Lashma’s First Erotic Tale

Lashma’s First Erotic Tale
by Will Crimson

  • As of today, March 3rd, I’ve completely rewritten this fable. It now makes explicit the symbolism of Lashma’s first tale. Be sure and tell me what you think. For a first story, I think it does exactly what I’d like it to do. And to my readers: I’d like to write more of these. If you think of a question the Suzerain should ask Lashma, or an erotic idea, email me or comment and if I like it she’ll make a tale out of it. Tell me the story of…

tumblr_mc5l3jx3Po1radjano1_1280“Tell us, Lashma, what is an erotic tale?” asked the Suzerain Majaar.

The slave girl bowed, head touching the carpeted floor of the desert tent. Behind her stood the Suzerian’s loyal slave master, a tall African tribesman who wore nothing but a gold chain round his waist, cock and balls. The tip of his giant prick, upright and looming over the diminutive and kneeling slave. A gold chain and golden pearl hung from the tip of his cock, like a golden drop. The slave girl, wore nothing but an assuit belt, with nothing to conceal her sacred entry, and a bra which covered all but her nipples. Like the slave master, a golden chain with a golden pearl hung from both her nipples and the hidden pearl between her thighs. If her tales did not please the Suzerain, the slave master’s fearsome spear would surely pierce her.

“The daughter of Kahliq was fierce, wild and warlike,” began the slave girl, “and the great Suzerian Majaar desired her. The Suzerain demanded her fealty but  she would not submit. By his desire he must prove himself. Thereupon, the Suzerian lay siege and did not desist until he had overcome the many errors and obstacles impeding his desire.
When the daughter of Kahliq was brought before him, her wildness caused him to fall in love with her. The daughter of Kahliq asked that he spare her, for her father was of the Sun and her mother was the earth, and if he imprisoned her, and if she could not feel the sun on her brow and the earth beneath, her sorrow would consume her. If he spared her, she promised, she never close her legs to him. Thereupon my Lord ordered that she never be imprisoned.”

“Yet I am not yet yours,” warned the wild daughter of Kahliq, “and neither are my many brothers and sisters.”
“Then,” said my Lord, the Suzerain, “through your mouth I shall make them mine.”
Thereupon, the Suzerain gave notice that he would summon the wild daughter of Kahliq in seven days and she would open her legs to him. Swiftly did my delighted Lord, the Suzerain, work. He ordered his twenty most skillful carpenters and blacksmiths to build a platform. Beneath this platform was a measure of white sand. On the platform was another, also made of teak, on which the daughter of Kahliq would open her legs to my Lord. On both sides of the platform my Lord commanded the blacksmith’s to create golden cocks, each tall and being half the height of a man or woman. These rose out of the sand and through the platform. In the tip of each golden cock, whose sculpted heads were like my Lord’s, broad and commanding, were receptacles to hold my Lord’s nectar.
On the seventh night my Lord commanded the presence of the daughter of Kahliq.
She came to my Lord with her wrists bound in front of her, wearing naught but a waist scarf and diamonds which newly pierced her nipples. When she beheld the platform she was confused but upon her lips the trace of a smile. On either side stood two brothers and two sisters, wrists bound at their backs and bone cocks filling their mouths. They had been forbidden to move. Between their legs were the golden cocks, the tips almost touching their pussies and anuses. The large golden flange of these cocks were smeared and dripped with oil as though they already seeped with readiness and eagerness.

My Lord ordered the daughter of Kahliq to lie on her back, on the platform, and to lift and open her legs. Her wrists were fastened over her head and to a silver ring behind her neck.
“Master,” she protested, “what is to be the fate of my brother’s sister’s?”
“Their fate proceeds from your mouth,” said my Lord. Thereupon, he put in her mouth a smooth, oiled, ivory cock that was large, curved and that stretched her youthful lips. Attached to the cock was a chain that was attached to a devious contraption. My Lord said to her. “So long as this remains in your mouth, and the chain is taut, the golden cocks shall not release my nectar into your sisters and brothers.”
Then my Lord placed his thick and mighty cock at the ruby opening between the daughter’s spread thighs and said to her: “I have inscribed, upon the golden cocks, the names that will fill the bellies of your sisters. Do you see the names?”
The daughter of Kahliq looked and saw the names inscribed on the cocks. She dare not speak lest the ivory cock slip from her mouth; and she dare not close her legs lest she vex my Lord and he imprison her. And then my Lord Majaar firmly, but without haste, stretched and filled the ruby opening of the daughter of Kahliq until she felt the tip of him press at her breathless center. Then did she moan, not daring to close her legs, her eyes and brows creased, for the first time, with a woman’s agony. Then did my Lord’s thrusting begin and his thrusts were powerful and deep, each thrust ending as would a curved scimitar, piercing her moan.
The jolt of each thrust disturbed the sand beneath the platform such that the platform descended with each receptive cry. By this method the settling platform also drove the golden cocks up and into the sisters tumblr_mdsogzut3i1rs7mayo1_500and brothers. At first, just the broad flanges of the golden cocks pressed at the sister’s pussies and at the brothers’ anuses. But then, no sooner did they rise to their toes than the cocks pushed harder with the next thrust, widening just a little the lips of the girls’ pussies and the pucker of the young men’s anuses.

