• I f*cked a Republican on Thanksgiving

    Not written by me—in case it’s not blindingly obvious. Do women really think like this? I have gotten the sense, sometimes, that a woman’s criteria for choosing who and when to fuck is so far removed from a man’s my own experience as to be written in Proto-Elamite. The editorial, article, sort of erotic story,… Continue Reading

  • Unfinished Tales | Instinct

    It starts with basketball, at night,with a kid and dark-haired girl taking turns. It was cold. She wore a red vest and black tights. He wore black cargo pants and a green parka. His cargo pants were low-slung. They didn’t talk to each other. They took turns at the foul line. They didn’t look at… Continue Reading

  • Orgasm Face

    After exhaustive negotiations, a new writer is contributing to the Erotic Writer. I’ve been following her stories at her invite only blog (which she won’t reveal). She says she doesn’t write stories. Her life is her story. My advice: Don’t believe a word she says; but see what you think.  ~ William Crimson About a week… Continue Reading

  • Unfinished Tales | Theft

    I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to write as much as I’d like. To my readers at Erotic Writer, I won’t make you wait a week for this one. Enjoy and be sure to comment. Don’t forget to support my writing at Patreon. Also, look for the 6th chapter of Forcible Entry… Continue Reading

  • Smutty & Horrible

    · His manners were crass and deplorable And his language was smutty and horrible; ······But how could he wrong her? ······At two inches longer The stars that she saw were adorable. · · And that’s my opinion on that. ~ Redbud | November 13 2105

  • Unfinished Tales • The Wall

      March 24th 1914 My dear and esteemed Monseigneur Lamot, I write to you having witnessed the most peculiar episode. I will describe it. Some three days prior to writing this letter we reached one of the larger villages that was, perhaps, half a days journey, by foot, from my present location. After acquiring a… Continue Reading