Erotica by Will Crimson

  • This is another commission by way of Hentai Foundry. The commissioner said she wanted me to write a story as if I were writing a longer one (so that if she could afford it — or others step in — the story could be continued). The outline: Lesbian lovers; one of whom has a cock; D/S relationship, furry, BD eventually, and M/F. M/FF eventually).  I created the science fiction back story and based the characters’ appearance on some of the drawings I’ve seen at HF (Faustsketcher, the amazing androgyny of InCase, and Stickymon). The artists and the fans really enjoy the “chick with dick” meme, or futanari; and, okay, it’s grown on me a little bit. Gratefully, she’s given me a lot of latitude.

“Welcome to Bora,” said Greer.

“What the hell are you doing?” Alex was panicky.

stickymon-futa“Looking out for you.”

“What the fuck?”

They were in the Red cargo bay of the Seven Lunar Port, a smaller complex close to Bora’s equator, a warm moon orbiting a gaseous planet in the Goldilocks zone of Theta Aquarii. The moon’s palms were strikingly similar to earth’s. Much to the disappointment of scientists and science fiction writers, the discovery of life-bearing exo-planets had revealed strikingly similar evolutionary tendencies in plants and animals. Different animals could appear identical from one planet to the next as each filled similar evolutionary niches. Bora was home to a bipedal species very like humans in their physiology – but covered in a fine fur, like a cat’s, ears that were pointed and flexible, and they possessed expressive tails.

They were a peaceable species, or more so than humans, though not without their own proclivities for violence, corruption and love of pleasure. The appeal of human and boreans was mutual. Though strictly forbidden, it wasn’t long before the first hybrid humans and boreans appeared. Though natural interplanetary speciation never occurs, unscrupulous geneticists learned how to create hybrids — and not only hybrids but new species capable of procreation. The Third Imperial Congress declared hybridation a crime punishable by life imprisonment. Worse yet, hybrid species were to be sterilized, quarantined and in some cases quietly eliminated.

Hybrids were driven underground – some exploited but also and often, their frequently unusual and pronounced gifts well-guarded and well-rewarded. But Greer didn’t need to explain any of this to Alex. Alex was a mule, having carried the illicit Hy-5a serum from Stehl to Bora many times, but this time she’d made a mistake. She was a known agent and was being looked for.

She leaned with her back to the rusted bottom of an Archen container. Greer lifted a syringe, peering through the vial. Tapping it against the dim light. They heard metal on metal, bolts and rods sliding. A far door to the cargo bay was being opened.

“They’re here.”

“What are you going to do?” Alex hissed.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“I don’t want to do this!”

“What’s wrong with being borean?” Greer asked, flicking her tail. “Or half borean?”

“I like being human.”

“Yeah, and you can spend the rest of your life being human in prison.”


Greer approached with the syringe. “You know what, hon?” she whispered. “Right now, you’ve got two choices. You can wait for the copsd to find you or you can do this. If it’s the cops, then you go to prison. If you cut a deal, it’s cause you snitched. Then you’re gonna wish you were in prison. Do this? You got a .0001 percent chance of dying. That’s pretty good odds. If you live? No prison. There’ll be payback – called being a sex-slave – but stay under the radar and you’ll be okay. I got an owner waiting for you. This? This is her serum. She got it for you. This is your get out of jail free card, but you gotta’ pay for it. That’s the deal. There’s serum for me too. It’s our escape clause, hon. We take all the risks. In return, they give us a way out. This is your get outta’ jail free card. Free. The most valuable stuff in the universe. It’s a gratuity.”

“A sex slave?”

“When you put borean and human genes together you get something special. Mix human genes with other aliens and you get brains, or agility, or psychic powers. Mix human with borean and you get the most prized hybrid in the cosmos. Sort of. With some of us. You got 10 seconds to decide. Wanna’ be a collectible or go to prison?”

Tears streaked Alex’s cheeks. “Okay,” she muttered, terrified. “Do it.”

“A slave’s not forever, hon, but prison?”

“Do it,” she answered, her voice faint. “Just do it.”

