• I was having a little fun this morning. I checked in on wonderful Nilla who minted a new post called Sexual Dreaming. Her post inspired me. I commented there with a little piece of eroticism; and I thought I’d include it here. I cleaned it up just a touch. Please visit Nilla and comment. All your comments are like letters from penpals. We love them. The image above, ‘Bite Me‘ is available as an Erotic Art Print here, and the image below is by Vlad Gasovsky.


The way I like to bite: Maybe your shoulder, maybe your neck,
maybe your ass; and if it’s your ass, I’ll bite especially hard
because it lifts off the bed, it’s female, it stinks like pussy –
a gorgeous and submissive stink – and its roundness is
meant for cock. And I’ll bite you until your giggle turns into a
whine, until your whine turns into mewl, until your mewling
turns into a pant, until your fingers dig into the mattress-edge,
until your thighs open, until your toes point and your sweet
belly, your little tuft of pussy, lifts ass-up off the sheet like a good
cunt. And then I’ll stop biting, Then I’ll mount you. Do you like
reading that? I’ll mount you. I’ll hold your beautiful long hair
and sink my cock into the obscene stink of your womanliness.
And then – with my other hand – I’ll press my thumb into that
red, angry, puffy, ass-bite; and that mewling, that panting, that
beautiful, girly, gyration of your hips and ass will begin again; only
this time, my cock is stuck in all of that motion, in the middle,
fucking from behind all that girliness, that hip-iness, that
ass-iness; primed to pump my own shout!, my messiness, my
‘Fuck!’ into your twat — your pleading twat; and all I have to do is
violate that vicious little bite until you – scream – that dirty and
beautiful scream.


Categories: Algolagnia, Consensual, Copulation, CP, Cum, Dominance & Submission, Erotica, Insemination, Prose Poetry, RedBud, Rough SexTags: , , , , , , ,


  1. vanillamom

    I agree with Molly…”that scent” got me too…and the dirty word prose that you elevate from mean and dark and dirty to mean and dark and hot and lovely and dirtygood…twat…*shivers*…hot hot hot…I’ve thought of this off and on all day…the way you capture a moment…just a breath of time…and draw it out with such tension that i’m poised on tiptoe, waiting for the exhale…and the plunging glory of fulfillment…


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