• The Tentacles Eight

    I only had three requests to read The Virgin Sacrifice and this could be for reasons ranging from disinterest to a desire for anonymity, but it seemed a shame not let this little ditty see the light of day. The Tentacles Eight One is a girl fresh as a daisy minding her business in new… Continue Reading

  • Standstill

    Standstill Erotica by William Crimson Two having sex may not have it with each other. The bodies can meet when the minds don’t. Maybe that’s what happened last night – sometimes that’s the best kind. I was already home when you stormed through the door. It had been a week since we’d had sex, fucked,… Continue Reading

  • One Sentence Sex ✍ dear wife

    dear wife I hope you don’t mind if, when you bend over I pat your ass because it is so beautiful so round, so plump, so loqua- cious and so curva- ciously in- viting, so girlish, hip-full and woman- ly and meant to be so desirable to me like an upside- down heart so sweetly… Continue Reading

  • One Sentence Sex ✍ remind-her

    One Sentence Sex • remind-her by RedBud before she stands again sometimes she just needs to re- collect herself in the middle of the street at midnight or the hallway floor after I’ve kicked her ankles apart, and lifted her sleeveless dress and bent her rough- ly at the waist – fist firmly twisted in… Continue Reading

  • Aroused, not Impaired

    Inspired by academic haikus on Twitter, Remittance Girl came up with one for her own proposal: Reading while aroused is not like driving while drunk; no fatalities. Morris, M. (2014) “In defense of the aroused reader.” Which, in turn inspired me in thinking about that theme. Aroused, not Impaired When reading aroused wet fingers to… Continue Reading