• byü-ti-fəl

    byü-ti-fəl erotica by William Crimson This story may remind readers of Raziel; and that’s deliberate.  Something a little darker. As with many of my stories, lately, I ask questions. Remember that these stories aren’t meant to mirror the truth, but to ask questions—to which I don’t know the answer—in the guise of an erotic fable.… Continue Reading

  • beautiful and charming

    …[we placed a long gilt-framed mirror] on chairs alongside our divan and [we] lay there naked in each other’s arms, so that we could see what we looked like when we made love; we had read that the spectacle was ludicrous and ugly—but we saw that that was a lie, for the spectacle was beautiful… Continue Reading

  • You, Succubus

    You, Succubus Erotica by William Crimson Inspired  by Rougedmount’s post Wet Dreams. It wasn’t s’posed to be this long, but once I get started I can’t help myself. For the women reading this, a glimpse into the male erotic psyche, and many questions for you. There’s also a passage directly inspired by Pussy Talk “In… Continue Reading

  • Tentacle’s Terribly Long Day

    Tentacle’s Terribly Long Day This story has been waiting for a while — Kate Armstrong and I have been fussing over it between work and life (two different things). The story originated as a commission from Kate — a plot, the characters and their appearance. Soon as I found out what a wonderful artist she… Continue Reading

  • Putting in the Seed

    Putting in the Seed A quickie by Redbud This isn’t where you meant to be. Me, behind you; you, ass in the air; knees muddying the sheets. Your shorts are over your ass—just—far enough. You’re trying to get up. You sound vexed. I shove your head down. No! You utter little snarls. I jab the… Continue Reading