Greer didn’t hesitate. She injected Alex’s arm. The young woman inhaled, eyes wide. Greer turned, opened a small metallic case she’d left on the floor. She withdrew a small metallic needle with a flat, circular, thumb-sized end. She turned the younger woman around, then quickly pressed the needle into the back her neck. She inhaled. The tip glowed with a blue, metallic activation. She arched as a thinner, automated needle, unseen, pierced her spine. She couldn’t move. Greer removed the needles. “Now this,” said Greer. She held up a large phallic syringe. “A straight injection it is too abrupt. Swallowing it, you’ll throw it up. Inject it in your rectum and it’ll be absorbed just right.” Alex couldn’t move. Greer lifted the skirt of the younger woman’s uniform, then pressed the syringe’s tip against her anus. The rounded tip opened her. She gasped, her eyes rolled, and Greer slowly, without stopping, pressed the syringe upward and to its full depth.”

“That’s it.”

Alex grunted, then grunted again as her bowels were slowly filled.

“It’s gotta’ go in deep. If you’re not dead in the next couple seconds, you’ll make it.”

The transformation began. What would have been horrifically painful was tricked into pleasure by the probe in her spine. She writhed. She fell to a hand and her knees, one hand against the wall, and gasped as her skin began to grow the fur of a borean, as her ears transformed into something between a borean and a human, as a tail grew, as her clit grew larger, lengthened and arched upward against her belly — a desperately erect cock above her pussy. Human and the alien borean genes collided and expressed. The tip of her nose and nipples turned black.

The transformation was quick. A reddish, then bluish light rotated at the base of the rectal syringe, then turned green. Greer slowly removed it. It dripped with a clear fluid. Alex gasped, then seemed to go slack, chin on the smooth, black, harcrete floor, eyes fixed ahead, hips rising and falling.

Greer was efficient. She put both syringes and the small metal case on a frisbe-like disk. She slid a toggle on the disk and the case, with everything in it, vanished in a bluish twist of light. A cylindrical force field slipped back down. Greer put the vordisk in her sachel and pulled out a new uniform.

“Quick!” she hissed. “Change into these!”

Alex’s movements were slow and awkward at first, but she could hear the police coming, and smell them too with human and borean senses. She took off her old uniform with Greer’s help, then hurriedly fit herself into the tight uniform of a customs agent. Greer Alex’s hair and pushed the tip of a small gun between her eyes and fired.

“Owe!” Alex pressed her palms to her forehead. “Fuck! What was that!”

“Your passport!” Greer tossed Alex’s old clothes on top of the nearest container. There wasn’t time to vaporaize them. “Don’t let the cops see your cock or they’ll start asking questions.”

“Fuck!” Alex held one hand at her head, the other at her crotch. “Fuck! Anything else you wanna’ tell me? I mean, fuck! A little warning maybe?”

“Here!” Greer stooped, picked up and shoved her tablet into Alex’s hands. “Hold it in front of you for God’s sake!”

Alex quickly lowered the tablet when the police filled the narrow space. They wore the full-body armor of the Inter-Gaurd, paint-worn, scraped and pitted. “Your business?” asked one of the guards, his voice made electronic by the helmet.

“Inventory,” said Greer.

One of the guards stepped forward, gun lowered and scanned them, peering at his wrist.

“Yours?” said another guard to Greer.


“This area needs to be cleared,” said the third policeman.

“Yeah, inventory,” said the first policeman into an intercom. “They check out.”


“Smugglers,” answered Greer.

The second gestured to the first cop.

“You’ll be notified when you can return,” said the third policeman. “There’s an officer at the third bay-door. This area needs to be cleared. He’ll escort you out.”


Alex had never been outside the port, but she’d seen Bora’s beauty from shipbaord. Now she walked into the night of an Alien world for the first time in her life – bewildered. “What just happened back there?”

“They were looking for you.”

“Just like that?.”

“They were looking for a human. And yeah, pretty amazing, huh? – but fucking expensive.”

The lights of another ship, a lunar ferry, glittered overhead. She could smell the nitrous oxide of the engine’s crackling electrical discharge, almost bewildered by her newly heightened senses. The scorched underside of the ship was briefly visible before it was eclipsed by the overhang of a nearest building.

