Patreon: The Collected Hitwoman

  • I’m currently working on The Collected Hitwoman—a collection of 190 proof erotic stories that won’t be appearing on The Erotic Writer; but will be available to patrons, free to readers who frequently comment and to any fellow erotic blogger (we all cook in the same kitchen) via the Crimsonian. I’ll be posting the stories to Crimsonian & Patreon for the next several days. By the week following, I plan to publish the Collected Hitwoman for my friends and Patrons.

tumblr_mh3fxczwbN1s3t6jdo1_500Preface to The Collected Hitwoman

The common theme of this collection is the objectification, subjugation and non-consensual impregnation of uppity women in a society ruled by Mormons. In short, this collection is a gift to any self-respecting empowerment-feminist eager to build their career on a bottomless goldmine of disgust and outrage. Surely, examining how a civilized society could produce erotica like this is grist for a lifetime of contempt and close-reading. But if your goal isn’t tenure, then the sole reason to recommend this collection is unbridled erotic entertainment. They offer nothing else. Be warned though: They are, in a sense, the Everclear of erotica. The stories are 190 proof. Anything beyond that and blindness is assured. Read and enjoy at your own risk and only if non-consensual impregnation titillates your fancy.

Latest Comments

  1. Mic says:

    Hello Will! I noticed that the password to this is different from the Obsidian Lens (I suppose that would make since, given that OL was more Monocle’s work). As a longtime fan of the series, however, I was wondering if there is a form for requesting the password?

    • willcrimson says:

      Hey Mic, a lot of reorganizing going on. Yes, the password is different. Didn’t make sense to keep my stuff at OL. Having to pester Raziel every time someone wanted to read my stories — that shouldn’t be Raziel’s job.

      You’re exactly the kind of reader from whom I’d love patronage, but I do get not wanting to spend money. That’s why I give readers an out — comments. Reader response makes me a better writer. As for me, there are other artists at Patreon I’d love to patronize. Problem is, supporting them would be like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Artists don’t need each other’s support. So to avoid being a hypocrite I offer my stories to other erotic artists, bloggers and writers for free.

      But here’s the gist of it, and I’m writing this whole response not just for you but for every reader dropping by. Working on “The Collected Hitwoman” is deliberate. I know a lot of reader’s like the stories. It’s a carrot. Even just 1 patron has motivated me. I want that patron to continue his subscription and so I’m producing work to keep him there. As all communist regimes discover (even North Korea apparently), expecting workers to work for nothing gets you nothing. Give workers a reward for their labor and the wealth of all increases. My own response to my 1 patron is an example. The Collected Hitwoman is partly for him.

      So: I want to write full time and to do that my writing has to support me. (I’ve got a full-time job and a family besides.) If my stories aren’t good enough, then I should probably stop writing them; but I think they’re unique, reader’s enjoy them, and I ought to try. :-)

    • Mic says:

      Will, you missed your calling in sales. Please don’t let my refusal discourage you, your pitch was fantastic.

    • willcrimson says:

      I would agree with you if I’d actually persuaded you; but I leave your stoop with my vacuum cleaner.

  2. Cara Thereon says:

    So if we don’t comment often enough and would be okay buying, what is the course of action? I read when I can but don’t always comment

    • willcrimson says:

      Hi Cara, it might surprise you but I consider you a friend, a frequent commenter, and you’re an erotic blogger. If you’d like to subscribe at Patreon, I’d be thrilled, if not, just tell me what you’d like to read and I’ll send it. I’m also sending you the password to the Crimsonian. :-)

    • Cara Thereon says:

      I am surprised! Haha. I really really love your work so I’d be overjoyed to have access.

  3. Liras says:

    Hmm. Interesting. I like it. Good writing, like good food, has a cost.

    “Looking for my wallet…”


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