Venus at Midnight

venus at midnight

Just before midnight I found her. She’d been
hanging out at the campfire earlier. She was
eighteen. There were other girls, older and
mostly still by the fire. The men were in their
early and late twenties. A joint had been passed
around. I’d gone into the woods with a bottle of
beer. Walking by one of the tents I heard the
hissing of nylon, the telltale staccato of one pelvis
demanding release from another. The girl, when
I found her, was further along where the firelight
didn’t reach, only islands of moonlight sprinkled
through the alder, ash and hemlock. I heard her
before I saw them—the girl and five men
hunched, feet planted, standing, kneeling,
beneath, and surrounding her like animals. But
this wasn’t the ordinary mix. The men were
friends—climbers, hikers, cyclists, outdoorsmen
—fit, muscular and beautiful. I saw the constant
motion of an arm, the broad shoulders of
another, the thick legs of a third—powerfully
flexing—the staggered midriff of a fourth and
buttocks of the fifth, balls hanging and swinging
as he fucked her. They were like wolves. I saw the
girl, heels lifted, arches rounded, toes half under
soil and leaves. Her knees were straight. Her
legs, in the midst of theirs, were wider and
narrower. She was bent over. The inflection of
her spine, the receptive uplift of her sex, the
wider spread of her legs signaled a woman being
fucked from behind. The men manipulated her.

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  • Another short work. This is all I have time for and I apologize for that; but please continue reading this at Patreon. It’s free. And I have a new patron! Comment here or there, if you like; and tell me what you think. The image above is the only one I could find that seemed to capture some part of the woman I was imagining.

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  1. Delicious, and the remainder even more so. Who doesn’t like a (consensual) gangbang, even if it’s not immediately evident who “won”?

    I was distracted a little by what the narrator heard as he walked past one tent. My first thought was, who wears nylons on a camping trip, but I guess it could have been two cyclists still partially costumed.

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