• Halloween Treats

    Out today – an old, old story exhumed, edited, and even improved in the revivification, sewn horrifically into the latest monstrous creation of Rose Caraway, the Sexy Librarian. Amazon Libidinous Zombie, with Monocle’s “Spell Failure” Edited by Rose Caraway, Stupid Fish ( October, 2015) This book is erotic. This book is horrifying. This book is cunning. This book is… Continue Reading

  • A new drink’s in town…

    Can’t knock’em dead with comedy? Then knock’em up unconsciously. A new drink’s in town And it’s making the rounds; Just ask for a pint of Bill Cosby. • And that’s my opinion on that. ~ Will Crimson | Oct. 27th 2015

  • An Email Exchange on Writing ‘Taboo’ Erotica

    I’ve been having an interesting email exchange with an individual who’d like to commission an erotic story. I’ve been forced to explain some of my own practice in writing erotica and thought that other readers and writers might enjoy and have their own ideas and experiences. I haven’t included the correspondent’s comments for privacy. Mine… Continue Reading

  • Tentacle Stats • Impregnation

    Since I’ve already written tentacle impregnation stories, I’m writing a little twist into this one. Detectives Frank and Joe, still investigating their last alien abduction, are confronted with a new one, not to mention The Case of the Catch & Release. The actual search terms are immediately below. If you want a PDF or EPUB… Continue Reading

  • Unfinished Tales

    The Leash Music plays in the background. Men in women, in black formal attire, mingle and sip from wine glasses. There’s oak paneling, a Persian rug almost the size of the room, and a table set for dinner.  A startling brunette, long-legged and wearing pearls and a tight one-piece evening dress emerges from a bathroom.… Continue Reading