“It was glowing!”

“Magnetic field lines. You can see them now. Know what else? I’m speaking Borean. You speak it too, fluently. That chip I put in your spine is remapping your brain.”

There was a beautiful smell. The strong brine of salt-water. Though it was dark, Alex could see the sitting on the eves of the buildings. All of it seemed so familiar and yet strangely alien. She had never wandered out of any planet’s port – a pass-implant costing too much. The birds on Bora had evolved feathers, just like the birds of Earth. Feathers, perhaps, were the most common biology in the universe, after fins, claws and teeth. The mouths of the creatures were more like a lizard’s. These were sea-birds. They walked into a well-lit Redhead-InCaseand crowded thoroughfare. How human it all looked! – the buildings, the street, the windows, the lights. There were couples talking. There were women window-shopping after hours and Alex could hear the laughter, an alien laughter, but unmistakable laughter.

They walked by a broad window, a café that was full, not with humans, but the cat-like Borean creatures. How strange it all looked! So much like a human world but filled with creatures so different from humans, and so much alike. But their tails! They were ornamented. They were bracelet’ed. They were braided! — the little tufts of fur at the ends. All the chairs in the cafés were designed for tails. And then Alex felt the yearning twitch of her own and bit her lip. Such a strange feeling! Then the jealousy. She wanted to decorate her tail.

Greer abruptly pulled Alex by the hand down a narrow street, then back out of the buildings. They were on a water front! Alex could hear the waves – the tide created by the tug of the distant gas giant. Greer hustled her onto the beach and out of site, behind a lifeguard platform.

Alex’s mouth was ajar. “Whoa!”

“Amazing, huh?” Greer moved behind her. They both peered at the gas giant rising over the sea. “Get out of the city and you can see the colors.”

“Wow! I—”

Whatever Alex meant to say was stopped by Greer’s hand on her cock. Her cock! She leaned her back on Greer’s shoulder. Greer’s finger tips moved up and down the underside. It was pressed flat against her abdomen beneath the tight uniform – a one-piece white leotard-type outfit that fit tight from the knees to the shoulders. It was white with red stripes and the logo of the cargo company. Alex’s cock almost reached her belly button. Greer’s fingers rose up and down gently but firmly. Alex reached up and behind her, holding onto Greer’s hair. “I can’t stop it!”

“Go ahead,” whispered Greer. Alex grunted. Come soaked and spurted through the stretched uniform’s fabric, long white gush after long white gush. When the orgasm finally slowed, she trembled and her hips swiveled.

“There are trans women here too,” said Greer. “But you know what makes you so special?”

Alex shook her head.

“You’ve got a cock and a pussy — a full blown cock and a pussy.”

Alex turned. Greer’s finger’s were covered with her come. She held Greer’s face between her palms. She was crying. “Fuck Alex, what have you done to me?”

“Saved your life.”

“I know. I know, but—where are you taking me? What happens now?”

Greer bit her lip and thumbed away Alex’s tears. “How long have we been together?”

“Why? What does it matter now? I mean, you say I’m a fucking sex-slave now. To who? For how long? Are we going to see each other?”

“You’re my sex slave.”



“How is that— How could you afford—“

“I’ve always been the hands-on type. Most runners keep a low profile. They let others take all the risks — not me. You forgive me?’

Alex smiled and nodded.

“Don’t think you don’t owe me,” said Greer with a smile. “I own you. It’s not like we’re married. It’s better.”


Greer smiled, lifting a come covered finger to Alex’s lips. “Lick them off. Clean them. I gotta’ get you into a change of clothes and meet somebody. And something else you need to know. That pill in your spine. It’s like an invisible collar — and so much more.”

Alex rose to her toes and her fingernails dug into Greer’s shoulders.

“Does that feel good?” asked Greer.

“Oh fuck!”

“I can make you hard. I can make you come any time I want. And I can turn it off too.”

“Don’t, not so soon!”

