• The Orc Anar

    The Orc Anar Erotica by William Crimson Off goes Will Crimson into Fantasy Erotica. Why have I waited so long? This is another commission from a reader who enjoys cuckoldry. He proposed the general plot and outline — a somewhat ‘Tolkienesque’ setting with a wife who’s abducted by Orcs. My own feeling is that, in… Continue Reading

  • Bora • Installment 2.

    Bora • Installment 2. fun & weird erotica by William Crimson The continuation of the earlier commission. I think I have a fan. Some of you extra-solar cognoscenti might notice that I’m trying to keep things real. Don’t hesitate to challenge my science fiction. I love that sort of thing. Greer’s bi-level house looked over… Continue Reading

  • Boom – on The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast

    I’m very pleased to say that my story “Boom” has been recorded on Rose Caraway’s The Kiss Me Quick‘s erotica podcast.  Rose has done a truly excellent job narrating the story, and I think it’s about 10 times better for it. And, her husband (they make quite a team) made a gorgeous ‘cover’ for the podcast as well… Continue Reading

  • Diary

    Diary ~ Oct 6th 2014 I have a third eye. Erotic stories are like a perpetual vine, leafing and blooming wherever I look. For the composer, I wonder if life’s noises are a symphony; if the world is an algorithm to the mathematician; or if, to dancers, choreography is in life’s every gesture.  I see… Continue Reading

  • Bora

    Bora Erotica by Will Crimson This is another commission by way of Hentai Foundry. The commissioner said she wanted me to write a story as if I were writing a longer one (so that if she could afford it — or others step in — the story could be continued). The outline: Lesbian lovers; one… Continue Reading