• Feline is another collaboration with Sierra Ashura of Sierra’s Blur. I asked her what she’d like to illustrate — what tickled her fancy—and she described something a bit passionate: blindfolds, silk, ice cubes, light shibari. Then she added: “Human with ears, tail and whiskers. A lazy afternoon day, much like a cat would experience.”



tumblr_nvyxxkKjwj1rkufdwo1_1280Hentai. A Japanese word hose original meaning was transformation or metamorphosis. Beyond Japan, and in English, the word subsumes a world of explicit and erotic anime and manga. But it’s the ancient meaning, transformation and metamorphosis that I think about—like Ovid’s Metamorphosis, tales of change and transformation.

I metamorphose. I wonder what it would be like. I transform as I come home to you. I shed my clothes and take my feline shape. My toes become paws, sharp-clawed, but not the arch and heel of my feet. They remain human. There are tufts of fur behind my Achilles heels. I take off my canvass carpenter pants and shorts. My cock and balls swing under a mat of fur. I take off my shirt, unbuttoning from neck to the fine fur of my abdomen, and toss it aside. My fingernails are sharp. My ears are a cat’s. My tail swings as I walk. My whiskers gleam in the sun. My nose twitches and is black. A mien of fur, of the male, is thick at my cheeks, behind my ears and the back of my neck. My pupils are slits. My teeth are sharp and my fur doesn’t cover my nipples—or yours.

I find you sunbathing in the back yard.

You have no mien, Your fur is softer, finer, and more inviting than mine. Female. You wear a bikini. Your fur is tan with black stripes that radiate from your spine and glorify your hips. But you wear a bikini. There are Tomcats prowling and a girl can’t be too careful—or me (to whom you belong). But Tomcats are wily.

Tomcats sing to the moon and the moon sings back.

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