tumblr_msgm2mVbkS1s1gbk8o1_500the way he orders you
to your knees
to lick, make slick
and slippery with your own mouth

the same cock
that will penetrate you
from behind on the glide of your own spit
as if it were

your own
tongue in your cunt
breaking you for and before the plunge of his own

Will Crimson: April 10 2015


  1. Well..well..well…uhm…wow…and again in my speechless stupor…wow.
    To say this was incredibly incredible. ..the words… they Stir me… ignite me… make me burn…

    To say ‘good’ is not good enough.

    So. Well. Done.

    How shall I ever sleep tonight in my o-less state?

    1. Good morning, Nilla! :-) Well, you know, I’m trying to write a poem a day for April.

      There’s always something so erotic, to me, the way a woman gets a cock ready for her own “undoing” — if you think of that way. Very visceral.

  2. Oh, all the ways this is moving. Dark, Mysterious, wanting and yet yearning. The vibrant emotions you write are enchanting a lovers spell… or curse.

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