Bora • Installment 2.

Bora • Installment 2.
fun & weird erotica by William Crimson

  • The continuation of the earlier commission. I think I have a fan. Some of you extra-solar cognoscenti might notice that I’m trying to keep things real. Don’t hesitate to challenge my science fiction. I love that sort of thing.

Greer’s bi-level house looked over Midra’s shoreline. Midra, a medium sized port city, was considered among the most beautiful on a beautiful planet, developed on a mountainous slope with slowly diminishing cliffs to the north and south. Greer’s house was mostly windows facing the ocean, with very little inside but a low bed, a few chairs, a table, and a tumblr_mptw47LS8Y1qfbon7o1_1280back wall of shelves, floor to ceiling. Greer had collected knick-knacks from other worlds – and she liked books, the kind still bound and printed on paper. The floor was made of Ganga wood – a dark and abundant Borean hardwood.

Alex stood, staring out the window. Orborus now filled what seemed like a third of the morning sky, and if she looked closely she thought she could see another moon. “Why isn’t Bora tidally locked?”

“It is,” answered Greer from the kitchen, “before long, you’ll see Orborus stop, then set again.”

Greer’s answer was followed by a long silence; then: “What do I do now?”

“I have something for you.”

“Do I have to move?” Alex asked, then heard Greer’s approaching steps. The borean stood behind Alex, slipping her arms under Alex’s.

“Look,” she said. She held a glazer between her thumb and forefinger, a card-sized screen of transparent metal flickered to life. “See that?”

“Is that yours!”

“That money’s yours,” cooed Greer. “That’s your cut.” Alex grabbed the glazer, squealing, and held it up to the pale swirls of Orborus. “The first thing you should do,” continued Greer, “visit a tailer.”

“A tailor?”


“Fuck a tailer.”

“No, silly girl,” Greer’s hand slipped down to Alex’s cock, giving the soft bulge a little squeeze. “A tailer. Your tail’s a mess. No sex slave of mine’s going to have a ratty tail, especially a loaded one, and especially mine. Did I mention you’re mine? Oh, was that a shiver? Your cock is getting hard, little girl. Does it have a mind of its own? Not used to it? Am I going to make it spill if I keep doing this?” Greer licked beneath Alex’s ear, “You have no idea how jealous I am.”

Alex pressed her knees together, reached up and behind her for Greer’s neck, and pushed her ass back. “Oh fuck! Will you stop? Please?”

Greer gave the spongy tip of Alex’s cock another squeeze through the fabric of her mini-skirt. “Fine. But when you get home, I want that inside me.”


“In. Side. Me.”

“Greer. I’m — It’s — So quick! Too much!”

“My favorite tailer,” Greer took the glazer from Alex’s hand and a 3-D map of Midra appeared, “is here. Take the bus. His name is Verana. He’s very chatty. He’s going to want to know all about you. He knows you’re coming.”

“What do I say?”

“Tell him you’re a trade brat from Denebre 6.”


“What’s wrong.”

“I need to come.”


“It’s not going down,” she bit her lip and palmed her cock, absent-mindedly moving up and down.

“Just keep imagining your cock inside me.”


But Alex’s lover only shoved the glazer and a satchel in Alex’s hand and pushed her out the door. “Remember every detail. Where you go. What you do. Who sees you. When you’re done, I”ll put you inside me and put you out of your misery.”

“Greer!” Alex pleaded.

But Greer shut the door. Alex turned with a sharp, frustrated exhalation. She stood on a sandy path between tropical plants. They resembled the palms, ferns and cacti of earth. The path zig-zagged up the slope behind Greer’s house, then crested at a cobblestone road with what looked like trolley tracks. Another house was higher up and with its own view. How mundane. How like earth. And that was the most amazing thing of all.

Now what?

Alex held up the glazer. She tried to remember the tailer’s name. “Ver— Veranam. Vernama. Verana!” she finally said. She heard the glazer blip, then nothing. “Now what?” she asked aloud; but she knew it must be somewhat like earth’s own technology. She held the glazer up, seeing through it, then saw an arrow. She turned, still looking through the glazer and down the road. The glazer sprang to life. She saw, through the glazer, exactly which way she should go, where the bus stop was, and how many meters away. “Cool.” She tucked the glazer in her pocket and began walking. Further out to see, and not that much higher than herself, she saw the same seabirds she had seen the night before. They were soaring above the beach and seemed more like flying lizards, though feathered like birds. The sky was a deep blue, nitrogen and oxygen, and a heavier atmosphere’s than earth. A white volcanic cloud rose on the horizon. The tug and stretching of Orborus, though a much lighter gas giant than Jupiter, kept Bora’s core hot and magnetic. Alex’s heart fluttered. She was almost giddy. She was actually walking on an alien planet! The wonder wouldn’t go away.

After rounding the long, bend and rise of the roadway, she saw what she thought was the clear-glass shelter of the bus station. She held up the glazer, looking through it at the shelter: Midra. Samtha Road to Midras Center. Next Bus ~ 2 minutes.

