The Tentacles Eight

  • I only had three requests to read The Virgin Sacrifice and this could be for reasons ranging from disinterest to a desire for anonymity, but it seemed a shame not let this little ditty see the light of day.

The Tentacles Eight

One is a girl
fresh as a daisy
minding her business
in new shoes and paisley.

Two is for Tentacle,
horrible beast,
but trouble and out for a feast.

Three is seducible
a tickle,
a pinch, and soul-searching eyes.

tumblr_lpfkdsJOvt1qakya1o1_1280Four is for musing
(while a tentacle’s sucked)
on all the ways
girls are meant to be fucked.

Five is face down
And held by the hair –
makes girls
lift their asses straight in the air.

Six is for orgasms, one
after another.
(A tentacle lover
makes love like no other.)

Seven’s for ink –
The tentacle kind –
In front, upside down,
And some more from behind

Eight’s for eight babies.
All in a-whirl
‘Cause that’s what eight tentacles
Squirt in a girl.

Latest Comments

  1. sexbunnies says:

    Enjoyed number 5. I believe that’s going to be my new favorite number (well the position already is).

    A cute naughty rhyme.

  2. paul1510 says:

    very nice, I like all eight.

  3. vanillamom says:

    so naughty …and of course what I like best about it…very cute, very dirty at the same time. I love how yo…Tentacle….walks the line of decency with depravity. :) The pic was *perfect*…


    • willcrimson says:

      Well, you know, Tentacle prides himself for possessing a refined depravity [cough].

      But, click on the image again! I’ve linked it to the complete mandala. Tentacle considers it a masterpiece. Soon as we can remember where this image came from, we’ll add a link.

  4. Liz says:

    The picture makes the poetry all the more imaginative..good find!

  5. vanillamom says:

    OH, I love that mandala…I can see why Tentacle was so happy with it.
    and….I LOVE that you put your erotic header people in winter hats…cracked me UP, man…they’re gonna need ’em tonight…wind is HOWLING outside my window…


    • willcrimson says:

      Ha! I wondered when someone would say something about those lovers. Leave it to you, Nilla. I mean, if you can’t have a sense of humor in the middle of all this depravity, what’s left to laugh about?

      I’ve got more hats for them too. I’ve discovered that the banner can cycle through different hats randomly! =)

    • vanillamom says:

      oh, I’ll have to be watching for that…it totally cracked me up, those wild nekkid lovers, in their “muckluck” hats…! (maybe its a New England thing??!)


    • The Waiting Patient says:

      Not just a New England thing! Those hats are hilarious! Can’t wait to see what they’re wearing in Summer. (Also, it feels weird to say that here when so much of the fun is in characters taking things off…and getting off…)
      As for the poem: there were so many giggles that I had to read it a second time to get into the feel of things… but oh, they were good feels :-D Three was my favourite. Just imagine Tentacle with big puppy eyes!

  6. vanillamom says:

    there isn’t a way to comment on your *next* post, password protected as it is…and so I need to resort to *wiles*…er…compliments and begging…to get it. *falls to the floor, eyes welling with unshed tears. Why are you so mean? You like it, don’t you? Getting women to kneel and beg (we like it too…wait..scratch that part)…Why, that just makes you (hot, dammit)…so mean. *unzips first layer of polar fleece* I mean…Is it hot in here, or is it you…forget I said that. Blatant pandering is not what I do, yanno? (unzips second polar fleece layer)…so I guess a slu—er–woman like me just has to kneel here at your feet, staring up at that tall, long expanse of you, licking my lips and hoping you’ll give me what I want.
    what I need.

    You know what I need.

    I know it, you know it.

    *pause, licks lips again*

    *blinks, letting one lone tear trickle down*


    Will you make me humble myself here, abase my bosom needs…I mean, basic needs, of course….?

    You know what it is I’m begging for.

    *looks up, slowly, eyes caressing every inch…looks back down, lays forehead upon your sneaker*


    “password? puleeze?”


  7. dbir96 says:

    I liked six. I’m just into multiple orgasms particularlyof the forced variety.

  8. Dragyn says:

    I’ve devoured my way through all the tentacle stories recently and am drooling for more! I love this little rhyme, but it only whets an appetite I hadn’t realized I had until stumbling across your tentacle stories… May I please have the password for the next post?

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