by Will Crimson

it’s how I describe it.
it’s when
you’re in my lap, your back
turned to me,
and my
cock is the curve of your spine.


tumblr_mmaa0rjJFj1r8bs07o1_500it’s when I take you
by surprise,
and every
is a shock; and your
orgasm stuns and confounds you.


it’s when I thrust
a last time
and force you—hold still,
the way your nipples burst as if too much
filled you.


  1. oh…such powerfully erotic images in such spare wording. Made all the more intense by that pic, too. Nice job my friend!


    1. Still a little left for April Poetry Month. I wrote this as part of the D&D rewrite. An image (not the one included) inspired me. The woman was being held just the same though, and her nipples looked like they were going to pop. Loved it. =)

  2. Once more another powerful piece from you. The way you write and word your pieces, ensnare me with each piece is magnificent. It is like a spell or an intricate web of seduction! Great work!

  3. I like the nipple imagery, so very close to the teak world. In fact I find the word-image composition here extremely erotic as a whole.

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