• Erotica

    Erotica by Will Crimson it’s how I describe it. it’s when you’re in my lap, your back turned to me, and my cock is the curve of your spine. · it’s when I take you by surprise, and every thrust is a shock; and your orgasm stuns and confounds you. · it’s when I thrust… Continue Reading

  • Irresistable

    Irresistable  · And here’s another man — Wouldn’t you know? — Kissing your coy and artful hand.  · He’ll be an also-ran In a night or so. And here’s another man  · Who wears a wedding band And look how slow! — Kissing your coy and artful hand.  · I know how this began. I… Continue Reading

  • Dominance

    the way he orders you to your knees to lick, make slick and slippery with your own mouth the same cock that will penetrate you from behind on the glide of your own spit as if it were your own tongue in your cunt breaking you for and before the plunge of his own orgasm.… Continue Reading