I was following up some links to our blog and discovered Monstertantra: Hairier and Hairier.
Even though I categorically deny any experience in monster erotica (whatsoever and in any way, shape or form — did I mention categorically? — ) this site inexplicably piqued my curiosity. The subtitle, “Hairier and Hairier”, got me thinking and that’s when I noticed that they welcomed guest posts of around 300 words.
Say no more.
The hosts of Monstertantra are John and Shauna Michaels, a husband & wife erotica team. They’re the authors of the Hard at Work Kindle Singles (to be repackaged soon they tell me), and the ongoing Monstertantra series. John has an MFA in fiction; Shauna has an MS in smuttery ( — how did I miss that degree? — ).

They’ve just published my little guest post, Bristle, if you’re looking for something a little hairy.

3 thoughts on “Bristle

  1. methinks thou doth protest overmuch…..

    tis a hairy wicket, indeed.
    *nods sagely*

    (PS…how did *I* catch your butt-kicking cold via the interwebs? Dang that Tentacle…carrier of *many* things, apparently…)

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