Soon, little gasps and high pitched inhalations escaped the throats of the two sisters, for the flanges of the golden cock, with each thrust, widened and widened the lips of their pussies. Their own weight, my Lord, impaled them. The young brother’s groaned and growled deeply and yet, as they were also impaled by their own weight, their youthful cocks rose from their bellies in exquisite compliment to the piercing of their anuses.

My Lord’s thrusts continued unabated.

Such were the swirl of sensations that spread from the piercing and the diamonds that jolted her nipples, that the stunned daughter of Kahliq let the ivory cock slip just a little from her mouth. She uttered a garbled scream but closed her lips more tightly around the cock, as though she thirsted for its presence.
Her cries, in time with my Lord’s thrusts, were like complaints and pleading. They are the sounds of a woman acknowledging the sovereignty of man.

At once, for the flanges of the golden cocks had stretched the openings of the sisters to their fullest extent, the daughter of Kahliq’s sisters screamed and their eyes rolled as they were abruptly penetrated for the first time. They panted through their nostrils, then grunted again as another of my Lord’s thrusts drove the golden cocks more deeply inside them. The brothers also cried out. Their cocks, over which they had no control, twitched violently at the instant they were penetrated.
My Lord’s powerful thrusts continued, without haste but unrelenting.
The daughter of Kahliq’s appeals became a steady song, interrupted only when the ivory cock once again slipped further from her mouth. And then nearly all of the sand had slipped out from under the platform. My Lord sensed victory, sensed the yielding of the daughter’s stretched thighs, and slowed his thrusts whilst driving each one deeper. The golden cocks were now deeply embedded in the wombs of the girls and the bowls of the brothers. They gazed at nothing, half faint, made immobile and helpless by their impalement.

The daughter of Kahliq, thighs wide, wrists behind her neck, gazed at my Lord, her distressed eyes pleading with him, her panting becoming quicker, until one last thrust, the deepest and most penetrating caused her spine to lift, arch, and the crease of her pierced belly to stretch. Her head fell over the edge of the platform and the whites of her eyes showed.
My Lord filled her womb as her own spasms gripped him, the ivory cock slipped further from her mouth until, at the last, my Lord, her tongue chased the slipping cock from between her lips. The platform dropped another thumb’s width and the impaled girls’ pussies opened a little further and slid down their impalement the last and final notch. They, who had never been penetrated before, groaned to feel the golden flanges so deeply embedded in their flat bellies. Forthwith, both climaxed.

How erotic they were, my Lord Suzerian! Imagine them both, these girls, these young women, the sisters of Kahliq, with their wrists bound at the small of their backs, their slender legs parted, and my Lord’s golden cocks rising out of the earth, straight to the sky, impaling the undefended sluice at the joining of their thighs. They could not move though they knew what would momentarily be rendered in their wombs. How erotic, my Lord! Can you see their stunned orgasms dribbling down the golden stems of the golden cocks? Can you see their half-faint surrender as my Lords nectar is delivered to the very center of their orgasms? How they groaned! How divine!

But I belabor, my Lord, these exquisite delights. Semen also burst from the cocks of the brothers as they, themselves, received my Lord’s nectar.
“Shall the fate of my brothers and sisters always be so decided,” ask the wild daughter of Kahliq.
“Always,” said my Lord to her sly question.
The Suzerian glared at the slave girl.
The slave girl smiled, coquettishly, and lowered her eyes.

“What is this?” snarled the Suzerian, slipping forward on his throne. “Lies! Absurdity! Impossibilities! Deception! No absurdity so unembarrassed that another falls upon its heels! Fie! And shall they all have orgasms at once and at the same time? And how shall this platform be built on a hill of sand?”
“My Lord,” she answered patently, “you ask: What is erotica?”
The Suzerian leaned back again, teased by a smiling flicker of knowledge. “Explain your tale.”
“Is not my Lord, the Suzerian, like the teller of erotica, and is not the daughter of Kahliq his erotic imagination? The Suzerian must encircle and banish the obstacles that prevent his communion with his erotic imagination — shame, reluctance, and fear.  Once these are banished, the wild daughter, the erotic imagination agrees to always open herself to him. The platform is the beginning of the tale and each thrust a word. The sisters and the brothers are the erotic imaginations of those who read and listen to your erotic tale. Their fate proceeds from the mouth of the storyteller and the daughter of Kahliq, his erotic imagination — made one in communion.”
“You are a master, Lashma.”
“I am no such thing. I am but your slave, and only offer your desire.”
“Drink from my cock.”
The slave girl demurred. “I am not worthy to suck from him, the mighty Suzerian, his nectar.”
The Suzerain grunted.
“You shall come to me tomorrow night.”
“I obey.”
“And if I am not erect upon the closing of the tale?”
“I await my fate,” the slave girl answered.

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  1. vanillamom

    Ooooooh… how delightful. Shall there be 1000 more?

    *sighing happily*

    You really are wicked. .it isn’t even 10a.m. yet And I’m all got and bothered now. ..


  2. vanillamom

    “Oh Master, what is the pleasure in taking a woman’s rosebud? There is no succor of breathing new life into the people. There is no quickening of her loins, to well and grow a stem from the seeds planted within. Where, therefore, is the pleasure partaken there?”

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