• midmay’s heat

    川柳 an erotic haiku by William Crimson under mid-May’s new leaves, my lover’s scattered winter ················clothes

  • Daddy

    Daddy by Ximena Ximena sent me this just yesterday — how she imagined the events before my own story, Orgasms. This sort of thing is a rare gift. I get to see my own characters through the eyes of another reader and writer. I get the feeling I didn’t really know them. ~ Will Crimson She… Continue Reading

  • Orgasms

    Orgasms Erotica by William Crimson I’ve had much time to just live since my last post. I’ve discovered some things about myself. First, I’m an erotic writer. For some reason, this is the niche I agreed to before coming into this world.  So, if this is my gift, then I need to share it. In… Continue Reading