On Erotica – Emmanuelle de Maupassant Delves Deep

Raz here. The state of erotica has been in flux for much of the Internet Age. Reading, writing, publishing, creating, consuming, criticizing, selling, buying – all have been transformed by the no-longer-new media of e-book (indie and corporate) and online story site. How has that world shaped erotica itself, and those who write and read it – and vice versa?

Emmanuelle de Maupassant is trying to find out. She’s collating and distilling a survey of over 130 erotica writers and asking them… everything. And they are telling her. The entire series is worth a read, but I’ll link directly to a few particularly relevant to here.




Latest Comments

  1. Emmanuelle de Maupassant says:

    Thank you for bringing more eyes to this series Raz.
    The collated results are fascinating, and invite further debate.
    All comments and ongoing commentary welcome.

  2. Liras says:

    Oh great!! Thank you!

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