• I’ve been working on Studies in Ecstasy,  rewriting and, I think, much improving some passages. Thought I’d share this revision. Once this last story is done, the first 25 Daydreams & Distractions will go to press.
I spun her hard. I turned her round.
I told her, hands against the wall. I called
her whore. I bit her neck. I hooked a finger
up her ass. I made her twist and grind.
I did it all. I lied. I said
they couldn’t see — the passersby — then yanked
her panties to her knees. I curled
my fingers in her cunt. I made her beg.
I made her grunt. I said, I ain’t no boy.
And you ain’t no little girl. I put
my fingers in her mouth. I told her: Smell’em.
Taste’em. Lick’em clean. You ain’t
your Daddy’s girl no more. I got a toy
for grown-up girls like you. I wrenched
her top  above her tits, I sank my fingers
in her hips, I spiked my cock straight up
into the hooking of her spine. I yanked
her hair. I kicked her feet apart.
I made her swear and made her lick the air.
I filled her cunt with cock
and filled her mouth with grown-up dares: Fucker!
Fuck me harder! Fill my pussy
With your cock! I didn’t disappoint.
I fucked her hard. I fucked her good.
I fucked where she stood. I fucked her in the alleyway
Half home and half-way back from school.
On her neck, a little hickie,
And underneath her pretty skirt a grown-up quickie.
~ William Crimson

Latest Comments

  1. myrosegarden84 says:

    Wow. That was incredibly well done.

  2. Racer X says:

    Nice. Written hard and direct, both in words and imagery. I particularly like the “I fucked her good/I fucked her where she stood. Oh yeah.

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