She walked into the shelter. Images flickered in the glass and whichever one she looked at was accompanied by the corresponding audio. She almost laughed out loud. Advertisements!

“Where are you from?”

Alex turned. The voice was male and musical. The borean wore a backpack and his tail was upright with interest.

“Just visiting— I mean— Sort of. Sort of not. No— I guess I’ve moved here?”


“I’m staying with Greer.”

“You know,” he said, “you can turn off the ads.”

“I can? I mean— what?”

“The ads. Like this.” He twitched his tail and the audio and the visuals stopped.

“You’re not from around here.”

“I’m a trade brat,” Alex quickly answered, panicking.

“Me and Greer have hung out.” His eyes narrowed in a beautiful, cat-like way. “We share a lot of the same interests. My name’s Togu. Yours?”


“That’s a funny name.”

Alex bit her lip but was saved by the arrival of the bus—a stainless steel, open air vehicle noiselessly propelled.


“What happened then?” Greer asked.

Alex was beneath her, flat on her back, legs spread, arms up and apart, fingers gripping the bedsheets. Greer sat, naked, on top of her upper legs. She slowly, teasingly, temptingly, moved her thumb and forefinger up and down the length of Alex’s achingly erect cock.

“Oh!” Alex’s eyes rolled and her back arched plaintively. “Please!”

“Tsk! You haven’t even gotten out of the bus station!”

“Yes, Greer—“

“Mistress,” Greer corrected.

“Mistress! The bus—the bus—oh!—he followed me onto the bus and he wouldn’t quit talking to me.”

“Did he ask about me?”


“Togu is naughty. Did you know, when I was just getting started, Togu used to buy me?”

“Buy you?”

“He still does.”

Alex lifted her hips, all but pleading for release. “Re— Really?”

“Yes, he’s very naughty and still traffics Hyve. But, Alex, love, I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a cock so desperately close to bursting. There’s a little drip right now. Poor girl.” Greer bit her lip. “Finish your story and I’ll help you.”

“It was awful! Just when I’d stop thinking about you, I’d see a man or woman and I’d get hard, and then wet—“

“It must have been hard wearing a mini-skirt.” Greer imagined Alex, knees together and bent, spine coiling as if she had to pee, one hand hanging on to the overhead handhold.

“Or Togu would bump into me— ”

“I’m sure it was an accident.”

“I couldn’t help it!”

“Help what?”

“There were more and more people on the bus. And, you know, you’re—we’re so beautiful. We have all these different patterns of fur—stripes, circles, yellows, oranges, blacks. And the smells! The bus was getting more and more crowded and everyone was pressing against everyone else and—oh, Greer!—I couldn’t help it!”

“What, my dear?”

“His tail!”

“Whose tail?”

“I don’t know— maybe Togu’s?”


“You know that bristly tuft at the end.”


“I felt— It started— between my legs. Back and forth. Right on my clit. I tried, but I couldn’t straighten. I was hard!”

“A clit and a cock,” Greer’s hips began to move forward and back just below Alex’s cock, “what did you do?”

“I wanted it to stop.”

“I can’t imagine flirting without a tail.”

“That was flirting?”

“Did you see who it was?”


“You didn’t come, did you?”

“Fuck Greer! What have you done to me? It’s fucking worse than that. It’s not just one orgasm; but two orgasms — two at the same time.”

“You came, didn’t you.”

“The ride took forever. He— she— oh, I don’t know— wouldn’t stop—”


Alex hold onto the overhead handhold with both hands, her knees together and bending, her ass thrust behind her, tail lifted. The buzzing in her ears, the ringing that she always heard before she orgasmed, was beginning. She squealed, then clamped tight her lips. Both her cock and pussy twitched. A thick glob of her own semen shot through the white fabric of her T-Shirt just below her belly button, splattering the floor at her feet.

She wanted to plead. She wanted to beg. She couldn’t stop it but she didn’t dare draw attention to herself, not like this and not with the large bulge under her T-Shirt almost ready to spurt. The bus slowed. The movement of the others began to shift and the doors opened. They had descended into Midras. She quickly lowered her hands, moving Greer’s satchel over her belly. She stepped out of the bus and into a beautiful street lined with fern-like trees. Midras was an old city with no building more than five or six stories. The edifices were stone, mixed with glass, mixed with metallic sheets of color. There were cafés and shops just like in any other city. Pedestrians filled the streets on a sunny day, and children, young boreans, played in the fountain and shallow waters that were channeled down the street’s center. The smell of salt was in the air, much stronger than earth’s. Alex pulled the glazer from the satchel and held it up.

“Tailer. Verana,” she said, her voice to shaky. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, glancing surreptitiously left and right, worried she was being followed. An arrow appeared on the glazer. She turned with the glazer, looking through it, until the arrow straightened and pointed down the street she should follow. Some three blocks onward, the arrow hooked left.

