beautiful and charming

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…[we placed a long gilt-framed mirror] on chairs alongside our divan and [we] lay there naked in each other’s arms, so that we could see what we looked like when we made love; we had read that the spectacle was ludicrous and ugly—but we saw that that was a lie, for the spectacle was beautiful and charming.

MillayFloyd Dell describes lovemaking with the young Edna St. Vincent Millay circa 1918



And if I loved you Wednesday
···Well, what is that to you?
I do not love you Thursday—
···So much is true.

And why you come complaining
···Is more than I can see.
I loved you Wednesday,—yes—but what
···Is that to me?



Edna St. Vincent Millay
Written by Millay in the midst of her tryst with Dell

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  1. vanillamom says:

    sounds like a young woman who knew her own mind very well. :D

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