envision you settling down to work on haiku 173 forward once the kids have been packed off to school. :-)

    • willcrimson says:

      :-) I knew what you meant. But I’ve also made comments I’d rather change. If you ever feel like pressing the redo button, just let me know and I’ll wipe the slate clean. This isn’t an archive, just a place to enjoy. And as for men, I can tell you that lots of us love our women to be a little floosie-ish, if not a lot. And no research behind that sweeping generalization, just a hunch.

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