Spooning (Matt’s Morning)

Spooning (Matt’s Morning)

The sun from the window falling on my eyes woke me into a red haze. God, what a set of dreams! I could barely remember the details, and what traces remained were already fading, but the intense eroticism still echoed through my foggy brain. It felt deep, animal-like. Eyes still closed, I took a deep breath and began to stretch from my position curled around Lyn. I froze, though, as two sensations hit me simultaneously. The first was the heady, strong scent of sex – Lyn’s and mine.  And no wonder, for the second sensation was the feeling of my hard cock embedded in my wife’s heavenly pussy. That explained the dreams, I thought, but how did we manage that in the middle of the night? Was it (lucky, fantastic) happenstance? Was it somehow her doing? Was I somnopulating?

Pretty quickly, I realized that I didn’t really care. There I was, wide-awake, already impaling my beautiful bride, who smelled so ready I was nearly drooling. I had to have her. Who am I kidding? I already had her. I wanted to… to take her. I thought back to the times I’d awakened to her straddling me, lifting up and lowering herself on my cock, me barely awake as I felt my orgasm overtake me and shoot into her. Now I could return the favor, if I did everything right.

It took a few minutes. I moved slowly and carefully, trying not to wake my Lynnie up. She’s not a light sleeper, but unless she’s really exhausted, the strangest things can disturb her. After getting rid of the light sheet that covered us, I moved my pillows in front of her, and slowly, carefully rolled her over onto her stomach. I held her close, both to keep me buried in her, and to make sure she didn’t fall suddenly and wake up. I moved my left knee between hers and pushed out, separating her legs as she settled on her stomach. At the last minute, I moved her left arm so it wouldn’t be trapped under her body, which might have become uncomfortable enough wake her up. I took my weight on my arms and knees so as not to press into her too much, constantly resisting the desire to start plowing her roughly and immediately. She stirred once or twice as I arranged her, and I stopped moving when she did, hoping she’d settle back down. Of course, if I failed and she woke up at any point, I’d just start screwing her anyway. But I now knew how I wanted this to go.

Finally we were there. Lyn, still sleeping, lay under me. The two scrunched up pillows under us raised her ass and already cock-filled pussy to me. Both my legs were between hers, knees apart, spreading her open. My knees, left elbow and left forearm supported my weight, with my hand insinuated between the mattress and her left breast (Lyn told me once that her left nipple always seemed a bit more sensitive than the right. I believe in equal opportunity, and like to pay attention to both her tasty orbs when I can, but when I have to choose one…). My right hand wormed between the pillows and her belly, fingers burrowed through her soft pubic hair, barely touching her mound. My chest kissed her upper back and my head was right above hers. I’d pulled her long dark tresses out of the way, so I could gaze at her beautiful, peaceful face in profile. The smell of sex had only increased though my preparations, and I’d felt the slipperiness of Lyn’s arousal along my shaft and groin as I moved her and touched her. She’d been mine from the moment I’d woken up, and now I was going to prove that in spades.

I started with my fingers, rubbing and teasing her gently. My left hand could do little where it was, except gently squeeze and knead her breast. I did get her nipple between the lengths of my index and middle finger, though, and gently began pinching it between them. My right teased the folds of her sex and her little button.

I flexed my hips so that my cock slid in and out of her fractionally. She was so tight, but also wetter and more slippery than usual. Maybe she had or was having some sexy dreams, too. Well, if not now, she never would. It didn’t take long before I felt her respond. Tiny movements in her hips pushed her back onto my cock and forward onto my fingers. A tiny whispery moan escaped her lips, but I’m pretty sure she was still asleep or mostly so.

I rubbed her hardening clit with my middle finger, sliding the index and fourth along her labia on either side of my slowly, shallowly pumping prick. Minutes drifted by and I reveled in the slippery tight feel of her around me, the little motions so clearly responding to my touches. Lyn’s movements and sounds both increased, so I upped my pace as well. Then, I felt her startle beneath me, and gasp. Her eyes opened wide.

That was my cue. I let my right hand go wild, stroking and circling and vibrating her clit with abandon. I groped her breast with my left, squeezing her nipple between my fingers. I drew my cock over half-way out of her and pressed it back home, pushing her down into my hands and the pillows, simultaneously lowering my mouth to her ear to start whispering to her, telling her to come for me.

