Tentacle & the Virgin Sacrifice: Intro to the First Part

  • The first part of this minor epic, this sweeping mini-saga, this travesty, this diminutive Iliad of tentacular depravity, is the foremost story of the final chapter in what will become the first book, though not my last, of collected tentacle stories. This 31 page page (single-spaced) first part is for the kink and fetish lovers. If your erotic soul is wholesome and granola-y, steer clear or no complaining. [Okay. Fine. Warning: I finally had to let Tentacle write the damned story.] Some subjects and fetishes may make you feel a little [what’s the word?] gooey. The Virgin Sacrifice is pure erotic entertainment, the kind I swore I wasn’t going to associate with. The password is available upon request. It’s free if you promise to comment. If you don’t want to comment, send me 50 cents. If you don’t want to do that, and you want to remain anonymous, then the story will be released as an ebook with all the other tentacle stories sometime this spring. Have fun.

Tentacle & the Virgin Sacrifice

A Disgustingly Degenerate heartbreaking Masterpiece by Redbud and Tentacle and Redbud

Okay. So. Tentacle is tired of waiting. Tentacle wants a virgin sacrifice. Tentacle wants a dungeon. Tentacle wants chains. Tentacle wants slave girls. Tentacle wants ponies. Tentacles wants bananas on his PB&J. Tentacle. Tentacle, Tentacle. Gah! Tentacle is co-writing took over this story. We have had some – disagreements. The adolescent and clichéd descriptions heartbreakingly profound improvements of the virgin are tentacle’s. Sigh. Tentacle insisted on Roman numerals (because, after all, the story is erotic literature and not to be confused with the trite filth that litters the web what primitive humans call the “Internet”. [Snort.] (As Tentacle elbowed me off the keyboard, I tried to make additions but, in the event it’s not obvious, the changes are Tentacle’s.) Thus it is , through a slew of cold shoulders (try that with tentacle and see who wins), that I have unleashd graced the world with unvarnished unparalleled Tentacle erotica. My erotic masterpiece ruined.

Prologue · In which the High Priestess instructs her evil Henchman

—Spring comes, Morbius! said the evil High Priestess.
—It does, most divine Priestess, answered her evil Henchman.
—Is it not time?
—It is, answered her Henchman. We shall go forth at once and obtain a suitable sacrifice.
—Yes. Suitable. Be certain the sacrifice is suitable.
—We shall.
—Very well then! I do most anxiously anticipate your return.

Part 1 I · Wherein Rose is tormented by dreams of the Tentacle

It will come for her.

It will come to her family’s small hovel. It’s been watching her. Her brillia tits have grown. She‘s intellig They’re pert. They’re firm. They’re youthful. Her accompli nipples jut a little upwards like a young man‘s cock tentacle when it’s hard, alert, curious and fertile. Her indepe narrow hips are unmistakably a young woman’s hips: round, smooth, beneath a narrow waist and flat belly. Her hair is long and her lips are full pouty.

2073a383e4e2ca5446677488a3ba606dLavinia Rose has heard the rumors. It comes unannounced, sometimes during the day, sometimes at night.

She’s seen the reliefs of the grotesque noble tentacle carved into the stones and obelisks scattered throughout the villages and along the roadsides. They are a terrifying tantalizing symbol. The boys pay no attention to them, but they haunt the daydreams and sleep of the girls. The center of the stone tentacles are like terrible hypnotic, beating hearts and the radiating, twisting, arms reach out. Some – slender, insinuating tendrils – curl like vines to climb and hold, while others, blunt, fat, tipped with swollen bulbs on a stiff stalk, wait to thrust into a captive victim.

A woman’s body is a topology of insinuation. The man‘stentacle’s eye slips and falls into its suggestiveness. The hand follows the eye. The incantations of her curvature ravish the imagination. And the body follows where her nexus contains worlds and whole words to be created.

Her sleep is gradually filled with tentacles.

They slip between her breasts. They fall downward between the thrust of her ribs and follow the indentations of her abdomen. She closes her legs and draws her knees to her breasts, but the finger-like purpose of the tentacles slip over her hips and haunches, to backs of her thighs, and the frightened pang of wetness. She straightens her legs, but the stringy tips of the tentacles ensnare her nipples. She straightens, toes pointed, and covers her breasts with the palms of her hands, unable to feel the imaginary tentacles, but already they slide down the valley of her spine, over her tail bone, and into the curving indenture of her ass. She squeezes her thighs together, but a woman, as though by nature’s design, cannot trick the tickler, the penetrating gasp that slips into her from behind.

She wakes with a start, her shock in the splay of her fingers. She inhales, her spine beginning to curl, her sex searching and ready.

If you have to the password, go here for the rest, or contact Redbud.

The Chapters which follow in this first part:

I · Wherein Rose is tormented by dreams of the Tentacle
II · In which Rose consults her older Sister
III · In which Rose’s older Sister tells how she was stung by the Tentacle
IV · In which Rose is Stung and visited by Glenda the Virgin Faerie Godmother
V · Wherein Rose recalls a Tentacle Jump-Rope Rhyme
VI · In which Rose submits to and is kidnapped by the evil Henchman of the High Priestess
VII · Wherein Rose journeys to Tentopolis, meets the High Priestess of the Tentacle, and is forced to choose among slaves for her Breeder, Trainer and Master.
VIII · Wherin Rose suffers the evil, distasteful and exceedingly fetishistic indignity of being a pony.
IX · In which Rose learns of the bells the evil High Priestess has attached to her clit and nipples.
X · In which Rose almost loses her virginity.
XI · Wherein Rose chooses between Unicorntopia and Tentopolis.
XII · In which Rose and Herod, as a result of their indiscretion, are made ready for their punishment.

Latest Comments

  1. Aiona says:

    LOL! Please let Tentacle know, there’s a typo in the second paragraph: “It comea unannounced” should be “It comes unannounced” :)

  2. vanillamom says:

    “A woman’s body is a topology of insinuation”
    quite a tentacular…i mean to say, spectacular, phrasing.
    shuddering and breathing hard…
    tentacles shall follow me into sleep
    and slip into my dreams
    and into the dark quiet worlds


  3. The Waiting Patient says:

    Those dreadful tentacles! I knew they could slide their way in almost anywhere, but slipping inside a girl’s dreams is particularly cunning. Maybe I should leave the window to my dreams ajar, in case there’s a tentacle in town.

    (P.S. I’d love the password, but I can’t use my real email here. It should be in a recent message in your Erotic Writer Blog inbox.)

  4. FancyPants says:

    I didn’t want to like tentacle erotica, but it’s quite sneakily addictive. I think my favorite part of this one is the tentacle’s rewrites. Very funny. And very creepy.

  5. Caryatid says:

    I love your tentacle stories! I’m so pleased that I am finally able to write comments and can use that ability to ask for access to the rest of this story.

    I think tentacle probably works for me, uncomfortable with vast power imbalance in sexual relations (or other, more boring parts of life), because the loss of power some part of me craves is overwhelming and unlike anyone who could be a real partner. I don’t suppose that is news…

    • willcrimson says:

      Hi Caryatid, so nice to hear from you. I might love writing the tentacle stories as much as readers like reading them. I can think up utterly ridiculous scenarios and leaven them with a sense of humor. Your own comment, though, gave me some insight into why they’re enjoyed. Thank you.

      I’ll send you the password.

      A warning though. I never wrote the second part. No one really evinced that much interest in seeing in finished, so I moved on. :)

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