Temporary Madness

The summer night was so hot and humid they both regretted their desire for it during the harsh winter months. The canned laughter coming from the TV made him melancholy.

“Fuck the boob tube. What could would you really love to have? Right now. At this very second?”

“Dunno.” She stretched out on the sofa and moaned at the simple pleasure of it.

“I’m bored and starving. Come on, think of something. Your wish is my command, good lady.” He squeezed her bare ankles.

She thought for a few seconds. Her face began to glow.

“Something … young. Thick. Maybe even brute muscle. Definitely not smart.”

He gave her a half grin. “I was thinking more ‘a popsicle’ or ‘chili cheese chips.'”

She jumped up and put her hand over his mouth. She straddled him. She was already so tense with the fantasy his hip bones ached.

She bit her lips. “Yes, smooth too, except for the silky hair between his legs. I like hair there. I like to see it wet with my juices.”

His mouth opened against her palm.

“Brown hair, thick and down to his shoulders – a stereotype, I know, but who cares? And really, really impressionable. I want him to remember me, what I’m going to do to him.”

She moved her hand and unconsciously licked the saliva he left on her palm. The gesture was arousing, and that made him uneasy. She hugged him tight, put her face against his neck.

“Yes, and docile as a kitten. Naked and legs spread for me, rock hard and ready to be fucked any way I choose.”

Her breath burned on his neck. He put his hands on her hips to gently pry her off him, but he squeezed instead. Her belly muscles were hard, her breath quickening. He hadn’t seen a woman’s arousal so up close and personal in a very long while. It was fascinating.

“So young and strong he’s already dripping precum without having been touched yet. Maybe I’ll ask him to warm himself up for me.”

Her thighs tightened hard around his hips, her breasts were an alien pressure on his chest. Although he’d hugged many women – relatives, friends, etc. – he felt a rusty deja vu, a restlessness he thought he’d resolved years before. Her lips rubbed against his skin. He felt like there wasn’t enough oxygen in the room.

“…but I don’t want him to have too much fun. I’ll crawl between his muscular thighs – licking and biting his taut flesh-”

“Flesh? Makes it sound like you’re gonna eat him,” he interrupted. His giggle was too high to sound casual. She smiled dreamily at him, then suddenly bit him at the curve between neck and shoulder.

“Maybe,” she whispered in his reddening skin. “It’s not only men who are called to consume, you know.”

“I didn’t mean for it to get political-”

She put two fingers against his lips to shush him. “I’m just getting started. He’s so big he casts a shadow on my face. It’s beautiful, both hard and vulnerable. I can smell him now, and I take a deep breath, feel my clit swell with the idea of him stretching my pussy while his mouth, wet and hot, sucks first one nipple, then the other…”

He made a squeaking sound, but she didn’t notice. She had begun to grind on his lap, her eyes closed with concentration. He was most decidedly hard. He wanted to believe it was because of the man she spoke of, that he was as aroused at the thought of him as she was.

She took his face in her hands. “Can’t you see him? Spread open and ready for anything you might want, full lips parted, honey eyes sleepy…”

“I want to pull his hair.” The clarity of his own voice surprised him, but she didn’t miss a beat.

“Like this?” She moved his hand to her long hair and made him grasp it at the base of her neck. She didn’t have to pull for him – he did it himself. She groaned, her hips keeping their rhythm on his lap.

“Yes,” he says, warming up to the game. “He loves that shit. Eats it right up. His dick spits out more precum-”

“Tell me more. Anything that comes to your head. It doesn’t have to be pretty words.”

“Fuck. I wanna taste him too. I suck his rod…”

“How does he taste? I want to know.”

“Like good dick. Musk. Piss.”

She moaned. He had hiked up her dress, and his hands were in her panties. He squeezed her ass too hard, then parted the lobes. The heaviness of his cock underneath his sweatpants made her ache. She put her mouth against his but didn’t kiss – just parted his lips with her tongue. He sucked immediately, a soft up and down with taut lips that made her stiffen. She started to pull down his pants.

She tasted as different as he imagined, but it wasn’t bad. Far from it, in fact. He could smell her now, her sweet breath and the musk rising from between her legs, and he was far from put off. He stopped sucking her tongue and licked two fingers wet.

“He wants it in his ass,” he said, and slid his fingers in her tight, hot asshole. She arched and tightened around him. “He’s so green he doesn’t know he needs to relax those muscles…” She took a deep breath and loosened up. Her pussy throbbed, ached to be touched, but she knew better. She rubbed her clit as his fingers fucked her asshole.

“He’s so hard! Look at that saliva-wet cock. You sucked him off good. He wants you inside him. He needs you to fuck him.”

He tried to put three fingers in her asshole, but she was too tight. As she tried to bear into his fingers, the head of his cock brushed against her swollen pussy lips. It was wet and hot, very hot – hotter than he remembered from so long ago when he’d tried women before. Well … teenage girls. Then, he had decided that he preferred men because of their aggression. Their savage scent and taste drove him mad with lust. The girls he’d rolled around with tasted bland and smelled almost sickly sweet of raspberries and vanilla. It had done nothing for him, so he had dismissed the whole of the female race. He had still felt attracted to certain women later on, in college and beyond, but dismissed it as an intellectual attraction. He thought it weird when these women figured into his jerk sessions, but he dismissed that as a distraction, or extreme boredom.

His fist was in her hair and his fingers in her ass. The front of her simple button front dress had come undone, and she was naked.