She glanced once more, then quickly walked along the street. She held the satchel in front of her, her arousal refusing to subside. Three blocks later she quickly veered to the left, grateful to be off the main thoroughfare. She needed relief. The side street was smaller but not small enough. The tenements were closer together but always there were one or two pedestrians – beautiful creatures with their tails swimming behind them. She twitched her own tail and began to be conscious of how it moved as she walked. Every twitch and swirl of every borean was different.

She veered into a café, looked for a restroom, and hurried in.

She understood what it was like. Every teen-aged boy — how she’d judged them! She hung Greer’s satchel on the door. She pushed down her miniskirt and with an eye-rolling sigh of relief, opened her legs and slowly began to stroke her cock. She closed her eyes, head back, mouth open. Yes. Yes, the orgasm was coming.

She almost screamed when the bathroom door opened. She didn’t have time to look. Someone had grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and her tail. Alex reached behind her but he, she knew by his strength he was a he, turned her round so she faced the door. He bit her tail! Not painfully. No. She spread her legs, bent over and submissively arched her back. The bite was like a jolt of electricity, an erogenous pleasure that traveled straight to her solar plexus. One hand closed around the base of her tail, lifting her to her toes, lifting her ass up, forcing her back to coil ever more tightly. His other hand continued to scruff her. Between the scruffing and the hand tightly at the base of her tail, a female borean’s instincts purred in her womb. She waited submissively. One thrust was all it took, complete, deep and thorough. She came. Her cock twitched under her belly, spurting. Thick lacings of semen dripped down the door as her own cunt was filled with semen from behind. She heard her mystery lover groan and joined him with her own swooning moan.

He pulled out slowly, deliberately, patiently.


“It was Togu!” said Alex.

“I didn’t say anything,” Greer answered.

“I can tell! By your look! What did you do? Did you tell him to follow me?”

“What was I supposed to do? Let you go out into the world, an alien planet, all by yourself? —with no one to look after you?”


“And look at your tail! Isn’t it beautiful? Verana is a master.”

“You like it?”

“And you came! After I forbid it!”

“That’s not fair!”

“You had no idea the tail was an erogenous zone, did you.”

Alex shook her head.

“It kicks in at puberty,” Greer continued. “Males have it too, but it’s not the same, sort of like nipples. Men liked their nipples being sucked, but not like a gal.” She spit on the tip of Alex’s cock, then thumbed the tip. Alex’s body lifted off the bed. “Don’t you come!”


“What do you want?”

“Put— Put it inside!”

“What are you so afraid of? Haven’t you ever wondered what it would feel like to fuck a woman? Look at me. Don’t you dare close your eyes. I mean it, Alex. I want to see every second. I want to drink it in. It’s like your a fucking virgin.” Greer rose on her knees, pushed Alex’s cock between her thighs, pointed it up, then slowly, so slowly, lowered herself.

Alex’s eyes grew wider. Her fingers knotted in the sheets.

“Really?” asked Greer.

Alex nodded quickly, almost violently, as Greer took her full length inside her belly.


Alex nodded again as Greer began to rise and fall.

“My pussy, a woman’s pussy, feels that good?”

“Greer!” Alex screamed. “Oh fuck. It’s so soft. So warm. So beautiful—“

Greer rose and fell, faster, faster, her hands on Alex’s shoulders, finding her own orgasm. Alex inhaled sharply, eyes turning white, and cried out as her hips rose off the bed in time with the flow of her orgasm.

“That’s it, baby,” Greer crooned. “Fill me. Go ahead baby, let it all out.”



Alex still lay on her back, her cock flaccidly on her belly. Greer was propped on her side, on an elbow, gently rolling Alex’s nipple between the fingers of her other hand. “Togu bought us for next week. I can’t say no to him.”

“Do I get a break?”

“You’re still a woman, Alex. You still need a hard cock, don’t you?”

“Oh, Greer—“

“Admit it.”

“Why did I agree to this?”

“Because you must have known that I love you.”

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  1. vanillamom

    Oh oh oh!! So well done. Tell me why there was a volcanic cloud so close by? And where the lizard birds were, ..”sea” was typoed as see. I love the glazer…VERY clever. A neat tool with a “glassy” term. . ( I’ve glazed a few Windows in my day. .) Oh and did I forget the best part? Fucking erotic!!!! Two orgasms. .. wicked plot twist there. Brilliant! !!


    • //Tell me why there was a volcanic cloud so close by?//

      Yay! Okay. Ahem. Because of the strong gravitational kneading of Orborus. I decided to make Orborus a fairly light-weight gas giant (much lighter than Jupiter) so that Bora wouldn’t be a cloud of Volcanic dust — this was one of the criticisms of Avatar. In that movie, the planet should have been tidally locked, bombarded with an intense magnetic field, and awash in Volcanoes. Interesting stuff. All of the moons in our solar system (but for two or three tiny ones) are tidally locked.

      Oh, and I *so* wish we had tails.

    • vanillamom

      You can definitely tell that you long for tails. :D Thanks for explaining the volcano (here on earth you’d have to worry about a volcanic cloud being that close…)

      I really do hope there is a 3rd (or more) piece to this…i’m really enjoying it.


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