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  • Since I’ve already written tentacle impregnation stories, I’m writing a little twist into this one. Detectives Frank and Joe, still investigating their last alien abduction, are confronted with a new one, not to mention The Case of the Catch & Release. The actual search terms are immediately below. If you want a PDF or EPUB version, visit Patreon. If you enjoy my stuff, give it a look.

Subject B

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Scene: The glow of the desk lamp casts a pale green light on the peeling paint of the station walls. A fluorescent light sputters above Detectives Joe Amot & the lanky Frank Costello. Across from them sits a young man and woman.

tumblr_lej6j0fZxk1qfetq0o1_500Frank: So you say you were giving her a ride.

Jud: Yes Sir. I picked Flo up right after Bingo at the Our Lord Jesus Christ Savior Son of God-Almighty Church.

Frank: And you say about 4 miles out of town you saw the light?

Jud: Me and Flo, both of us Sir. We both saw the light. The light just come over us—blinded us. Couldn’t see nothin’.

Joe: So you pulled over?

Jud: Yes Sir. We pulled over.

Frank: Then what did you do?

Jud: I got outta’ the truck to see what it was—

Frank: And Flo too?

Flo: Yes Sir, I did. I wasn’t gonna’ be no sittin’ duck bein’ in that pickup.

Joe: You didn’t get out just to stretch your legs?

Flo: No Sir. Soon we got out the light—somethin’ come over us. All sudden-like we floated right off the ground.

Frank: You said you were taken into a space ship?

Jud: Yes Sir. There was aliens—tentacle creatures. They had one eye and wore a helmet on their heads.

Joe: And that’s when they took off your clothes.

Flo: Oh no, Sir. We took off our own clothes, but it was like they made us. It was an alien force—like this alien force got into our heads—me and Jud’s—and made us take off your clothes. We had no control over it. None whatsoever, God as my witness, Sir. I’d never done it if my mind wasn’t took over. Daddy forbid I ever take off my clothes front of a man.

Frank: [Shaking his head.] So they alien mind-melded you? Jesus. Then what?

Joe: Yeah. [Joe yawns and starts tapping his pen.] Then what?

Jud: The inside of the spaceship was all metal, shiny—like stainless steel. There were tubes and hoses. It was like we were in an operating room but stuff was just floatin’—antigravity-like. There was two round sheets of metal, like silver platters, and they levitated us on top of them. And then there was this screen hangin’ mid-air—more like a holograph—and you could see us like it was an X-Ray. I could see Flo’s—Flo’s—Flo’s pussy and her tits—like it was the only thing I could see—

Flo: And I could see his—his cock and the X-Ray of it. And I just knew—

Jud: We both knew.

Flo: —they was gonna’ mate us. I could just feel it: That alien force was controllin’ me—

Jud: Both of us.

Flo: And it was like his cock was all I could see. Jud was tellin’em he couldn’t do this—

Jud: It wasn’t right. That’s what I said: ‘This ain’t right.’

Flo: —we wasn’t married. God don’t look kindly on it, I mean if you ain’t married. I could see Jud was fightin’em. One of them aliens wrapped its tentacles round his two ankles and then this big tentacle, all black, pink and wet like a big, ugly flower, pressed right up against his ass. I see Jud go all stiff. He’s beggin’em to stop. It ain’t called for. None of it. We ain’t married. And then he screams and I see that big tentacle-head disappear inside him and all that tentacle just keep pushin’ deeper and deeper inside. I can’t take my eyes from his cock ’cause it keeps twitchin’, standin’ straight up and gettin’ bigger and bigger—

Jud: It was inside me, your understand? I couldn’t help what it was doin’ to me. I never felt nothin’ like that before.

Frank: You were anally probed.

Jud: I was anal-probed; but don’t tell nobody. That stays here, between us right?

Frank: You know [Frank reaches across the table and puts his hand on Jud’s.] I’m just waitin’ for an Alien to probe one of these wall-street types, one of these god-damn ivory tower types. Mark my words. There won’t be nobody tellin’em it’s just in our heads. God damn aliens always anal-probing the salt of the earth—the heartland, red-blooded, God-fearing Americans.

Joe: Red-necks.

Frank: I heard that, Joe. Don’t you say that. I don’t know why it’s always the salt-of-the-earth gets probed; but I swear Jud: none of this conversation leaves this room. Second, we’re gonna’ get those sons-of-bitches.

Joe: Okay [Joe doodles in his notebook] this alien force takes over your willpower?