“Mistress. Say Mistress!” Greer pressed Alex’s cheeks between her palms and kissed her. “I wouldn’t have done it, you know? If you’d said no, I wouldn’t have done it. You would have broken my heart but I wouldn’t.” The Borean female turned Alex’s back to the ladder of the lifeguard platform and lowered herself to her knees, kissing until she pulled aside Alex’s uniform.

“Oh God, that’s beautiful!”

Kehm123Greer slipped Alex’s cock lusciously from between her lips. “I want to know what it’s like to have cock. I want you to tell me everything. What it feels like to get hard. What my tongue feels like—” She licked the tip. “—And my mouth”

Alex’s eyes fluttered. “No, I meant Orborus. It’s so beautiful. Oh God, how can you not look at it every night, every time it rises. It’s huge. It takes— It takes up half— half the sky!” Alex tried to push Greer away. “Please, don’t make me again. It’s too sensitive!”

“Is it?” Greer stood and pushed Alex’s hands above her, wrapping Alex’s finger around the topmost rung of the lifeguard ladder. “Don’t let go. Don’t you dare move your hands.” Greer moved back down. “I’m going to have so much fun with this. I hear that cocks have a mind of their own; that all it takes is a girl’s lips around a cock and your cock takes over.” She licked and sucked. “Is it true?”

“Please! It’s too sensitive!”

Greer sucked some more, watching and entranced by her new sex slave, rubbing the palms of her hand over the beautiful, velour-like pelt of Alex’s belly, yellow and blueish stripes. “I felt a twitch. I tasted a little something.”


“That’s it.” Greer sucked, faster, more strongly. “Tell me you don’t want to. Tell me it’s too sensitive. Tell me you’re not used to a cock.”

“I can’t!”

But she did. Greer pushed three fingers up and into Alex’s cunt, curling them’ and the younger woman burst in Greer’s mouth – hard, quick, grunting spurts that filled Greer’s mouth and warmly tickled the back of Greer’s throat. Her spine lifted from the ladder and her tail circled around Greer’s throat, as if a third hand to hold Greer’s mouth on her cock. She cried aloud with each toe-curling release. By the time the smiling Greer released the girl’s cock, Alex’s feet were half buried in the sand. She hung from the ladder rung, eyes half-focused, lips parted. They kissed.

“I have so much to show you in your new world.”

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  1. vanillamom

    well…wow. It just …grabs you. Sucks you in. Technical without being overbearing. And it made me want more (like that’s a surprise, right?!) Really well crafted. I hope your client is very happy with this…I know I was (temporarily) satisfied. This is the first erotic prose I’ve read in a while. And it was friggin awesome!


    • Thanks Nilla. Just when I’m doubting myself, your friendly reaching-out really buoys me. :-) I’m hoping she’ll want me to continue this. You’re the best. I wanted to say too that as I was writing it, I wasn’t sure which I enjoyed more, describing the alien world or the erotica? I’ve had many dreams of visits to other worlds and civilizations (and they may just be dreams or something more). I tried to evoke, in some very small way, the feeling and realizations I get in those dreams.

  2. vanillamom

    I loved the details that painted the scene. I don’t just want to “see” fucking. Anyone can write that (not well, but you grok what I mean, yes?). I want to see, feel, hear, taste the situation. I guess that’s the heart of it… it’s the situation, the evolution of the scenario that grabs me (or doesn’t)…and this did. I could picture that gas giant rising over that restless sea, hear the birds calling, feel the sexual tension building as she was told to “keep your hands there, don’t fucking move”…ALL of that gave me the “movie in my head” that I crave when I’m reading a good novel…erotic or otherwise. You are a master at this, Will…


    • Thanks Theresa. The next installment has been ordered. I wasn’t sure whether I should include “furry”, so I had to go look it up. =) You know, there are some fun perks to writing erotica. I got this from wiki-fur:

      “Pornography featuring furry characters may be called furry porn, furry adult art, and/or yiff art. Another common term is Furotica, a portmanteau furspeech term of the words furry and erotica. ”

      And they included this:

      Which, from a distance (and being near-sighted), might pass for a Borean. Maybe. But note the fur [clears throat] and only the fur. Labeling is everything.

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