Putting in the Seed

Putting in the Seed
A quickie by Redbud

tumblr_lx23pz4zPZ1r588t9o1_500 (1)This isn’t where you meant to be. Me, behind you; you, ass in the air; knees muddying the sheets. Your shorts are over your ass—just—far enough. You’re trying to get up. You sound vexed. I shove your head down. No! You utter little snarls. I jab the heel of my hand between your shoulders. Down! I grip your neck and hair. Stay! You grunt in time with my hips’ collisions. You hit the mattress with your fists. You inhale hoarsely. Did I go deep? No. Get your ass up. Why don’t you say ‘no’? Why don’t you tell me to stop? Are you my little bitch? You belong like this. Your knees stay wide. Your curling spine gives me your pussy. Your head’s back in the garden, but the rest of you knows why you’re here. You’re my beautiful obscenity. And why is that? You know what you’re ass does to me? Seeing it in the kitchen? Seeing it on the stairs? Seeing you bent over in the garden? Your ass—every woman’s—says ‘fuck me’. So here you are, mid-afternoon, back on your bed, with a wide blue sky outside. Now you’re one long growl. Getting it from behind. Little punctuated growls. They’re getting louder. Getting higher. Can you hear yourself? You sound like a woman. Came in to pee. And the piss wasn’t dry before I shoved it inside. Out of the bathroom. Into the bedroom. Just like that. Here you are. White sheets. The hem of your jean shorts just under your cunt. My cock stuck in it. Tits back and forth. The shadows of the window on your back. Fingers grabbing at anything. And there you go. That’s it. One quick suck of air. Surprise. Don’t move. I got your neck in my fist. I got your face in the sheets. I got your ass in the air and your cunt’s squeezing and squeezing my cock. Can’t help it: like how your spine twists and curls. All the fight’s gone out of you. I take my time. You’re a good woman now. You’re ass stays high. Your head stays down. You’re drooling. All my come emptying into that perfect, divine cunt in the middle of that perfect and divine ass. There. Perfection. Filling you. Filling you. And fuck, filling you. And before I go—a streak for your lips and face. Good girl. Lick it. Still with your ass in the air? Good girl. Don’t spill it. Let it sink in. Take your time. I’ll be—outside.

July 8th 2015: Will Crimson

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