Flo: When Jud’s cock was getting’ bigger and bigger, another alien wrapped its tentacles round my knees and pulled them apart. Another one pulled my wrists together behind me so I was helpless. I couldn’t stop none of it. A fourth tentacle had this syringe and it squirted this stuff in me, I ain’t never been wet like that. And then they put these two suction tubes on my titties and made-em stand straight up. And then this fifth tentacle, just like the one in Jud, pressed against my ass—and I ain’t never had nothin’ there. I screamed; but soon as I screamed and tried to push it out, it went right inside. Then there was nothin’ I could do about it ‘xcept huff and puff. I could feel it goin’ deeper and deeper, curly-cuing all round inside me

Jud: That’s when they started movin’ us toward each other—

Flo: We tried to fight it, but that Alien force inside us (I never felt nothin’ like it) just drew us together. And I felt so sorry for Jud with his cock all hard like that. I mean: What were they doin’ to him? I just wanted that awful alien inside him to stop torturin’ him like that.

Jud: I couldn’t move or nothin’. They lowered her, holdin’ her legs apart, ankles back against her ass, hands behind her back, straight down on top of me. There wasn’t nothin’ we could do about it. I just went straight inside her.

Flo: He was so hard. I know they was hurtin’ him; and he was beggin’ not to come. I could see he was strugglin’ to resist but they just kept tortorin’ him and makin’ him harder and makin’ him go deeper and deeper inside me. He kept apologizin’ to me, sayin’ he couldn’t help it sayin’ there was some alien force inside him makin’ him do this.

Jud: That’s when Flo sort of fainted. I done everything I could to pull out but them alien forces was inside both of us.

Flo: They done somethin’ to me I never felt before. I was twitchin’ like crazy all in my pussy and all over. And I was screamin’ each time I got pinched by that twitchin’. It’s a good thing that Alien was holdin’ me; and then I saw Jud and he looked like he was gonna’ cry. I said to him: I said, Hon, there ain’t nothin’ you or me can do about it. Those aliens gonna’ breed me and might as well be you, Baby. Stop fightin’ it, hon.

Jud: I couldn’t help it. There wasn’t nothin’ I could do to stop it.

Flo: They made him. Go ahead, baby, I said; and then I saw that same twitchin’ come over him, like they was tortorin’ him too; and I could tell there was nothin’ he could do about it. What, with their tentacles deep up both our asses, we was like puppets on a string. Them aliens made us breed. I could see it all on that holograph they had floatin’ above us, like they was monitorin’ the whole thing. I could see that semen flow up out of his balls, through his penis, and straight into me, all glittery and comin’ out in spurts until I could see it like it was fillin’ up my womb.

Frank: Horrible. Just horrible.

Joe: [Joe sighed.] How long has it been since the alien abduction?

Flo: Five weeks. I’m five weeks pregnant. That’s how I know.

Frank: Any reason why Aliens would want to breed you? Did they try to communicate?

Flo: No Sir, soon as they were sure Jud was done, they sort of levitated us apart and floated us back down to the bed of the pickup truck.

[Five minutes later.]

Frank: Ya’ know Joe. God damn, Tentacles. Now why would they cross half the universe just to breed a couple like that.

Joe: Oh fer’Christ’s sake, Frank. You saw that girl. The hips and jugs on her? You really think it’d take Aliens from half a galaxy away to get her knocked up?

Frank: Half-a-galaxy Joe. Think of it. The intelligence to cross that kind of distance! To get a girl like that, pregnant. Salt-of-the-earth, Joe. Salt of the earth—a good Christian girl. God damn shame’s what it is.

Joe: Doesn’t it ever occur to you to be skeptical.

Frank: Skeptical? Skeptical’s my middle name, Joe. Why would the aliens pick her? Just to breed her? Nah. There’s more to this story than meets the eye, Joe. This is a pandemic. Every day another girl’s gettin’ knocked up. It ain’t right. How many more of our women are Aliens gonna’ breed? It’s Obama, Joe. It’s the borders to the universe. We gotta’ guard’em. Why it wouldn’t surprise me if the government’s got one of them tentacles locked up somewhere. I bet they’re breedin’ it with a good, decent girl. Area 51. Think about it.

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    • Thank you Wordwytch. Your comment was just what I needed. I’ve washed ashore one of those peculiar islands where I don’t want to think about or even write about sex. Happens periodically. Would have been inconceivable when I was 18. Could be business and the time of year too. :-)

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