an erotic haiku by William Crimson




raining, slee—
two girls in
··························aquamarine corduroys
··············ting, icing…



  • So, usually I find an image that suits my fancy but this time I was utterly flummoxed.  So, consider this a bit of a self-portrait in the context of the haiku. If you catch me in the right mirror you’ll always see the trickster — the crow. The painting is by  Jacqueline McIntyre, and is available on Etsy. Just click on the image to visit her site.

Latest Comments

  1. vanillamom says:

    nice imagery…..I like the word-break…the quick switch from cold misery to that sudden flare of heat…(one imagines them walking down the street and out of view of the trickster…to his regret)…and back to watching the cold…

    Blessed solstice…

    (who noted that it was still light at nearly 5 p.m last night…what a difference two weeks makes!)

    • willcrimson says:

      Thanks Nilla.You and me, man, we’re on the same wavelength. You totally got this (otherwise completely trivial doodle). =)

    • vanillamom says:

      I totally “got it”…I read it the first time and then the second time through slowed down…(I tend to read everything at Warp 8) and the center just lifted up to me..BAM…there she was justa walkin’ down the street…LOVED the way you presented the visual. Very — guy-ly. Okay that’s sexist. But men look at women differently from how most women look at women. Your haiku highlighted it in exemplary fashion. Bravo!


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