Alter Egotism and Hot Summer Projects

Hi folks. It’s been ages since I’ve contributed anything of substance to this blog. It’s been an interesting couple years for me as an erotica writer. After my last major story Close Enough, I had reached, not so much a burnout, but a point of satisfaction with what I’ve done. I’d learned how to write both the easy and hard things, to a degree that scratched most of my itches. I still had stories I could tell, and boundaries I could push, and skin I could flay open, but I didn’t need to do it. So I stopped for a while.

Last year, I got a bit of an itch again, perusing porny Tumblr and finding people were using it as a venue for image-centered flash fiction. A lot of it was silly, or bad, or typical (I’m an unapologetic snob), but some of it twigged me, and I found myself spinning little tidbits in my head again, much like what started me writing flash back at the turn of the century – reading things I didn’t like, and a few things I did, and thinking I could/should write more things I liked. But I didn’t do it here, and I’ll tell you why. It’s because my writing alter-ego has a split personality. Monocle was my first writing pseudonym, and the one under which I wrote all my early stories through and beyond the start of this blog. Monocle is simpler, cruder, caring less about craft and storytelling than getting off – and you’re welcome and encouraged to come along for the ride. Raziel was created when this blog started, and represents a lot of me learning to write – a process I know I’m still at the beginning of. The harder, deeper, more introspective stories, the ones where characters are not simple vectors for sensational experience, those belong to Raziel, and Raz came to dominate my writing here on the blog, and I was and still am happy about that.

What that meant, however, was I felt that writing Monocle again was a step backward in ‘quality’ (as fraught  a word as one can ask for when writing erotic fiction), so I was reluctant to do it here. It’s taken over a year to reconcile that, and understand – and accept that really those two alter-egos are not ‘low’ quality vs. ‘high’, but simple vs. complex or, or porn vs. erotica (and ‘porn’ is not a pejorative in this case). I realized that for me, I was beginning to think of the former as Monocle stories and the latter as Raz stories. And now, recently, I understand that division is not one of linear evolution – one into the other – but parallel development. Both continue to exist in me, and, for the last year-plus Monocle rather than Raziel has been the one moved to put words on the page.

And I haven’t posted any of it here. I think, eventually, this summer, that will change. But also, I have another project in mind. A lot of my older stories – mostly Monocle stories – have been removed from the site and left with teasers for books that are no longer in print, and haven’t been for years. Whether the books will come back or not, for sale or for free download, is still up in the air. But, I think it’s just silly to have the stories remain unavailable. I’m going to go through my catalog and, over the coming weeks, repost those stories that I haven’t given exclusive license to other publishers. Since I’ve written for this blog both as Monocle and Raziel, and I’m beginning to think of those two alter egos in specific ways regarding my writing, I might change the authorship of them to what I think is more fitting to the aspect of the writing. That may seem a silly affectation, but, for now, it’s important to me.

Mixed in with those, I hope to post some new work – Monocle work that I’ve written over the last year, and, maybe, if the subject and challenge drives it, Raziel as well.

If all goes well, maybe I can make this summer a little hotter for us all.

– Monocle | Raz

Latest Comments

  1. willcrimson says:

    Redbud & William Crimson. They intermix. I’m not always sure about the results. There are the serious stories and then the stories that are fantastical erotic entertainment — tentacles, slave girls, BDSM, belief-defying paraphernalia.

    I ask myself the same questions Raz.

    Is this what I should be writing now? But all literary genres — fiction, science fiction, fantasy, biography, autobiography — are alike and unlike. Sex play isn’t always serious and perhaps erotica shouldn’t be either. We’re tempted to think that erotic realism is to erotic fantasy what literary fiction is to the fantasy genre. One is deep, the other entertainment.

    For me, the art is somewhere between.

    For you, it will be something a little different and I really look forward to being inspired by it — once again.

  2. Big Ed Magusson says:

    I’ve faced similar splits and challenges. My Dick Spears pen name is pure stroke material, which I certainly hope is higher quality than the average. Big Ed has moved more literary, and now that I’m writing a romance, I’m considering creating yet a third pen name. At least with the romance, I consider it to be of equal quality. I have trouble considering the stroke material that way.

    As for deep vs. entertainment, I think the combination of both serves art best. Few are going to read deep if it isn’t also entertaining. Few are going to re-read entertaining without depth. We’ll see how hard it is to create the mix.

  3. Mic says:

    New, unashamed Monocle stories? Awesome!



    return of Ghosting?

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