• 7 Variations on a Sexually Inappropriate Comment

    7 Variations on a Sexually Inappropriate Comment Erotica by William Crimson For all of you. Theme She’s 2 time zones removed from her husband and children. She’s a go-getter. She’s a lawyer representing a fortune 500 company. She’s ambitious. She’s accomplished. She’s beaten the competition and she’s earned a cocktail at the 5 star lounge.… Continue Reading

  • new year’s kiss

    川柳 an erotic haiku by William Crimson morning’s new year’s kiss — wine on her lips and on her tongue still tasting ·············my cock.

  • The Orc Anar ~ Part 2

    The Orc Anar Erotica by William Crimson Will Crimson continues his foray into Fantasy Erotica.  This is a continuing commission from a reader who enjoys cuckoldry. The original installment is here. I’ve included the first installment in this post (since I made a couple minor corrections). If you’ve already read the first part, then Chapter… Continue Reading