• Pain & Pleasure

    Pain & Pleasure Will Crimson This story was inspired by the following posts and the conversations therein: my own Ask Anything,  Madeleine Mitchell’s On Women and Submission, and Thoughts on Submission by Lifeofalovergirl. I reveal, somewhat, how and why I write erotica. I like to explore and work out ideas in the telling of a… Continue Reading

  • What I got for Christmas

    What I got for Christmas William Crimson Now I’ve got to brag a little. Seems every day this month you’ve asked me what I want. Men are easy; so I say you. You. I just want you. But you already have me, you answer. The hell I do, says I. You think I got you?… Continue Reading

  • In the beginning was the word…

    In the beginning was the word… Will Crimson I’ve just read Raziel’s article, immediately below, along with those by Remittance Girl and Lisabet Sarai. At the heart of Remittance Girl’s editorial is the idea that “things that become ‘normalized’ can no longer be the stuff of erotic fantasy”. My thought is that if this were… Continue Reading

  • Orr’s Syndrome

    An editorial for the end of the year. This is in part a reaction to an article by Lisabet Sarai  on the Erotic Readers & Writers Association Blog (which was in turn in part a response to Remittance Girl’s post there earlier this month. Both are worth reading and thinking about, but what motivated me to… Continue Reading

  • solstice

    川柳 an erotic haiku by William Crimson · · raining, slee— two girls in ················tight ··························aquamarine corduroys ··············—ting, icing… · · So, usually I find an image that suits my fancy but this time I was utterly flummoxed.  So, consider this a bit of a self-portrait in the context of the haiku. If you catch… Continue Reading

  • lost

    川柳 an erotic haiku by William Crimson · · snow falling — the tan line under her belly button ··············lost · ·

  • Ask Anything

    So, the erotic writer wants to know. This will be a little different from my usual fair. As Tentacle and I write our minor and degenerate magnificent Tentacle epic, we’ve been discussing (males that we are) the female psyche and the delicious question of pain, pleasure and women. We can’t agree, so we’re asking our… Continue Reading