Erotica by Will Crimson

I have spilled wine—
colors and fragments.
when you are
a cunt (don’t think
I don’t know) I think
of the wine. the label,
printed 1882,
with the blood-red stains.
I keep the label—
Château Pichon Longueville Baron.
you haven’t been there?
Guilbaut was a covetous
man. he noted the wine.
should I make
comparisons?—a woman like you?
I beheaded the bottle,
spilled the succor—rather
than a man taste
besides myself. I don’t
keep toys. you,
cunt in full bloom,
the grape of your tits,
the liquor of your thighs
thick and conniving. I’ll rend
the seal before
you tempt another man; I’ll foul
millicent_1b82d7the bottle;
spill my jealousy in your
cunt and anus—
stain, debase, and violate
you with the cock of it. Do you
scream? Does the tongue
break from your mouth as though
I strangled you, cock
in cunt—from behind?—or when I cleave
your thighs?
Pity man. I leave
stained and mine—and not
Pity Bluebeard.
We break the things we love.

  • Don’t know how successful this is. Another post inspired by my back & forth with Rouged. This was inspired by Superficial Innocence. The idea that got me was of the woman who goads her lover by tempting other men. The tale of Bluebeard continues to fascinate me.

Will Crimson • August 27 2015

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  1. rougedmount

    you make me need to write. words triggering a response i am incapable of stopping. haunting my thoughts until i write them to release their power over me.

  2. vanillamom

    It’s rough and real and heady and very, very visual. I feel his frustration, the simmering of jealousy/rage/need…said so tautly. This is a very “feeling” piece, and very sexual (but what I mostly felt wasn’t the sex, but the need..)


  3. stephaniesubmits

    We break the things we love. Damn. This makes me feel conflicted, which to me is a hallmark of great writing. I just had to read this after reading your “Bluebeard.” Thanks for the head-trip :)

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