Patreon: The Leash

tumblr_m0n05vhy5p1qbmu5to1_1280…he’s pushed her head against the wall. She tries to speak, then looks like she might scream before her eyebrows knot. She rises to her toes. His free hand has lifted the front of her skirt and works between her opening legs…

As of today, and as promised, I’ll be publishing my stories at Patreon first. If you pledge a dollar to support my writing, you can read it now. If you’d rather not, then all short stories will be posted at Erotic Writer a week after appearing at Patreon. Readers who frequently comment may request the story in advance. I’ve also created a Patreon Page Erotica Writer. You can see what I’ve published at Patreon and when it will be available at Erotica Writer. ~ Will Crimson

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