I f*cked a Republican on Thanksgiving

Not written by me—in case it’s not blindingly obvious. Do women really think like this? I have gotten the sense, sometimes, that a woman’s criteria for choosing who and when to fuck is so far removed from a man’s my own experience as to be written in Proto-Elamite. The editorial, article, sort of erotic story, is so good I thought I’d share the link:

I f*cked a Republican on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all and any who celebrate the feast.


  1. To me her decision seemed to be more about self-abasement in some form than about actual fucking …

    (Nice touch that he came after about 15 seconds and “scurried” into the bathroom!)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, too!

  2. Excellent writing, I enjoyed her style and was thinking all along paragraph after paragraph (having spent a great many hours volunteering in political arena) about all the men I met and could have fucked. But what really came up for me was that if a man were writing this story it could read just as believable, except that it is the woman who would have scurried to bathroom.

    1. Glad you liked it as much as I did. If it were a man, the gender “spin” would probably be that the man just wants to screw “the enemy” (edit: though there’s an element of self-debasement to that too). Not “be screwed”, in a self-debasement sort of way. I’ve heard gay men talk like that though.

    2. Another thought: I’ve also been involved in activism and once got into a torch-the-bridges argument with a feminist. The two of us finally took the fight outside and — we started making out like there was no tomorrow. It ended in her room. Never forget that. So I do get that dynamic — how easily that tension turns into sexual tension, esp. when young. In our case, I don’t think either of us felt like we were debasing ourselves. I think we were just gob-smacked. Uh, you know, what just happened?

  3. Republicans love to say they don’t want big government intruding on their personal lives, their liberty, etc. But not so fast! When sex is involved they are all too happy to have the government step in and proclaim these things evil: Same sex relations, oral/anal, any act involving more than 1 woman & 1 man, and any position that isn’t missionary. Oh, and any kind of bangin’ outside of marriage is verboten. But, you know, the GOP believes in freedom. Cool story, guys.

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