And she did. She stiffened and shrieked as if stung. Then she shuddered, jerked, and grunted as the spasms wracked her. Her pussy squeezed me like a fist. God, how I love that feeling. Her eyes stayed open but unseeing through it all. I kept moving my fingers and hips slowly to keep her afloat, whispering to her, asking if it felt nice, telling her what a good girl she was, and that I had more for her.

She was till shaking from her come when I started in earnest. I didn’t want her to come down completely just yet. I moved my right hand from her pussy to the bed to help support me while I withdrew my cock most of the way, and spread my knees apart further, opening her legs more. Lyn’s half moaning/half cooing voice rose as if in question, only to end in a sharp grunt as I thrust into her.

I fell silent. For the next minute or so I fucked her, plain and simple. I was fast and unsubtle, humping into my lover’s sweet pussy as it still clenched and relaxed from her recent climax. Lyn’s voice rose again, ululating as I pistoned in and out of her. She was confused, still part asleep, partly orgasmic, and I didn’t let her get oriented. Her fine, round ass jiggled as I slapped into it repeatedly.

It felt fantastic. I wanted her so badly and she was mine. Knowing that I had given/was giving pleasure to her was just an incidental feel-good buzz to the pleasure I was taking from her – in her – now. I wanted still more, and I took it. I pushed hard off the bed with my hands, reared back and grabbed her hips. Keeping the momentum, I pulled her backward and up, never letting my cock slide more than part way out before slamming back in. I ended up kneeling between her widely splayed legs still buried to the hilt, with her upturned ass pulled against my abdomen and her chest and head still lying on the mattress, a dazed expression on her face, hair splayed wildly about her head.

Now, I pulled back with my hips and forward with my hands, then reversed, ramming into her almost savagely. The slap of her ass and thighs on my skin was impressively loud. The sensation was so good that I grunted low at the same time she squealed. Here we were in heaven now. I repeated, pulling us apart and slamming us together, hearing the same sounds and loving them. I’m no macho man, but right then I felt a more intense, self-aware rush utter of maleness than I recall ever feeling before. I was fucking my woman, the best lay on the planet, and no one on earth had anything to say about it.

I fucked Lyn. We’ve made love countless wonderful, deeply fulfilling times, of course. We’ve played sexy games that ended up in bed (or on the table, or car hood, or radio tower…). Only rarely have we just fucked. Like this. No, never quite like this before. At one point, I didn’t think I could or would have stopped for anything. The scents of our arousal, the sound of our slurping, smacking skin and our mingled animal voices (I never make noise during lovemaking) mesmerized me. My own roughness surprised and thrilled me – I shoved her on and off my cock as much as I drove my own body into hers. The feeling of her sliding up and down my shaft was incredible. Her sheath squeezed almost like it was trying to make me come more quickly to spare a prolonged assault. It just made me want to drive further and harder.

My orgasm started the base of my spine, rising through my body, and finally rocketing to my brain and penis at the same time. I barely had the presence of mind to slam her back into me and grind forward into her one last time before my muscles locked up. I remember a slight bump of contact; my cockhead at the end of her passage, then everything went white. I can’t remember any details, only impressions. There was sound – from both of us, I think. Repeating pressure and release. Consuming pleasure. Emptying. Love. Possession. Satisfaction. Power. Maybe even God.

Then, like coming down from an hour-long headrush I was back in myself. I opened my eyes (I hadn’t realized they were closed). Lyn looked back at me from the bed, breathing heavily. Her eyes were now clear and intense. With some effort, I released my grip from her elegantly curved hips. How I loved those hips. Now they had red marks where I’d held her. I sank back on my haunches, my finally dwindling prick sliding out of her red, swollen pussy, followed by copious amounts of our combined cum.

I exhaled, and sank sideways, back to where I’d been sleeping, trying not to land on Lyn’s right leg as I half-fell into place. I thought about reaching for a towel or something, but just couldn’t right now. Lyn rolled onto her left side and faced me. I suppose I looked about as roughed-up as she.



“Lynnie, I…”

“Shhh, Matt. I know,” she put her index finger to my lips. Her finger smelled like sex. Everything now smelled like sex. It was fantastic.

“What day is today?”

“Saturday, Matt”

“Thank God.”

Lyn threw her right leg over my left and snuggled in close, her head under my chin. I heard her breathing slow and deepen, and felt myself slide back into sleep.

– Monocle

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