• Route 66

    You’ll find there’s not a better place, My girl. Let’s just undo your lace Unbutton and unzip. Turn round, Bend over, lightly touch the ground. Our reputation’s not so good But, knowing you, that’s understood. Hold still, you’ll feel a little prick— And squirt. As always, we’ll be quick. But a gal’s got reason to… Continue Reading

  • Pity

    Pity Erotica by Will Crimson I have spilled wine— colors and fragments. when you are a cunt (don’t think I don’t know) I think of the wine. the label, printed 1882, with the blood-red stains. I keep the label— Château Pichon Longueville Baron. you haven’t been there? Guilbaut was a covetous man. he noted the… Continue Reading

  • The Fun House: Switched

    The Fun House: Switched by William Crimson The Second Story of the Fun House “What the hell?” “I need a drink.” The screen door slams behind her. She goes to the refrigerator. “Are you mental?” Ted asks. “Where’s Rhet? If he fuckin’ knows you’re here—” “Shut up, Ted,” Sheila answers. “You always were a coward.”… Continue Reading

  • The Fun House: Masquerade

    The Fun House: Masquerade by William Crimson The Fun House stories are among the first erotic stories I posted on the web. I had begun this as a series before striking up with Raziel. Of all the stories I’ve written, these are possibly the most popular. “The Birth of Succubus”, a later story in this… Continue Reading

  • Rain

    Rain by William Crimson I’ve lost my connection to the world—no Internet. All I have are hotspots for the next week. If you comment, I won’t know it until I find another hotspot. So I wrote this in a café as quick as I could — 20 minutes. It’s inspired by Rougedmount, but is really… Continue Reading

  • Professional Woman

    Professional Woman You are, today, in your business suit, knee-length skirt, black suit-top and white pearl necklace, professional. You are, with folders under one arm and the tight snap of your hips, authoritative. So, it must have come as a shock when I, meeting you in the hallway, stop you. You are, without a doubt,… Continue Reading