Book Two of the Daydreams & Distractions

It may look as though I’ve been idle, but I’ve been freshly editing, resorting and putting together Book Two of the Daydreams & Distractions. The EPUB version, with a navigable Table of Contents is now available at Patreon. You can read it now with a pledge of patronage or you can wait until all four books are, I hope, published at Smashwords. I won’t be submitting them until they are all ready, individually and as a single collection of well over a thousand pages.

Book Two

  1. Haiku

  2. The Thief

  3. Bristle

  4. Dear Mr. Editor

  5. Xtians Do It Best

  6. Pan

  7. Mr. Washmore™

  8. Tentacle Eats Woman

  9. Patty Cake

  10. Prize

  11. The Voyeur

  12. Wanted

  13. On the Deaths of Lovers

  14. The Casebook of Frank and Joe: Catch & Release

  15. Forcible Entry

  16. Girl Chaser

  17. Thanksgiving

  18. Sundress

  19. The Demon

  20. Little Red Riding Hood

  21. The 7 Stages of Foreplay

  22. Desert Island Gal

  23. Falling

  24. Lyra’s Near-Death Experience

  25. What I’d Do

But for one or two, I’ll be removing the stories from the Erotica Writer. To my many friends and frequent commenters, send me an email and I’ll forward the EPUB version to you. You only have to ask.

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  1. ElegantHunger

    That #5 is an exquisite masterpiece. By the end I was physically, emotionally, and mentally spent. I would venture to say that piece is a work of art. Blissfully beautiful.

    • Hi Cara, you’ve always been a wonderful reader and commenter. I’ll send you a copy of the EPUB edition. FYI though, both Book 2 and Book 1 can be read and downloaded at Patreon for a $10 pledge. That’s high for one book, but I’m aiming to get Book 3 up before the end of February, along with some new chapters to Alien Earth. I’ve been editing that as well.

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