And lovely. Her breasts jiggled with every thrust of his fingers and every tug on her hair. She wasn’t mewling and complaining like the girls he had been with before. Her eyes were bold, her teeth bared. He gave her pussy a frank look. There was no cock, but a clit hard and fat with arousal. So fat, in fact, he was curious of what it would feel like in his mouth. His mouth watered and his eyes widened.

He wanted her. Not out of a desire for acceptance or fear, just desire. She possessed the aggression that he loved and admired in other men, and she did not smell of overripe fruit and spices.

He licked the sweat between her breasts.

Her skin did not taste bland as milk. And considering what she had just done, she had some serious balls.

“Fuck him,” she said. The muscles of her neck strained against his death grip on her hair.

“No.” He pulled his fingers from her ass and slid them in her mouth. He wanted to know. She surprised him by sucking. Her hips bucked, fanning her scent to him. His cock throbbed, and he knew. “No. Fuck you.”

He slammed into her. And grunted. Her pussy squeezed and sucked him at the same time. His thoughts were disjointed. A hot mouth in the dark. A tight, round ass. He focused on her breasts jiggling with his thrusts. Her pussy lips hugged his cock, made it slick without the help of spit or lube. That’s why they call ’em split tails. He bucked into her hard and she screamed as her pussy resisted.

That was nice. Really, really nice.

He did it again. She curled into herself. Her mouth opened wide in the universal rictus of pleasure. He slid his fingers into her ass again, and this time it was easy. She was wet. He loved the feel and scent of it, it made him want to taste, feel, pinch, fuck. It was temporary madness at its finest.

She shook off the hand in her hair easily and dug her fingers into his hips, matching his thrusts. She growled and her full lips curled. He licked them, then kissed her. She tasted good. Delicious.

She made his hips slippery with her arousal, and he was buried balls deep between her lips. He wanted to come, and fuck her again in the ass, and come, and fuck her from the back, and come… he didn’t want it to end. He’d only felt that way fucking other men. He wanted to make her gag on his cock while he delved into the mysteries of her pussy. He wanted to figure out why tits had never stopped fascinating him even though he liked men. The dispersed pockets of stored heat he had began to gather and grow in his hips. Come flowed, slow and sweet as sap up his rod, and he was tempted not to tell.

“I’m gonna come,” he said, not stopping.

“Give it to me. Fuck it into me.”

That feminine voice, almost sweet, spouting such filth was too much. Mid-thrust he twitched and pumped into her. She hugged him tight and moved against him until it was almost too much to bear, then slid off him.

“On your back. Now.” She pulled him down onto the floor. His cock was still twitching. She straddled his face and pressed into him until his nose was nearly up her cunt. “Eat it.”

He could taste and smell himself in her, and the mix was…his cock was still hard, although he had just come. Her clit was just as delicious as it looked, a stiff and pulsing thing much more imposing against his tongue than it looked. She leaned back and jerked him off as he sucked. Her firm, experienced touch made his balls start tightening again.

“I have to taste it,” she said. She turned around, facing his feet. “Use your fingers, darling. I will.”

She swallowed him whole, her lips soft and hot as her cunt had been before. Her tongue teased, undulated in almost masculine hunger as her middle finger muscled its way into his ass. She knew the trick. It was the contrast of softness and hardness. His three fingers easily slid inside her. She groaned into his cock. His toes curled.

“Harder. And don’t stop sucking.” Her mouth remained soft and slick on his cock, although her muscles tensed so hard his fingers began to ache. Her rhythmic groans made him moan in return, and his heart was racing. He hadn’t seen a real female orgasm except in porn, so he didn’t know what to expect. Would she flop around screaming? Would she drown him in piss, or whatever it was that came out of some women’s pussies when they came? Would she yell like a-

She groaned low in her throat and her hips locked. Her cunt pulsed hard around his fingers, hard as a grasping fist, and she gasped with every pulse. He stopped fingering her and watched silently.

“Don’t stop now!” Her voice filled her small living room. He pushed her down onto his cock, curious, and fucked as hard as any man could take and she opened up, arched and taut, and a vast energy swirled out of her and sucked him in. He was done, whether she was or not. They were suddenly bucking against each other, groaning and cursing, wresting whatever pleasure they could get out of each other.

Ah. This was the reason all those frat boys he fucked didn’t want to swear off women completely.

It was him who fell back to the carpet first, panting. She threw herself beside him and whistled shakily.

“I didn’t think that would work,” she said between pants. “But just look at you. You understand I had to try.”

He looked at his wet cock and giggled.

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I undulate in your vision
A strange beauty
in a world of plastic, collagen and steel
The endearing oddball
the living, breathing Picasso that you want to figure out
but too afraid to venture into my penumbra
you cower at the gate, fingering the knob on the door to my most secret place
wishing you could find the courage to walk with me
love me, just as I am


  1. paul1510

    very, very hot, and surprisingly coherent.
    It slid into my mind like a hot knife through butter, loved it.

  2. vanillamom

    i hold off reading your posts until I have time to suck them in… heh…and geezuz woman…this was fucking *gorgeous*…so immediate, hot & intense.

    wooting happily…this was wicked good

  3. Caroline M.

    Wow..I am new here but my goodness this has me hot. I write erotica too and it is veryyy hard to get me interested in erotica unless it is exquisite..this is yummy..I am impressed. This topic as well I would have never chosen but you did an amazing job here.. Ccwrites

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