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  • I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to write as much as I’d like. To my readers at Erotic Writer, I won’t make you wait a week for this one. Enjoy and be sure to comment. Don’t forget to support my writing at Patreon. Also, look for the 6th chapter of Forcible Entry tomorrow or the next day, to be released at Patreon first. We also may have another author joining us.

met-art_sg_221_17-500x609He lies on the bed, hands above him and bound at the wrists. His legs are open, ankle tied to the bed posts. An older woman, in the tight black cat-suit of a thief sits on the edge of the bed next to him. The youth is wearing boxer shorts and a long T-Shirt. His skinny legs and arms twitch. One of his own socks is stuffed in his mouth.

Aren’t you cute,” says the woman.

The youth struggles against the rope.

So young.” She smiles and stands. “You’ve got something we want.”

The boy tries to speak. The woman, one hand on her hip, glances at herself in the dark glass of the window, then turns to the dresser. “I wonder if it’s in here?” She opens the bottom drawer first, lifts carefully folded pants, looks under them. She opens the next drawer, slips her graceful fingers between neatly folded sweaters and button-downed shirts. She goes drawer by drawer until, at the very top, she finds a smart phone.

I could have looked here first, but maybe I was just a little curious. Back in my day, boys your age used to hide Playboys and Penthouses in drawers, under mattresses, in closets; but I suppose that’s outré nowadays. I wonder, though, if you keep secrets on your little toy.”

She returns to the youth on the bed and slips her hand up her boxer shorts. The youth’s eyes widen and his panicked complaints are muffled by the sock.

Sssh!” The woman brings a finger to her lips. “Do you want to wake up Mommy and Daddy? I haven’t even squeezed them yet. That wouldn’t be pretty. If I lean forward, will you whisper your password into my ear?”

The youth quickly nods. She leans forward, pucks out the sock from the boy’s mouth, listens, then puts it back in.

‘Good boy.” She types the password into smart phone. She quietly browses. “Could it be hiding in here?”

The youth groans.

Oh, so this is where you hide it all. Such a naughty boy; but you do like to watch girls get fucked, don’t you. Already. You just wait. All those schoolgirls? They’ll need cock just like the women in these videos. Don’t think so? Pretty little things? They’ll need cock. They’ll get on their hands and knees. They’ll lift their pussies. They’ll be obedient and submissive for as long it takes you to fill their cunts with come. They’re for you., little man.”

But I digress,” the woman puts down the smart phone. She goes back to the dresser. “Could it be in here?”

She goes to the closet. “In here?”

She looks under the bed. “No, not here.”

Then she returns to the bedside, lifts one knee over his hips, and straddles him. “I think I know where it’s hidden,” she smiles with a cat-like grin “They could have sent a man, but a woman can be so much gentler, persuasive, irresistible.” Her fingers alight at her pudenda. On the black, shiny catsuit is a zipper with a ring. She gently pulls it down, down between her thighs and back, reaching behind her. The fabric opens and opens the delicately shaved lips of her pussy–just a tuft of black hair at her pudenda.”

The youth’s eyes open wide. He powerfully tugs against the rope and complains.

Watch this, little man,” she says, and she holds the phone with one hand, facing him, and reaches behind her, holding his flaccid cock between her thighs with the other. The sounds of fucking chime from the phone. “I bet this is one of your favorites. A girl, your age, getting fucked from behind by a guy my age. Watch her. See how much she needs it? Why are you still a virgin? Why are you letting some old guy fuck your girls? Maybe they know something about those little angels that you don’t?”

Then the woman gives a quick, sharp, surprised exhalation. “I feel you!” She bites her lip. “You’re getting bigger.” She begins to breathe unevenly and her mouth opens. “You’re pushing! You’re getting bigger and bigger. Are you sure? I you get any bigger you’re not going to be a virgin anymore.” Then she inhales sharply, lets the phone slip to the mattress, and presses both her palms to his chest. The youth’s yes roll and he groans. Her bottom lips stays trapped between her teeth until her mouth abruptly opens. “Still growing? Oh, little man, when the rest of you catches up with your cock—“ She begins to rise and fall on the thing piercing her. “—there’s not going to be a schoolgirl in 50 miles without come in her belly.”

The youth’s eyes are tightly closed and his fingers are splayed.

How does it feel?” asks the woman as she rises and falls. “How does the inside of a woman feel? How long has it been? Since you were born? And now you’re back inside again and, oh God, my cunt is yours.”

Now she rises to the very tip and falls, then to the tip again, her movements sinuous and sensual. There are two small rings attached to zippers at her nipples. She unzips these as she rises and falls. “Look what your cock is doing to my nipples—a woman’s nipples. They’re ready for you. See? They belong to your cock now. Don’t you want to give them what they want? Look at her flat belly,” she says, “it’s yours. It belongs to your cock. Come in it.” Her rise and fall becomes quicker.

catsThe youth stares at her. He stiffens. He shakes his head frantically.

I can’t help it,” says the woman breathlessly. “It’s your cock. It’s making me! I have to!”

The youth’s back lifts off the bed. His head rolls back. He screams into the sock, then powerfully convulses inside the woman’s orgasm. She grinds against him, one hand digging into his abdomen, the other behind her again, cradling and squeezing his balls. He shudders a last time and then is still.

Does it feel that good to back inside a woman?” Then she smiles as if everything had been an act.

He doesn’t answer.

She sinuously climbs off him, zips his come inside her, then delicately zips the cat suit over her nipples. “All mine,” she says, “there are just some things a man can’t refuse a woman, can’t hide, that belong to her.”

She leans over him and licks his chin.

We know how to get it.” She undoes the rope at his wrists with a sharp tug.” Let that be your first lesson.”

When she leaves the dark room through the window, the youth doesn’t move. He stares at the ceiling. His cock twitches and come dribbles down its length, soaking his crotch and balls, and twitches once more, out of his control.

Redbud | November 14 2015

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    • I have tried, and so far failed, to write a scene where it is actually rape, i.e., the boy really really doesn’t want to be there and doesn’t like what she’s doing (no matter what her age)—in other words, the opposite of the standard, “Oh, boy, how awful to be ‘raped’ by a woman—bring it on!”

      On the other hand, as you’ve cleverly done in so many other tales, it’s not entirely clear—to me, at least—whether the boy is happy or unhappy at what’s being done to him. Or whether her parting shot leaves him terrified or hopeful.

    • Yeah, but that’s why I put “rape” in quotes. Shakespeare, by the way, got away with it. His Venus & Adonis is exactly that — Adonis raped by Venus (who doesn’t want to be there and doesn’t like what she’s doing). It was considered pretty near-pornographic in its own day. We know because students (Oxford?) liked to hide it under their beds.

  1. “We know because students (Oxford?) liked to hide it under their beds.”

    Heh. My spouse and I have watched every Morse episode, most of them more than once. We know about Oxford students. And the tutors and masters, of course, And all the other lowlifes in that murder capital of the UK, too.

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